secret place

You now what ?

Sabes que ?

The time start to run. Day by day  is faster and faster like on the race! And is good to stop from time to time and be quite. Really good place to do this kinde of sesions, to stop is lake witch I discovered with Kike tree weeks ago. It’s my secret place my paradise and why I don’t wont tell  localisation.  I have been there two times, firs was on Monday and we didin’t find nobady there was empty and silent how I like. The secondo time we decided to stay there on night. I took the tent and also Kike had one. We spent there one night. Came on Sunday around 3 p.m. by highchiking (we I mean girls, had lucky becouse our trip from Brasov was like 1.5 hours but for boys  the way took them a lot of time hmmm 😉 We meet a very soft storm there and this same time in Brasov was sunny. Finnaly we spent perfect night there with fire place. Mayby night wasn’t a good becouse too hard grand and dogs witch atactted our place but finalny we are good and relax and we want come back there.

Would you know my name if I saw you in Heaven?


…….Would you know my name if I saw you in Heaven?…. Would you feel the same if I saw you in Heaven?
I must be strong and carry on,
‘Cause I know I don’t belong here in Heaven

Would you hold my hand if I saw you in Heaven?
Would you help me stand if I saw you in Heaven?
I’ll find my way, through night and day,
‘Cause I know I just can’t stay here in Heaven

Time can bring you down, time can bend your knees
Time can break your heart, have you begging please, begging please

Beyond the door, there’s peace I’m sure
And I know there’ll be no more tears in Heaven

Would you know my name if I saw you in Heaven?
Would you feel the same if I saw you in Heaven?
I must be strong and carry on,
‘Cause I know I don’t belong here in Heaven

LYrics : Declan

Place : Padureni Lake


My city's ornaments

Is summertime and it’s too hot. However, I need to go out now more than ever because is the best time to enjoying within the nature. The fact of living in Brasov makes it easier, because its green and thick forests are really wonderful. I like to wake up at 6.00 am and running around the city. One of my favourite route is going up through the Tâmpa. This route could be perfect, unless some points are full of rubbish….how can it be possible?

I am doing this route from two months ago and the rubbish doesn’t disappear, neither decreases its amount, nor changes its state. It means a lot of things. It means that no one is in charge of the cleaning, it means that no one takes care about what others do, it means that people who usually go there don’t complain nowhere, for instance, to the town-hall. Since the rubbish doesn’t melt into the sand we can say that it isn’t organic materials. Chemical products don’t fit well into the nature. All is full of empty plastics. The worst is that in many cases are citizen themselves, that is to say, Romanian people throwing the rubbish into the forest. They are less consciousness that foreigners who come to visit the city, that is crazy!! But when I see this view, a lot of questions appear in my brain: Who should take care of that issue? ¿The citizens,  Governments, foreigners? If citizens don’t feel this space as something part of them, worthy and finite, who will feel it? No one! If citizens don’t believe in what they have, in the incredible potential of this wonderful background that Brasov have, no one will take care of it, no one will enjoy with it. This is very sad. There are many things which must not be done by Governments. The personal attitude and  consciousness are the best tools in order to produce a real change in the society for a long therm.  Trying to be better makes you the best.

I am Carmen Blázquez, a humboldt volunteer working in a small association here in Brasov. However, my curiosity has made possible travelling a lot around Europe and out of it.  I am not Willy Fog, that famous cartoon, a lion who made the travel around the world in 80 days. However, I have been in some countries whose cities are not comparable in beauty with respect to Brasov. Its middle-age heritage, its location and the strange mixture of historic events and nature make really special this city. I believe it….and you? Do you want to start believing something and stop of throwing rubbish on your own roof?

This is not concerned with the education, it depends on what lifestyle you prefer, how do you want to live, and what you are will be projected to and seen by the others.

Photo Story…

How many words do we need to explain…
I think, sometimes,  Hold one peace is best option to explain…

Concerts at The Museum Casa Muresenilor

Hippo Games…


Best Architect


Look at me and smile, please 🙂



Best Painter

I have no idea 🙂


First International Paper Frog Competition


Winner is .....


