Primary energy


My cousin Lola used to come all summers with my uncles to the small house that my parents had in Cape Cod, New Island. She had 11 years old and I remember her like a spot in my ass: so savage and noisy. She was born in Brasov, Romania, because her parents moved there long ago for working. I wondered myself why she couldn’t have keep there. As far as I know, Brasov is wonderful in summer and there are some bears walking around the Tâmpâ. I really wished that one of that bears abduct her. She was like an ¡atomic bomb! and I hated my luck during these visits. With the past of the time, when Lola got into the adolescence, I started to see interesting differences into her. I don’t know if the real change was operating into her or into me. Perhaps both of us were changing together. I don’t know exactly when or why…………but we reconciled one to each other. Sometimes, I like to remember that days in Cape Cod.

Once upon a time Lola was big, strong, full of energy………

Once a time, she had no memories. She used to give away quite feelings, so cheap. She still didn’t discover the price of sharing emotions, and she spent lot of them, without measurement, so fun.

Long time ago Lola was clean, direct, full of energy…………….

Somewhen, she had no consciousness. She used to kiss everyone, her lips were so nasty. She still didn’t discover the deep of love, and she spent a lot of pettings into strange mouths, without care about consequences, so indulgent.

Along the last few years Lola was self-confident, persistent, full of energy…………

In her past, she had no fear. She used to ask everything that crossed her mind. Her words as sharp swords, as colorful flowers, were so disordered. Perhaps she already didn’t learn how to specify the oral power, and she spent lot of time saying long sentences, so useless.

In some point Lola was happy, selfish, full of energy……………

Then, she had no long vision, and she used to focus on her nearby space, her conception about the distance was limited to the short surroundings, so narrow. For sure, she didn’t know the correlation between space and time, and her goals were highly connected with her best momentary wishes.

Somewhere near to the present, her view started to elongate, her fears started to appear, her consciousness became sensitive and her memories rose up, like the sun over the hottest onset of the world: so heavy and hot. As a consequence, Lola became slimmer, more refined and her tone of voice accurate, precise. Her tongue became lazy, but selective.

One day we were having the breakfast and her phone rang. Lola stood up and went apart. I observed her body, the language of her movements. She was arguing with someone. I will never forget this moment, when she put her hands into the pockets of the skirt, looking for something that she will never find again. Lola had lost her primary energy.


The Dreamer


Once in my life I met a Dreamer with eyes like the moon. His eyelashes were long, like Strada Lunga, the longest street in Brasov. His lips were fine and good shaped and his teeth white and ending in small irregularities. His gaze was uncanny, maybe because his eyelides, falling down over the retina, conveying a kind of remote knowledge that no one could see except him. However, this person charmed me not only for his appearance, but also for his dreams……………

He used to dream almost eighteen hours a day, keeping in the conscious reality only time enough for covering basic needs: eat and practice a bit of sport. When he was into the bed, the world all disappeared. Only the sheets and blanket were visible and working around his face, making comfortable each one of his subtle facial traces.

This guy was a real dreamer, the best one that I have ever seen.  He used to dream not only in the bed, but also onto the most unexpected places: kitchen, bathroom, living room, school, work…..this guy was dreaming even walking on the street! But regularly he used to spend several hours into the bed. When he was sleeping, the entirely space became warmed with his smell, a strange aroma which remembers me to jasmine. Sincerely, at the beginning all this fantasy was so fun that I didn’t want to interrupt his dreams many often. Due to this reason, he slept all the time instead of cooking, instead of  working, even when we were speaking about important things. This guy was a real dreamer, the best one that I have ever known.

With the past of the time, his dreams were higher, longer, heavier……………………

and he started to have problems getting back to the reality. First, I tried to help him: preparing four alarms into his room, simultaneously synchronized. Furthermore, I used to stroke his skin with ice. In this time I felt so responsible of him, in love and charmed by his fragance that even was sleeping next to him, with a string tied to my waist, trying to save him from the depth of his dreams. But this guy really was a real dreamer, the best one that I have ever kissed, and he started to stand too far from the present. His dreams started to occupy the small portion of reality that we usually shared. Because of this, he started to forget all the real things that we created between us, and I began to spend all my time figuring out new strategies for keeping our memories together and awake. But his dreams became confused, vicious, contagious……………and I also felt myself far from te reality, and leaving some projects and activities which usually enjoyed and learned a lot.

