Tips for hitch-hiking


1)    Be prepared to walk all day. It is not easy and you need to think that it is more  walking adventure with a chance of getting a ride more than anything else.

2)    Buy a map of the area, so you can determine whether a ride will actually bring you closer to your destination.

3)    Learn the language, at least a little. Hitchhiking can be a good way to        improve your conversation skills. Often drivers pick up hikers to have some  conversation.

4)    Arrange sleeping places. For example a Hospitality exchange host such as, a youth hostel.

5)    Remember, hitchhiking may be illegal in some areas or on certain types of roads. Enforcement of laws against hitchhiking may vary. Ask locals.

6)    Bring a black marker, paper a hat, a flashlight, a pocketknife, sunscreen, etc… it is best to be prepared and these items do not weigh much.


1)The three most important advice for getting a ride are: location, location, and location. You need to find a place where you can be seen early (to give the driver time to decide to pick you up), and where the driver can safely pull over.

2) Don’t try to catch a ride from downtown, instead catch public transport to the edge of town. City drivers are mostly traveling short distances. Check your map, or ask around, to find a good spot.


1)    Always stay happy – even if people react nastily 😉

Last Spring Tale (IV): Play

PLAY: perform, action, play.

No matter how often one rewinds the cassette, CD or even your own life. Sooner or later it will be necessary to push Play. Of course, it will happen after a long time in state of Record, a wonderful stage for discovering new musical instruments and styles: some tangos, a lot of bachatas and too much bulerías. At this point, perhaps you will have to push Stop, maybe until you find a genuine waltz. This style is my favourite. One can grab the music as if the music would have waist! When I think about musical notes which compound some of these masterpieces, I like to imagine them dancing very soft over the stave. Here, there neither Pauses, not hurry nor Rewinds. You can think peacefully in chords instead of being worried about what chords are thinking of you.

So, I guess that it is not easy to find the adequate sound, with so many kinds of styles murmuring into our eardrums. With so many loud one get the risk of losting harmony. It this happens, all sound such a monochord tone, with no acute for moving hips sometimes. Here, it would be necessary the Eject, for expelling those surplus and recovering the musical balance in treble clef, which is what we learnt in class of flute when we were at school. If Eject works correctly, it makes quaves and crotchets to conform a good collection. Demisemiquavers left the scene and even silences sound quite well between semibreves.

Sometimes, the adequate song produces such euphoria that one feels temptation to push Forward. At this point, lot of listeners fall because they don’t understand that is impossible to predict the following time before it sounds. From my point of view, some out of tune aren’t so disharmonic if the whole piece has a good chorus. I am sure that those failed the flute test and got the top score at philosophy lesson. If I could, I would say them that sometimes one can learn more from street knaves than from some theories located on dusty stands at the library. In this life, it is necessary certain portion of pragmatism. Let’s be realists: Aristoteles or Platon were a couple of men with respect to the rest of humanity. Instead, we had to know a sort of “street market philosophy”. Although some people develop a good heard, on the whole, you must to sharp your ear and stay attentive to the sound of the flute.

But, if you are confused and don’t know what button push, it is better to leave switched on Play. This option ensures you that any song will sound. Furthermore, living in permanent state of Stop prevents you from distinguishing the melody of a good waltz.

RECORD: register.

STOP: to cease from, leave off.

EJECT: expel.

FORWARD: overcome, going ahead.

Spring Tales III: Rewind

In this world you can find people who live in state of Rewind almost permanently. Those specimens must have reset themselves too much, and due to this, they don’t know very well the reel where the sound of their existences should sound. They are not able to keeping long in the same disc, and however, their life sounds as a repetitive song. I think that is not cool to stay twisted excessively around the same melody, more if this song was released in the past.

I am not opposed to classics, that is to say, Ave María of Schubert was one of my favourite themes for a long. At that time, I had a big existential conflict with the button of Rewind. Just fourty seconds before the piece finish, I always used to push the button for starting the song again. Oh, God! I know that you don’t exists, but I am alone at home and I can’t speak to the empty and being normal at the same time: Could I know why I always push Rewind before the damn song ends? If I continue doing this, I will never listen the last minute, which uses to convey a feeling of relax and prepares your ears to the following track.

…..While I was thinking about all this issues, I decided to change and put a disc of José González. In this case I decided to get carried away from the intensity of the music. I started on the beginning, tasting each piece as if it was fresh seafood, until the last silent. I understood that the more variables, the more diverse is the final result. That way is better than if I take one part as the whole.

