Aktive Vulcanoes nearby Brasov?

You drive through the green hills of Romania near by the village Berca and suddenly you recognize a strange kind of landscape: a area without any plants but with perfect shaped miniature vulcanoes.
Vulcanoes? Is it possible? Only 3 or 4 hours driving away from Brasov? Okay, on closer inspection you will discover that no lava is coming out of these vulcanoes but mud and bubbling gas, witch has its origins deep in the earth.
I visited this special nature place, called Vulcanii Noroioşi, on my free day and it was a very good experience.
The try mud forms a  rugged moon-landscape of huge beauty. You stay there for some hours and you can feel the value of an almost wilde, always changing and unique place in the middle of Romania in original colours of silver-grey, light yellow and autumn-red.
What is the most special thing about these vulcanoes? It is the fact that you can visit it without fences. You can walk around everywhere and come close with the muddy phenomenon. In the end you come to the conclusion that you want to respect this place… And wish that other visitors do the same.

Olympic Brasov

Until now I was involved in different activities of AsColors. One of them were the sports games for children in Tractorul parc last saturday.
My colleagues prepared different games like sack race, slalom, egg-and-spoon race and long-jump for making a competition.
I have the impression that people of Brasov are not very aktive because only few parents with kids were coming to our activity. That’s a little pity, but the children who took part they had fun and that’s the most important thing: To make some kids happy when they receive their medal of “gold” in the end! So I think we were successful with the olympic games in the parc. But, hey, Brasov people, come out! Next time we want to have more participants!

Life is colorful

I had a lot of good experiences since I arrived in Brasov.
I discovered the beautiful green Tampa, the red roofs of Sibiu and the bright shades made by brushs from romanian artists in the Brukenthal Museum there. I could hear the color of romanian language, the splashs of  new english words and the collage of  French, Spanish, Polish and Turkish.
I am looking forward to discovering more romanian colors and acquiring more knowledge, skills and ideas during my evs year, because:

The Story of Bottled Water on Top of Tampa Mountain

Want to have a great view over the City of Brasov?
Just choose the narrow path leading you to the top of Tampa Mountain where you will stand next to the huge white letters showing the name of Brasov in Hollywood-style.
It was a really nice hike last sunday. I enjoyed walking under the  beech trees which are slowly becoming part of a autumn forrest.
But suddenly, almost arrived by the vantage point, I was puzzled by a load of emty plastic bottles laying arround besides the path.
Hey, whats going on? Do romanian people not know how to keep their environment clean or at least how to prepare a place of  touristic interest and put up some garbage cans?
Well, home in Germany we have to pay deposit for our plastic bottles and bring them back to the supermarket for recycling. To tell the truth: I do not believe that they will really be recycled, but at least this system keeps rubbish out of the forrests.
You may also like to watch this clip:
Apart from the water bottle incident it was a great afternoon above the city of Brasov.

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Much German in Romania

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the german flag
I knew a bit about german culture in Romania before I moved here. There is a german minority and there are german names for cities – of course.
But I didn’t know about german named supermarkets everywhere full of german named produkts inside. Isn’t it strange for romanian people to buy produkts with descriptions on the packaging they cannot understand?  This was a big surprise for me. I also saw a lot of german words in the names of restaurants and for example german slogans on t-shirts.
I discovered that there is a center for german culture in Brasov and maybe I will visit one of their exhibitions or events in the next months.
So I am curious about finding more of my mother tongue in Romania.

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Hello! I am Mireille.

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My name is Mireille, I am an evs volunteer from Germany. I arrived at the beginning of September and I will stay with Colors for one year.
As I am 22 years old now I already made some working- and volunteering-experiences in my live. After 14 years of school where I also learned how to be a Technical Design Assistant I decided to work as a volunteer in a landscape park in my town Erfurt which is quite in the middle of Germany. Next I moved to the North Sea for supporting a nature protection company as an intern. So I lived on a small island for 9 month counting birds and offering guided tours for tourists.
Beside this I filled my freetime with the things I enjoy like swimming (also in 15°C cold North Sea-water), writing letters and storys, reading good books, visiting theatre, meeting friends and discovering new places…
Now I am here in Romania – my first experience in staying in a foreign country for a longer time. I am interested in the activities waiting for me in Brasov…
Greetings. Mireille.

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