French exchange

Recently a group of french young people came to Brasov to enjoy this nice mountain city. it was a very hot summerday but they had  no chance to chill in the shadow because colors organisation  invited them to come with them and some youngsters from Brasov on top of the Tampa mountain. Not by telecabina, no – by walking. And actually they were quite energetic 🙂 Up there we made  a picknick and did some group games. Back down in the city the day was not finished yet. The guests had to get prepared for the city ralley in which they had to find important historical places of Brasov.

After they succeded we met in the evening in the main square. The guests had enjoyed this active day in Brasov.



Upcoming adventures of Hippo

Hippo is going to travel around the world. yeah, although he is a very lazy lilac hippopotamus he encouraged himself to learn something new about the different continents. Actually it is not his first time travelling: His home is Agypt and he moved to Romania to show kids from Brasov how they can enjoy their freetime. This summer he will take them to his homecountry and not only this: America, Asia and Antarctica for example  are going to be discovered as well in games and handcrafts. Everything is starting in Europe on 22. June from 10:00 o’clock in Tractorul Park. Everybody is welcome to join. Hippo will be happy to have some travel company 🙂

Holiday time

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

the summer has come to Romania and with it the travel time. that means to put all your stuff in a backpack and carry it to the trainstation, sit down in the CFR and move to the south. who doesn’t connect the image of a beach with vacation and fun? chilling in the shadow of an umbrella, feeling the sand under your feet, running into the water for a swim, collecting shells, take a drink with friends, enjoy some icecream…….or you prefer to visit a city? also a good idea in the warm may which we have right now. whatever you choose – if your holidays are going to be beautiful depends for sure not on the place you visit but on the people who are with you, on your curiosity and interest to get new experiences. Let’s go!

The Recycling of Words

Spoken words you usually can not take back, you can not change them or make something new out of them.

with written words it looks quite different-you can do a lot with them…

You have old magazines, already read them and want to throw them away? wait a moment and choose some pages to do something creative with it – for example creating  jewellery.

The pearls you see in the picture below are made from a long triangle cut from a magazin page. You just need a small stick, around which you roll the triangle-paperstripe – beginning with the wide side , finishing with the small one which you stick with a bit of clue : the first part of a nice necklace is done!

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

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Creative Eastertime

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Last weekend was eastertime at home in Germany. With snow there. Here easter will be in May this year – so at least the easter bunny will have better weather to bring and hide the eggs and sweets 😉 … Anyway, a bit easter feeling came already up when my volunteer colleagues and me made colorful bunnies in different activities during the last days. These bunnies are easy to make from toiletpaperrolls which are covered with colorful paper. The ears are made from paper as well, with a pen one can give the rabbit a individual face. and of course this rabbits are not the only colorful easter decoration – eggs can be colored as well…


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The Art of beautiful Writing

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You like beautiful texts and you want to write your favourite line from a songtext or poem with ink or with paint and a brush?

Tomorrow in our calligrafie workshop you have the possibility to try out this things.

We wait for you at 15:00 in Mircea cel Batran 4 🙂



photo credit:

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Scared of water?

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Scared of water? No problem. In my North Sea photo presentation you will stay dry, because it takes place in Mansarda Baiulescu – in the building of the english library near Livada Postei. Come at 22.03. at 19:00 and you will discover an amazing ecosystem, interesting animals and breathtaking landscapes.

See you there! Mireille.