Suddenly, I realized that all that dreams were harmful and negative for both of us, because some basic things should be more easy-going and the reality, although sometimes boring,  is necessary in order to attain progress, to grow, to be better. The reality is banal and here there are not tricks, one has to be loyal and deal directly with certain issues. But at the end, I started to spend lot of time synchronizing reality and fiction and my life started to be tough.I was thinking about all this questions and I prepared a great poison for keeping him awake and told: “Hey dreamer, I don’t want to lose you and I don’t want to lose myself inside of this pool of fiction, just catch my hand and let’s go to the reality, with the rest of human beings”.“No babe, dreams are better than reality”, he told me. And in this moment I only could remember a sentence written by Jean Coucteau: I have no luck, he repeated, shaking his head bust, I have no luck and I never will.

Experimental music at George Bariţiu Public Library in Brasov


I like music, especially those trends connected with the future. I am from the south of Spain and thanks to this reason I had the opportunity to take contact with Puertas de Castilla, a Cultural Center located in the city of Murcia, which is the main urban point around the region. There, just on October 2010 was opened an ambitious but pioneer project: a sound archive specialized in experimental music. The idea was developed by Francisco López, one of the most recognized artist and producer of sound-art.

Around that days I was more focused on my recent memories around the Biennal of contemporary art of Berlín (August 2010) and Manifiesta 8 (October 2010), the Biennal of art which that year took place also in Murcia. Both were dedicated to the dialogs with Africa and I focused  onto the works of Mark Boulos or Chamber of Public Secrets. However, due to the so-called “mouth and ear” I discovered the SONM and I decided to visit it. Then, I realized about the possibilities of  proposals like this, out of those big standards and huge exhibitions. SONM is an extraordinary initiative developed by Francisco, who somewhen decided to start collecting  information and works from another musicians and technical experts, also musicians, creators of pieces under the patterns of experimental music.

Currently, SONM is an open space where one can find a very rare and unique pieces recorded and composed from almost all places around the world. Some of that pieces are almost exclusive, created and executed with scarced means and collected by Francisco for thirty years . Actually, now this centre is one of the main references around Europe because it contains a big amount of information due to the personal exchange with thousand of artist from all the world.

This concept of experimental music was born and developed under the philosophy and the influence of John Cage in the mid-20th century in North America. Later, and with the rising of adepts to this movement, concepts of random music, graphical notation, indeterminate music or developing notion of composition, were adding and getting a more complex background around it. That’s cool!


From my point of view, experimental music is uncertain. Many often is full of questions for the listener, who most of the times hope to find some thing understandable  through established patterns. This is a challenge, not only for the public, but also for the sound-artists. They should create their compositions under the responsibility of  contributing, I mean, supporting something new. I know, this is a big word. Contribution can be understood under different criteria and we could start to speak over a very absurd and snob spiral of intellectual interpretations. But as I told before, experimental is uncertain and usually is a concept which escapes from the categorized positions. Perhaps, If you are looking for short answers, then experimental music could be too long. Literally, certain pieces elongate till almost one hour, even more!!!

But if you are brave, don’t feel fear to the darkness and enjoy with new plans, maybe you could know a bit of this music the next October 6th at George Bariţiu Public Library (19.00 pm). You will heard not only sound landscapes from asiatic prayers, but also the most advanced electronic effects from the North of Europe, gathered all in the same composition. It sounds good!


Creative Literature: Essays of the Space nr. 1

I live in the 9th floor of a communist building, somewhere into the finite eternity. My door’s apartment has a label with the number 40.I share the flat with six more people but I have my own space. My room is square, around 12m2 in size and has forth walls. On the whole, the house is exterior and bright. My room has short furnishing: a closet without doors, a chest of drawers, an old fashion wood chair and two kinds of suitcases: a big one for large and long distances, located just behind the door, covered with a red scarf and a lot of dust. The second baggage is a backpack of 50 liters of capacity, the perfect for non-formal travels. Painting is white and ground is carpeted in color grey. Two mirrors cut in semicircle simulate higher amplitude.

The vision from the gateway is directly connected in straight line to the big window, which embraces forty % of the dimension of the wall. Curtains are white and black and the left corner is crossed in vertical for an old pipe. Someone used the parts that connect the pipes to the wall to hang some clothes. Under the jackets, are located two bottles of water of 2,5 litres. Next to them, in the left, there’re several books from a Contemporary art Museum from somewhere, in a far Island of the Mediterráneo….The rest of the wall contains scratched with blue-tack some postcards of Brake, John Cage, Max Ernst, Eon Schielle, Julio Romero de Torres and the French symbolist painter Odilon Redon. Just down the Redon’s there’s a double plug, adorned with the door’s shoedorn settled in vertical.