Let’s go to Dumbrăviţa


He's really nice to us


He changed to his way for us and he left us wrong place… 🙂 We started to walk. We had not an idea where we were going and no one was on the way.
10 min. later, he came and take to us again, he left us true one.


Hi ! Get in... I am police officer 🙂


Best car for Hitchhiking, It was wonderfull...






We were lucky, one car was enough to come back Braşov




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my smile is my make up, Am I normal … ?

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People say I’m the life of the party
Because I tell a joke or two
Although I might be laughing loud and hearty
Deep inside I’m blue
So take a good look at my face
You’ll see my smile looks out of place
If you look closer, it’s easy to trace
The tracks of my tears..
I need you, need you
Since you left me if you see me with another girl
Seeming like I’m having fun
Although she may be cute
She’s just a substitute
Because you’re the permanent one..
So take a good look at my face
You’ll see my smile looks out of place
If you look closer, it’s easy to trace
The tracks of my tears..
I need you, need you
Outside I’m masquerading
Inside my hope is fading
Just a clown oh yeah
Since you put me down
My smile is my make up
I wear since my break up with you..
So take a good look at my face
You’ll see my smile looks out of place
If you look closer, it’s easy to trace
The tracks of my tears

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – The Tracks Of My Tears

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Euro-Cup 2010: Interview with Enrique Garrandés

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Considering the amazing victory of Spain in the Euro-cup 2012, I thought it could be a great idea  an interview about sport, fútbol and Spanish issues with Enrique Garrandés, an EVS volunteer, specially engaged with Spanish football. He becomes a freak when “football” is the background. He practiced football with his father since he was a child. That’s curious because at first, he didn’t like football. It was almost the only one among all guys in school who didn’t play during breaks. Time after was integrating inside the football background and he believes that this practice is fruitful for socializing and competing with friends. When he was 8 years started playing seriously.

Do you remember something specially when you started playing football?

I remember that I could have a computer since my first experience with football because my father is computer engineer. He bought me FIFA computer game with only 9 years and I became so obsessed that he had to create a secret code in the computer in order to stop my feber!!! I also remember my first football match: February 23th 2007 Real Madrid- Oviedo 6-1.

Since Enrique had conscious he started to buy MARCA guide and check even international teams. His friends called him the “little Maldini”, in memory of a well-known Spanish football-speaker who is a great expert in football. He can remember all kinds of details from matches played even 20 years ago! But after this long background above Enrique’s relation with football, let’s speak a bit about Spanish selection in the Euro-cup 2012.

Enrique, what is your whole opinion about the team selected by del Bosque?

For me del Bosque has been very clever, anyone expected this amazing results and even this composition and strategy. As far as I know, the selection for this year changed its traditional composition, considering that most of the best players were injured. However, the trainee knew smell the potential of his team, to be confident and keep the calm. The results are evident and even some defenses got to mark a gol!!! Indeed we are champions not only in the absolute team, but also in Sub19 and Sub21…Spain has a good future in the football league.

The best moments you remember, what is your favourite session?

I prefer the final, because shows a strong selection, and without front! But in the whole, the play was very regular. At the beginning with  this neutral  1-1 with Italy. In the semifinal with Portugal Spain only revealed some of its potential in the last minutes, but in general Spanish team lost quite ball possession.


Maybe the play is no so fluent because other teams tend to study our strategy, and more considering that Spain has a very good path. This irregurality can be explained because players changed, consequently also the strategy changed.

What is your favourite player?

Undoubtedly, Iniesta. I think that only he can represents the difference. He has a lot of technique and he developed a lot his potential within FC Barcelona.

How was for you living the Euro-cup 2012 in Rumania?

I really felt very well. I have seen most of the matches in a Bar close to my home and I didn’t have any problem. Romanian people even my colleagues from my work supported me a lot. Sometimes I missed my friends and Colón, in Madrid, where the town-hall manage a great depict for that days. Here I also felt  very welll!!