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enjoy making friendship bracelets

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one of our last workshops was the friendship-bracelet-workshop. my collegues and me tought around 15 people how to create bracelets from different colorful wool. the technic has its origins in southamerica and is very easy. you need to learn only one type of knot. you will repeat it again and again to create different patterns. we explained two different patterns which are less complicated for beginners. for some people it was really easy. they already knew the technic and were very fast and creative. others tried this for the first time, but we didn’t even need to help everybody seperatly because the participants were in a good mood, talkative and helped each other as well. It was a nice atmosphere and in the end people were happy about their results. now they can give the bracelet as a present to their friends…


photo credit:

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Yellow Elephant

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VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Olgas pink elephant has a brother now…

Thanks to her crochet activity I learned how to create this small animal which brings now some color in my bedroom. =)

The crochet technic itself I knew before otherwise I would have needed more than two hours for my elephant… Crochet is a very nice relaxing activity for unfriendly winter evenings. Sit down on the couch, start listen to an audiobook and watch the gloves or the cap or the elephant growing under your hands =)

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Fight with your tiger

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Longing for amazing movie-pictures, perceptible colors and breathtaking szenes in connection with an adventurous story about an incredible journey of the maincharacter?

What do you think about one story of surviving in a lifeboat on the ocean over weeks and months – together with a tiger, like Pi did in “The Life of Pi”? The danger of the force of nature, the search for food, the relation with the wild animal… Unbelievable? Hm, you can take it as a fantastic fairytale, but you also can understand it as a metaphor to conceal an experience which is much more terrifying…

Watch “The Life of Pi” to discover a beautiful new movie; maybe also a good idea for the movie-evening at Colors:


(photo credit:

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Our love comes when we collide

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Buna dimineata!

How are you? Do you need some happiness in bright colors? Right now? Try out this videoclip, the strong music “Collide” by The Ruse, one of my favourite songs ever 🙂 I love this beautiful dancing-scenes in the clip…

Vollbildaufzeichnung 06.02.2013 104927.bmp

and here are the lyrics for this song:

You know I won’t start taking pictures until the trip is done /
You know I won’t stop blowing kisses at everyone /
It’s not where we are it’s where we’re going that gets me inside /
Right where the heart and the headache where they collide /
Straight to the heart of the problem but the damage is done /
I pick up the phone call the medics but they never come /
Swept under the rug where no one can see /
I’ve already lost a small part of me /
Take what you want /
No please just take what you need /
Love pull me / Love heal me /
Oh how she comes when we collide /
Not now you’ll say this is the game we play /
And our love comes when we collide /
It drives us apart, this attraction /
It wont be our fault /
Stand with your feet on the stairway but you never walk /
When will you move / Leave here for good /
Can’t break the strings that you never could /
It’s all that you want /
Its all that you need /
Love pull me / Love heal me /
Our love comes when we collide /
Not now you say /
This is the game we play /
Our love comes when we collide /
Can you feel it / Can you heal it / No? /
Love pull me and love it heals me /
Our love comes when we collide /
Not now you say /
This is how the game is played /
Our love comes when we collide
the picture is a screenshot from the videoclip)

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România Verde – ?

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România Verde – ?

When I was in Bucuresti this December I decided to take a walk in the Botanical Garden. Of course this kind of parks are more beautiful in summertime but they usually offer nice perspectives in snowlandscapes as well.
When you walk towards the Grădina Botanică ”Dimitrie Brândză” you notice that something else then trees is growing there…

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

This kind of ironic contrast – is it typical for Romania?!
You come closer and you notice a sign which gives information about a project called “România Verde”. Green Romania? And in the background industrial chimneys are growing to the sky. The only green thing here is maybe the toxic smoke, isn’t it?!

 VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Okay, what exactly is “România Verde”? I visited the website

and I learned that there is a non-profit-organisation named “Asociația Centrul Ecologic Green Area”.
The common opinion of the members is: In our time of rush and noise in restless cities there is one important place we need – a place where we can calm down, a quite place to relax and to listen to silence again.
Botanical Gardens are places like this. The aim of the project “România Verde” is, to make well-kept parks out of Botanical Gardens which are a bit ignored and not very well known. So it is also important to advertise them and on the website you can find presentations of nine Botanical Gardens in Romania. The “Asociația Centrul Ecologic Green Area” takes care of them.

Otherwise the factory next to the Grădina Botanică ”Dimitrie Brândză” in Bucuresti may would have swallowed this park already…

And this would be a pity, because even if the park is not very green at the moment it contains beautiful corners:

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

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