The wall where is the main entrance is almost covered by the wardrobe and the furniture with drawers. The Switch is almost unseen, covered by clothes. There are a small gap between the chest and the wall. This is a strange space, nor big or small enough for settling something, the so-called the “corner of the Shame”, where are located objects or things lost or forgotten. In a deep looking, one would find a novel written by Murakamy, an Antology of  Anna Politovskaya, a mini-dictionary Spanish-English and some magazines about Turkish and Romanian conquers.  All these realities cohabite in the smallest corner of the room. Reality is unfair. The chest is old and the drawers are broken because of the weight of the things that were kept inside. Now is almost empty and its appearance conveys indulgence and decay.

The bed is big and low height. Is made by wood and doesn’t have sheets. But the coach is covered by a white blanket and two pillows. Both have covers designed with flowers from the 80’s style. In general the room transmits peace and relax. Most of the space is used for basic needs and there’re not a lot of objects. The most heavy things are hidden somewhere and a soft smell to carrot cake leaks under the door. Life is tasty and Space is sacred.

Photos: Christian Vogel


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Interview with Laura Silvestru, Deputy Coordinator of the Department for International Relationships of the “George Bariţiu” Public Library Braşov

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Laura sits everyday in her office, the same since she has started his career at the George Bariţiu Public Library in 1997. Despite of this long time, for her each day is completely different. Her activity represents a continuous challenge, where constantly changing, where new and old generations find a meeting point, where the culture represents the core of the social life for most of them. Into this high intellectual atmosphere, Laura tries to implement day by day a dynamic culture program, new activities that help people to increase their level of English, culture and language.

She is a modern woman, born in a large family as the youngest of three women. And later, also a mother of a 12 years-old son and a dedicated hard-worker. Despite she was born in Brasov, Laura graduated at the University of Craiova in 1995. She started as a librarian since 1987 at the University Library of Brasov and continued her career till now at the George Bariţiu Public Library. Thanks to her availability, we could continue knowing more about her and the library through the following conversation:

Why have you decided to take studies related with foreign languages. How many languages can you speak?

It was a matter of hazard, because I have not a real talent in speaking foreign languages. Honestly, I was so poor at math in school that I had to choose a completely opposite career. I speak English and Russian.

 How did you get this job? How long are you here? What are your main tasks and duties?

 In 1997, I was transferred from the University Library to the Public Library, so I’ve worked here for 15 years. My main duties are, among others, to coordinate the activity of my department, to organize cultural activities based on our library profile, to start and maintain partnerships with libraries from abroad, to find out new possibilities of cultural partnerships with other libraries or cultural institutions from abroad.

How is your daily routine?

All I know is that my work day starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. Every day is completely different from the previous one. Of course, when we organize conferences or other cultural activities, my schedule is changed according to the requirements.

What kind of  activities do you develop within the Library? How often do they take place?

I don’t want to take the credit for developing the cultural activities all by myself. This is a teamwork. We organize film projections, workshops, culture clubs, round tables, meetings in non-conventional places, book & art exhibitions. They take place weekly or monthly, according to our user needs.

Which are the main partners of your library ? (other libraries, international agents, local partners…)

 We use to have partnerships with different kind of associations (Colors, for instance), with The French Alliance in Braşov, with the “Transylvania” University (organizing The International Library Conference, every year, or The American Culture Club, organized together with the students in the American Studies), with The Memorial Museum Muresianu’s House Brasov, with The “Reduta” Cultural Centre, with The Popular Art School Braşov (we exhibit the art works of their students) and many others.

Is the English community in Brasov and in your library a big one? Who are the main beneficiaries? Are the foreigners interested in Romania and vice versa? Tell me about the American Club.

 We couldn’t talk about an English community in Braşov, British or American, in the true sense of the word. Our library is visited by tourists, a few volunteers working in Braşov, or those citizens who choose to live in Romania for a while. They are certainly interested in Romania, this is why they are here, shorter or longer, but many of them are also interested in our daily life, our habits and traditions. As for the interest of our users in the English language, culture and civilisations, obviously it is a high one, and this is the main reason our department born. It is the same with the French. Regarding the Hungarian Centre, this is quite different. There is a large Hungarian community, not only in Braşov, but also in the neighbouring counties. There is also a very prestigious Hungarian high-school in our city and two large universities in Transylvania.