Do you want to tell something special about how you lived Euro-cup 2012?

It was curious for me, but I saw a match from Albania, other in Macedonia. I also saw the match Spain-Croatia with one of my best friends here, Ana, a polish woman. She was very supportive and I felt hot and good feelings, very similar to the experience of being with my Spanish friends! I have a special jock….when I kiss my t-shirt usually this team wins….Now, and considering that the location for this Euro-cup was Poland and my friends here also are from Poland, I like to say that next time Poland will be winner!!

….(although, if Spain is alive…will be difficult. However, as our  clever Polish colleague Olga says: “never say never”).

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I'm crazy and I know it :)

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                                    We ‘ve arranged Turkish coffee day with other turkish collegues and this photo was taken during  interview  with Romanian Tv 🙂

( Interviu cu român de televiziune )


Great lake in Poina Brasov and There were small fishes in it  I loved it 🙂

( lac minunat, în Poiana Braşov )


                                     In Poina brasov, I Hopped on  some kind of swing  it was huge active one 🙂

( leagăn )

(teatru foarte bun si  actori talentaţi  )

In the 24 of june, I went to Theatre that called ” My husband’s fantasies almost like I was crazy ”

The actors and Actresss were excellent , I will go to theatre once again 😉

If you want to watch a good theatre, the best place is Sică Alexandrescu Drama Theatre

LOcation : Piaţa Teatrului 1 Town Centre


Have  a nice weekend !
Un weekend plăcut!











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Step by Step

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We (me and Oggy) decided to go Lacul Tarlung. We find a car for Scale…

He took us to close to century of Scele, thanks to him. after that we tried to hitchhike again to go Lacul Tarlung. We met a boy who lives there , we asked to Lacul Tarlung’s way…  and he started to talk about the way and Lacul Tarlung. He said about the way “Dangerous and a lots of gypsies will be on the way…..etc.” he is like a hellhound, he didn’t give any good news  about way. Oggy begin to fear about way but I wasn’t J because I am stupid…. 🙂 Actually we had a big question mark about way, therefore we went to 7 scari . 

It was amazing….





We  didn’t climbed top of mountain because we hadn’t enough time we said next time “we will do it”

We come back to place which we can eat something…





Oggy was tired and he slept about 10-15 min.


I think ; Mountains is a different world, it’s like a parallel universe….

Reinhold Messner  “…. After touching the summit, i begin to descand down quickly because, i feel like a newborn and this’s so excited for me…. ”












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What A Day When the birds are singing too, Singing for you In Brasov..

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Last week was so full and had a lot of activity  which made me smile, sorry today my brain is full and can hardly write blog 🙂

15 of the June, before one day, I prepared my own games for activity in Bailescu house

I was excited cuz this was my first solo- move in brasov so far. I put all games into my mind but still wrote down   to not forget 🙂


     Anyways ,  our associatia colors team has played games together on leadership of me

But people smiled and laughed a lot sometimes it felt like small kids  who is naughty, lol.

Next day, I went to tracatarul parc to make activities with  kids and teenagers. It was so fun.

We played football badminton, painting, jumping, juggling some games like pulling string and  balooon voleyball  this is learning process 😉


I think it was last saturday when I played basketball with romanian people on the school’s field, we were turkish guys and made several tournaments we afforded a lot under sun degreed like 37 may be  and needed to have a lot of apa 😉

My favourit activity was with kids from the Sacele !



I saw the darkest boys ever in Romania but all of them had a piece of smile on their face  although they have hard life conditions.

Me and Anna went to Sacele  by bus and met with Ruxandra in school. School was seemed too old but its ok, first  We played a  lot of games may be 10 or 11 and Of course I brought my computer to play musics for kids  !!