The American Club has started as an initiative of the students from the “Transylvania” University (Faculty of Philology – American Studies). They come at the library monthly meeting other students and our library users, interested on the event they propose: Student Art Exhibition, Martin Luther King Day, Sitcom Night, Halloween Party, Thanksgiving Event, Christmas Event, only to give you a few examples. The atmosphere they want to create is a friendly, non –conventional one, and their success proved that people with completely different personal backgrounds meet each other gathered by a mutual topic of interest.

Do you usually organize events in other places than the library? Where?

 By definition, the new role of the library is to meet the community information, education, or leisure needs, inside and outside its premises. Consequently, my colleagues adapt the library offer to this aim: the parks, the main square of the old city, the Nursing Home, the Codlea Penitenciary, the schools, highschools and university in Braşov, the History Museum, the Ethnographic Museum are some of the places where we meet our users, adults, youngsters or children.

Regarding to the art/book exhibitions you display inthe library, where the artworks come from?

 The book exhibitions are part of our routine. They are our way to promote reading and the library collection, but also to offer specific information (about significant authors, new releases or important events).

On the other hand, the art exhibitions are part of the new role of the library, as a space of confluence of the arts. In the same way the library “gets out” from its conventional premises, other cultural institutions can enter it. The Popular Art School or The Associations of the Professional Painters or the Amateur Artists exhibit their artworks (paintings, sculptures, engravings, drawings, sketches, tapestries) in different places from the library enjoying the people who, mainly, come here to read and offering a pleasant surprise.

Is there any activity that you’ve liked in particular?

 I cannot think about something in particular. However, the dialogue with our users, meeting people and talk to them I consider as being the most attractive part of my job. I am a talkative, honest and cheerful person, so to communicate is my greatest talent.

Your work is related to languages and communication. It is very important because people use communication in everything, and this ability sometimes affords you to work better inside teams ….According with some of linguistic researches, is it true that according on the language you speak,  you have a different way of thinking?

In this case, tell me about the differences you feel between Romanian and English thinking!

I really don’t think that language and thinking are just simply linked without involving the human factor. A Romanian doesn’t think in a way and a British otherwise, but every single person speaks and thinks according to his/her feelings, professional background, education or mood. So, in my opinion, it is not a matter of similarity or difference, but a matter of the personal approach or perspective of any person.

Do you think that culture and reading are important? Why?

 Culture is more and more an abstract precept. It is seen as a civilizing factor or a source for the general progress. The better educated society, the higher standard of living for the country and its people. Culture is also the symbol a nation can identify itself with. On the other hand, the reading is only a tool. An useful one, in order to help yourself in building your education, your nature, your world and life perception. And the added benefit would be that you do something really good for yourself in a quite pleasant way, don’t you?

What do you like more about your work? Is it satisfying?

 Even after 25 years, I still find every day full of pleasant surprises. There is no routine, boredom, commonplaces, clichés. Obviously, through such a long career there were moments of complete professional satisfaction and I really hope that they will also appear in the years to come. A good sense of humor will carry me through them.


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Evening Kitchen

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Sometimes the life is raw and smells rotten, like a spoiled food that has to be eliminated from the rest. In this case, rawness wasn’t in the life itself but the fact of being Sunday turned fatal this moment…Heyheyhey! but our kitchen was sick!….I mobilized my scientific instinct Jekyll style, and with Miss Hyde Olga’s support we could prepare properly the operating table and now………… kitchen contains like a strange identity, between a peace teatry and jasmine chicken stew.

Sometimes, the life is bright and smells pure, like a fresh grapefruit juice mixed with a bit of mint. When I have this exotic drinking into my fridge I feel that my kitchen looks like an extravagant corner somewhere in the Galapagos Islands. The only thing I need if I want to try a new appearance is a lot of ice to wash the old ideas and some grapefruts, that is a formidable disinfectant.

Ou Yeah, kitchen is always the best place from where you can try new forms of Feedbacks…………….do you want to take the dinner?


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The Rasnov's Treasure

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No one told me that Rasnov has a treasure, one of the best richness over Transylvania, located in the peak of a high hill, exposed to the glance of everybody but visible only for a few people. This is not a regular treasure like the pirates used to prosecute over the seas, or like gangsters ambitioned under secret underworlds, even like Indiana Jones dreamed with in the well-known “Temple of Doom”. This treasure sleeps under each stone, and no one can touch its golden essence. However, people who works there knows very well about the uniqueness that Citadel of Rasnov hides, because this smell leaks through the bottom of the well, climbing the widely embedded stones of its walls, charming with its special Memories to all employees and volunteers that work there.

I am a humble journalist and my coordinator, Claudia, sent me to Rasnov citadel for two weeks in order to gathering some information about voluntary service. At the beginning I felt a bit lazy: “Gau, I have to wake up earlier, check the bus schedule constantly and walk from the station till the citadel”. Later, I checked through the Internet and I saw some photos, read some articles and learning a bit more about the History of this place. In this moment I felt better because I considered it as a privilege. I felt good about going there, having free entrance and the opportunity of interviewing both, the staff and volunteers. “It can be curious”- I though.

Ok,  ok, It’ll be curious…..said to myself the night before, while I was finishing my last cup of tea, just before going to bed. I remember that there was light in my room and on my hand a glass of crystal. But suddenly…. my room was dark…. and my hand contained a candle almost finished. The sparkle went out and my view became totally black. And I felt scared, but yet decided don’t be panic and sleep till the next day. I took my pillow as it was my lover, and considering the fact that I had to sleep alone in this so big bed, I didn’t have any piety with the folds of my sheets!……..All seemed to be silent…..but sometimes the appearances are not true. Because I started to heard something through the darkness, a sort of murmurs,….but what the hell is that?….the murmurs were closer and closer to me, and my heart started to run faster and faster. I got it! It was something like shouts in the distance, similar to a battle between Saxons and Turkish trops! like one day took place at Rasnov Citadel. They were fighting in my room, inside my cupboard, behind my bed, among my clothes! Of course, I am very ordered girl, and all this noise, oh good, that’s awful, “tomorrow I have to work in Rasnov and I will have big shiners in my face!”….Consequently, I woke up from my bed and cried to the crowd: Be Quiet! ….I said Silent! Ey, ey my dear invaders and your dear band of horses: but you don’t care if tomorrow I have to work very early? Come on, we are in the XXI century. Now, if you want to overrun any property, you must to create any pretext, like that I have massive destruction bombs or that I will experiment in my bedroom with nuclear power or…simply, you can knock my door soflty! But not like 300 years ago, come on, without any advice, this is old-fashion style. Look, I don’t believe in princess nor blue princes,  but I like knights!

In this moment, I couln’t believe it! They stopped the fight, put muzzles to their horses and apologized to me! It was incredible, I only said them  a few words and look at their reaction. Oh, God, if this people had studied Protocol, they would be really cool, even better than Margaret Thatcher o Wiston Churchill! So, with this good mood, we decided to sign the peace and have a good night, speaking about quotidian and practical things of the present: summer-love histories, how the Euribor works and why Manele is so successful. They were really curious about Modern Times. Perhaps I should have spoken more about other realities: why people forget the History so fast, the German philosophers or the Religion and gender problems in Turkey….but sincerely, I don’t care about it. I took their phone numbers and I am quite sure that, when the appropriate moment arrives, I will speak seriously with them, maybe in a good music concert (they told me about Lady Gaga…ups!).

…you still don’t know what is this treasure of Rasnov?….of course, because I didn’t tell you….yet.



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Summer Activities in Colors!!

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We are almost in the middle of August and after the break in the hot temperatures, now we have more hot, more summer and more activities! We just received more company, more volunteers from Turkey, our new partners, Ali and Hassan. They came full of new ideas related to the artistic field and new technologies and we are implementing new and full schedule for the next September and the rest of August.

For the moment, the expectation overcomes the reality because in September, Colors team will receive more international volunteers from Germany, France and Spain!! We will be active around Brasov and sourrounding. But for the moment, let’s focus in the present, in the current activities and the more closer future, that is coming full of energy, surprises and a lot of new people.

First, our Saturdays in Tractorul Park, that will continue till Saturday September 1st. For next Saturday August 18th we have prepared a great Olympic!! We have prepared a lot of sportive activities. It will be awards for the winners!!

Second, Saturday August 25th will take place Hippo Picnic! We are working on activities related with a day in picnic: food, fruits, all the things that composes a picnic basket and making with this idea a lot of handcrafts, paintings, colors, games and more things!!!

Third, on Saturday September 1st will make the closure of our summer weekend activities with a great session of Hyppo, the “Multicultural Hippo”, where we are creating a lot of activities related with cultural differences, discovering another cultures and habits, learning from others….we are still working on this workshop but we promise that will prepare something really funny for all children and teenagers.

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The City and the Light (2)

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The skyline becomes an orange tone and is quite visible to the sight. The dew starts to smelts and slowly drips from the edge of the shutters. The action is interrupted by the sunrise. Now, the sun shines the lower part of the same city. The rays rise step by step and finally uncover its shape. The image, exposed to the light of the day, is totally evocative. From the distance, has the same proportion that a Greek sculpture, which rests, lying, over the foothill. Its architectonic figure is based on colors and compliments. Viewers feel attraction for the scene and are attentive. The room is silent.