Chair game was great and then we played  Romanian musics but all sort!!!

then I sung manele for kids, they supriseddddddd..

you know my favourit.. De ce ma paraesesti Iubrea mea, Cine … lol  Te rog sa… :)))

And kids like to listen “ Vara nu dorm “ and “ Alex Velea” as well  and we had big fun :))


Next day went to Museum spent time   all day there   do you know to know what I did?

ok I tell you “ I scanned” more and more lol.

See you next week!

La revedereeeeee

Aaa i forgot to say

I created new sort of language

Buh vi that Imi placi seni  :-)))


Have sunny days

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Summer nights and Cinema in Reduta

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Did you hear about the  Noaptea Lunga a Filmelor Scurte? I just knew about it one week ago and I think it will be a great plan for this Friday night. This Short Film Festival is created and directed from Bucharest. This year, thanks to the collaboration with local partners, it’ll take place simultaneously in Brasov, Sibiu, Timisoara and Cluj on Saturday, June 23th. Here, in Brasov, the event will celebrate in Reduta Cultural Center.

The opening will start with a music concert: Toulouse Lautrec Band. Afterwards, projections!! including films awarded in the Oscars, Berlín, BAFTA, Sundance, Clermont-Ferrand, Tribeca o Cannes. Boths, Bucharest and Brasov will include the same program except one, the interactive animation called Kiddo, which will be projected in Brasov. This ambitious program is run by the well-known brand ShortsUP, now in collaboration with local partners. The edition of Brasov has been managed and organized by the cultural company KundStadt.

The public can consult the complete program in the following link and can choose as they consider the more interesting without schedule restrictions. This aspect is very interesting, because demonstrated that culture can be consumed and enjoyed through different patterns, different hours and in a big variety of possibilities. Projections will start at 20:00 pm till 05:00 am in the night, a complete a full night of good cinema! There will be space and time enough for seeing different styles, where everyone can participate, giving their opinion and criticizing the current international cinema productions.

All the practical information and data related with film program  can be followed in this link:

Info related with tickets can be found here:



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Speak Softly Braşov

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I went to walk with local people…

They are huge...

Firstly, I was afraid because i have no idea “what i was doing with them and my Romanian is really poor… But i was lucky

Maria knows English

She talked to me and teach some Romanian. Actually, everyone tried to teach Romanian. Also I went to Case Mureşenilor museum (again). Probably i will work there every concert’s day. This time, i recorded some songs. two of them…

Godfather… “Speak Softly Love”

I want to thanks all of them , They played and sang very well…

New York, New York

When the woman in black was singing , i was impressed

“I’m gonna make her an offer she can’t refuse” … 🙂

Noroc !

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Tasty Picnic in Brasov and open-door activities in Tractarul

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This week I wil not keep it long like I used to do last week in blog

Cuz some weeks that pass by nothing … or some weeks we dont travel at all 🙂

In the 9 june,  We were in  Tractarul park and used to play sports game ( most of them was like this )

We played stone games, badminton.. and  Juggling with Carmen 😉

There was other ” tineri” volunteers who played with us.  Weather was so hot, omg, it was 33 may be?

Ok i know im coming from Turkey but still it is strange 🙂

We played fotball with Sercan, Oggy Raul skate ( nam-i deger Skate ) 😀

After one day at 10 of june  that sunday we went to Picnic  in Lempeş which is nearby to Brasov

Luci showed us his knife set  and shit of shape knifes he had  in case 🙂

We basically cooked mic- Beef, Chicken , 

eggplant zucchini and so on

Then , they played special card game which I dont know so i just watched :))

Sercan thaugt me how to play  ” Batak”  ( Boggy )

Then,… Wednesday  went to Casa de mureselinor and scanned and scanned.. ohh god lol 🙂

I decided to work as scanner in Museum in ROMANIA calmest job ever :))

After museum, i was in city and met  with Florin who is working in Serbian restaurant and he was nice guy and he knows how to say bad words in turkish 🙂

Then  we walked toward the Tampa with Anna, but She was tired and cant walk anymore 🙂

And Teleferik was not working cuz it was 5 O’clock  🙂


Thats all  for this week


asta e tot pentru acum 🙂


See you


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