The three water channels are covered by the nature, cutting the path along the shore. Buildings are big and colorful, and their appearance reminds to the big country houses of the rural Mediterranean landscape. They are settled over the irregular line of the ways. The composition of the windows rotates among wood, aluminum and copper. They are designed with big angles and striking shapes. Volumes don’t keep the adequate proportion between homes and alleys have oblique line tilted and convexed. The sun shines in the sky.

The rhythm of this city is energic. To the awakening, each inhabitant yawns, get dress and take the breakfast in a pirouette of sixty second. Due to the movement, neighbors greet themselves from the distance. There is not social conversation. A middle age man is walking along the street. He has blond hair and is higher than average size. He holds a photo camera Olympus with interchangeable lenses. An old map bulges from his pocket jeans. He seems foreigner. He walks slowly and his glance is looking for the names of the streets. Maybe is lost. Finally, he decides to go into the town-hall square. The central building is big and the painting has a yellow tone that is not the original. The ground is paving. Is dirty and has broken crystal and pigeons without fingerprints. Half a dozen citizens rest on wood sittings. Most of them are old. The foreigner stops in front of the information boards. After a few minutes stands up his arm and scratches his head with the ring finger. They are empty. She goes through one of the main streets and ask to the first people that cross his path. Excuse: Do you know how could I arrive at the museum? Ah! Don’t try anymore, today it’s closed, only opens twice a week, answer the citizen. And, where could I take more information about the scheduled hours? Ask the foreigner. The citizen keeps shout during several seconds, into an ambiguous silent, similar to the discretion and vital vacuum. At the end, he answer; well, now I am in a hurry. And he leaves. The foreigner scratches again his head, but now also participate the core and index fingers. He still doesn’t know that won’t visit the cinema, neither theater, and no spaces for cultural exhibition.


It’s midday and the ray of light falls in vertical over the churches. Hot at this hour hurts the skin. Inhabitants know it and they rest inside their homes till the number of bells come up to six. To this signal, all of them go out and enjoy with the good weather and enjoy the social life. Streets are complimented with color flags and citizens dress striking tones. Women wear low necks and high-hills. Men keep inside their pockets phones and agendas. All of them want to take opportunity of this occasion. The music sounds loud. Two women stand next to a big speaker, settled over the scenary. Their hands holds glass and they are happy. One of them turns the head to the front and launchs a deep glance to any point. Her face contains an unavoidable beauty, similar to the dignified profiles that appear into the roman coins. Her eyes express a deep intention, almost mysterious. Suddenly, something disturbs her concentration and turns again to her friend. In front of them, three students discuss about the summer plans. One of them wears a crocodile shirt and asks to another: Ey, Iván, Did you prepared the papers for that job that you told me? Still not, says Iván. But the deadline is within two days, says the guy with crocodile shirt. Yes, but things like that must be done in the correct way, you know? I will talk with my uncle Joan, because he is very clever. He always knows what to do, Ivan says. The guy with crocodile shirt says: oh, is true, my father says that he has a lot of friends. Between the conversations, the rhythm of drums makes great the ambient and creates good humor sense.  Now the atmosphere is crowded. The two women that were next to the speakers end their drinking. Their throat movement conveys indulgence. One of them says: why are you in a hurry? No one will buy this skirt now. The girl with deep glance drinks the last portion and says: Yes, but I have seen that the shop will be closed at 8.00pm and tomorrow I have breakfast with Luis at 10.00am. The two women leave the scene and another group of people replace the empty space. The music sounds high. The context is featured by wide gestures and short sentences. There’s happiness and passion.

In the distance, the sun flirts with the skyline and the irreversible onset marks the end of the action. The image of the city gets dark and disappears. Public leave their sits and go out toward the exit. The usher grateful them for the assistance but observes an annoyance sign into their eyes. The room is empty. He goes up on the stage and starts to clean the space. Four signals appears on the top of his forefront. He drops the props, turns his body to the spotlights and says: perhaps is the light.

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The City and the Light (1)

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Suddenly, an image of a city appears. From the distance, its silhouette isn’t especially visible within the scene. It contains modest proportions and its dimension has an invariable quality. The contour is formed by regular lines and, on the whole, its external appearance doesn’t reflect an easy beauty. Harmony of volumes isn’t obvious and spectators are bored. There’re murmurs around the room.

Three Canals cross the long and wide of this city, forming a set of urban curves that implies a pleasurable transit. Presence of water creates a mild weather. Inhabitants rest inside their homes, built with modern materials, light and well suited to the times. Front of the homes are smooth and made by straight lines. The windows represent the audacity of architects, shaped in a regular size, including ivory tone curtains. Wide of channels and green of nature contrasts with austerity of the buildings.

It is midnight and dark. Through the thick night, some alarm clocks start to ring in unison. This signal means the beginning of the action. From all the corners of the city one can perceive smell of hot bread, sounds of pipes and metallic noise of the jeans zippers. This is the citizens awakening, that flows as a strategic exercise of reflection. One of the first citizens can be seen walking to the town-hall. This is located in a big square, rounded by iron rails. It has four accesses located according with the four cardinal points. Is a white building of three stages, restored, of medium size. The main entrance is made of crystal and opens its doors automatically. Above the door, there’s a small digital screen with blinking lights that indicates: Participate. Inside of the space there’re several boards with practical information, the government’s organization chart and some emergency phones. Under the board there is located a small text. The stain spreads around all the paper cause of the humidity, but some words still visible: for instance, “expression” or “debate”. The building is sourrounded by trees symmetry settled. Between the trees there’re some light iron brackets that contain newspapers, cultural programs and touristic activity. The floor is granite and very clean. The South access overlooks to one of the main streets, where there’re dozen of citizens.

The street is not too wide, but very well distributed, with big side-walks and cycle and a bike line. It is long and has quite shops. On the right, between a farmacy and a childcare, there’s the local library. There’s queue of people waiting. A middle aged mother stands with a teenager, whose aspect is tenacious. This young guy is nervous because of the waiting and is moving his right foot, drawing concentric circles upon the ground. I don’t know if I should provide to the library the book that uncle Olssson gave me, he says. Of course, yes; you have read this book lot of times, says his mother. But this book is not easy to find, he says. Don’t worry, they will take care of it, she says. The teenager stops his gaze over the front of the book, reads something and says: ok, I only hope that they don’t set the book in the section for younger, because Saki is a classic author! Next to them, a man around thirty holds a journal. He is accompanied by a smart woman, around his same age, dressed with a French style skirt. She wears a black handbag with tone grey letters which indicates: Changing. Her teeth scratch her lower lip and her frown is worried. Do you think that we will arrive on time for the inscription to the workshop? Ask to her partner. I think yes, the selection process was opened only two days ago. But in the former course there weren’t vacant enough. Well, there is another of new technologies, he says. Ok, but I am interested on cinema, she says. I have heard that Culture department are organizing something, they got new aids form the European Found. Maybe they will need volunteering, he says. The woman relaxed her frown and smiles. I will give you the address later, he says.

It is 3.00 am. The stars in the sky indicate that the zenith is closer. The central market has a lot of activity at this hour. This market is an old fabric, restored with clay brick and crystal walls. The frontal façade is covered by a plant. Inside of the market, fruits and vegetables are specially ordered and have a nice bright. Several people are stopped with their shopping cart at sea-food market. It smells to fresh fish. Two men around fifty years old are talking while they wait the turn. Their body gesture reflect that they didn’t meet from long ago. However, they convey a friendly relationship. They speak in low tone and reserve energy enough for listening one to each other. One of them says: “glad to hear that your family is good Gustav, Did you go the last month to the forum? Says. Well, I couldn’t but I have heard that they are preparing interesting things, Gustav says. Yes, the next Friday will have more info through the mass media communication, says the first one.  What is this about? Gustav says. As far as I know, they want to create two new spaces: one for the sport and another for education. Gustav tilts his head ahead in a gesture of reflection and says: yes, that of the education is important….excuse me, I think that is my turn.

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My city's ornaments

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Is summertime and it’s too hot. However, I need to go out now more than ever because is the best time to enjoying within the nature. The fact of living in Brasov makes it easier, because its green and thick forests are really wonderful. I like to wake up at 6.00 am and running around the city. One of my favourite route is going up through the Tâmpa. This route could be perfect, unless some points are full of rubbish….how can it be possible?

I am doing this route from two months ago and the rubbish doesn’t disappear, neither decreases its amount, nor changes its state. It means a lot of things. It means that no one is in charge of the cleaning, it means that no one takes care about what others do, it means that people who usually go there don’t complain nowhere, for instance, to the town-hall. Since the rubbish doesn’t melt into the sand we can say that it isn’t organic materials. Chemical products don’t fit well into the nature. All is full of empty plastics. The worst is that in many cases are citizen themselves, that is to say, Romanian people throwing the rubbish into the forest. They are less consciousness that foreigners who come to visit the city, that is crazy!! But when I see this view, a lot of questions appear in my brain: Who should take care of that issue? ¿The citizens,  Governments, foreigners? If citizens don’t feel this space as something part of them, worthy and finite, who will feel it? No one! If citizens don’t believe in what they have, in the incredible potential of this wonderful background that Brasov have, no one will take care of it, no one will enjoy with it. This is very sad. There are many things which must not be done by Governments. The personal attitude and  consciousness are the best tools in order to produce a real change in the society for a long therm.  Trying to be better makes you the best.

I am Carmen Blázquez, a humboldt volunteer working in a small association here in Brasov. However, my curiosity has made possible travelling a lot around Europe and out of it.  I am not Willy Fog, that famous cartoon, a lion who made the travel around the world in 80 days. However, I have been in some countries whose cities are not comparable in beauty with respect to Brasov. Its middle-age heritage, its location and the strange mixture of historic events and nature make really special this city. I believe it….and you? Do you want to start believing something and stop of throwing rubbish on your own roof?

This is not concerned with the education, it depends on what lifestyle you prefer, how do you want to live, and what you are will be projected to and seen by the others.

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Euro-Cup 2010: Interview with Enrique Garrandés

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Considering the amazing victory of Spain in the Euro-cup 2012, I thought it could be a great idea  an interview about sport, fútbol and Spanish issues with Enrique Garrandés, an EVS volunteer, specially engaged with Spanish football. He becomes a freak when “football” is the background. He practiced football with his father since he was a child. That’s curious because at first, he didn’t like football. It was almost the only one among all guys in school who didn’t play during breaks. Time after was integrating inside the football background and he believes that this practice is fruitful for socializing and competing with friends. When he was 8 years started playing seriously.

Do you remember something specially when you started playing football?

I remember that I could have a computer since my first experience with football because my father is computer engineer. He bought me FIFA computer game with only 9 years and I became so obsessed that he had to create a secret code in the computer in order to stop my feber!!! I also remember my first football match: February 23th 2007 Real Madrid- Oviedo 6-1.

Since Enrique had conscious he started to buy MARCA guide and check even international teams. His friends called him the “little Maldini”, in memory of a well-known Spanish football-speaker who is a great expert in football. He can remember all kinds of details from matches played even 20 years ago! But after this long background above Enrique’s relation with football, let’s speak a bit about Spanish selection in the Euro-cup 2012.

Enrique, what is your whole opinion about the team selected by del Bosque?

For me del Bosque has been very clever, anyone expected this amazing results and even this composition and strategy. As far as I know, the selection for this year changed its traditional composition, considering that most of the best players were injured. However, the trainee knew smell the potential of his team, to be confident and keep the calm. The results are evident and even some defenses got to mark a gol!!! Indeed we are champions not only in the absolute team, but also in Sub19 and Sub21…Spain has a good future in the football league.

The best moments you remember, what is your favourite session?

I prefer the final, because shows a strong selection, and without front! But in the whole, the play was very regular. At the beginning with  this neutral  1-1 with Italy. In the semifinal with Portugal Spain only revealed some of its potential in the last minutes, but in general Spanish team lost quite ball possession.


Maybe the play is no so fluent because other teams tend to study our strategy, and more considering that Spain has a very good path. This irregurality can be explained because players changed, consequently also the strategy changed.

What is your favourite player?

Undoubtedly, Iniesta. I think that only he can represents the difference. He has a lot of technique and he developed a lot his potential within FC Barcelona.

How was for you living the Euro-cup 2012 in Rumania?

I really felt very well. I have seen most of the matches in a Bar close to my home and I didn’t have any problem. Romanian people even my colleagues from my work supported me a lot. Sometimes I missed my friends and Colón, in Madrid, where the town-hall manage a great depict for that days. Here I also felt  very welll!!

Do you want to tell something special about how you lived Euro-cup 2012?

It was curious for me, but I saw a match from Albania, other in Macedonia. I also saw the match Spain-Croatia with one of my best friends here, Ana, a polish woman. She was very supportive and I felt hot and good feelings, very similar to the experience of being with my Spanish friends! I have a special jock….when I kiss my t-shirt usually this team wins….Now, and considering that the location for this Euro-cup was Poland and my friends here also are from Poland, I like to say that next time Poland will be winner!!

….(although, if Spain is alive…will be difficult. However, as our  clever Polish colleague Olga says: “never say never”).

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