Just in this point I decided to back to the Schubert’s piece.  I thought that in this occasion I would finish it. Only when I got it, I had a global idea about his music. His life perhaps was not easy. He died very soon, as a big unknown. Maybe his audiences also decided to leave the seats forty seconds before the end of the piece (like me), thinking that Ave María was titled only Ave. Perhaps for this reason he wrote the “unfinished symphony” in Si. Today, the reasons why the famous composer decided to create an unfinished piece are still a mistery. I don’t have idea about the musician’s level of erudition. Even I don’t know if Schubert thought that he would become one of the most important musicians of Romanticism. Possibly because he was the first who discovered and solved the obsessions of most of us: repeating old songs, not giving any opportunity to the happy ends and, of course, and not to discovering new melodies…….

The Road Runner Show


Yes we did it, me and Olga traveled by hitch-hiking from Brasov to Budapest, around 850 km only us and the  “highway” 🙂 We started our trip at 2 p.m. on the way to Sibiu, and to be honest, Olga was the faster girl just like the ostrich bird from “The Road Runner Show” She waved tree times and a car stoped with lovely driver inside. When we planned the trip we wanted to stop in Sibiu on the way to Arad, but we changed the plan when we found out that the guy was driving  direclty to Arad and we coudn’t miss this chance. Way was quite good. Our lovely driver spoke a little bit of eanglish but we tried to communicat with him in romanian and hmmm I am sure  we were perfect with this mix of languages from hole world espiecially prefered body language which is very difficult to use in the car 🙂 Big bravo for him!!! Wish you the best. He really took care of us and  drove us almost inside the apartament where we sleept 🙂  Our next destination was Szeged in Hungary. The trip started at 12 p.m. and really, I am no lier when I say that  we found somebody to take us there in 5  minuts. It was a guy with two teenage girls. Nobody in the car spoke eanglish but Olga ( ha ha on this travel I was a body and carred rucksack, Olga was a head 🙂 did a short show.  She painted on her fingers smily and sad faces and started playing. It was amaizing how the faces of this people became happy. We finshed the trip with this people 15 meters before Hungarian border and we crossed it on foot.  Perfect that we are in EU and we only spent a few minutes on the border. OK and after that the problems has startted . We tried to stop somebody for 30 minutes, for us it was long time but finally a nice guy took us.  And we were in Szeget.  Spent there one night and the plan was to wake up early in the morning, witch didn’t work because we drank to much palinca, and went sleep at 5 in the morning. So, our trip started at 13 p.m. on the road number M5.  Mayby I will be boring but we spent there half of hour, we had time to eat chocolate and drunk a lot of weather  because palinka 😉 Took us guy with his wife. First 10 minuts was horrible only silents but later he started toking to us in english about Poland and history and he was really good. He new more facts from past than I. Time passed very fast and we where in Budapeszt. Generally we spent around 10 hours on the road and tramped 850 kilometers on  way and back. Return way  by train was simple and boring and I want leave out this topic.

Hitch-hiking rule and I am sure It wasn’t last time …

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Spring tales II: Reset

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When you are born, your eyes are blinded. Step by step, the process as I call ocular descongestion starts. At first, pupils aren’t developed, even can’t recognize mummy’s face. Then, the child develops a special smell to that vanishing figure which every day feed him through a kind of spongy valve. But…once the baby is out of the mummy’s belly…the chain of natural evolution starts…and in this point there aren’t Pauses for avoiding the unstoppable adventure of living.

 You can’t slow dawn the process of vision. Your eyesight develops through a lot of textures: flat and in three dimensions. I still continue looking for the moment which object appears totally clear. Certainly, before it happens, there are several phases based on blindness. One of the best times is adolescence, when one usually sees all things throughout multi-color perspective. Pupils become athletes, practicing pirouettes doubles, triples, never moving from its path and jumping to the first kiss. In this moment, retina takes pink tones, green esmerald, dark blues and light pastels. Next to the colors are tears, which help those to digest this feast, establishing an order into the chromatic chaos. Once the iris is clear, tears fall down across the face in the shape of a savage waterfall. Sometimes this torrent become so overflowing that one could practice kayaking within one of this effervescent cheeks!

 With the pass of the time, darkness colors accumulate and pupils usually prefer rational tones. The clearest the horizon, the more descendent is the tone in the color scale. Stupid but spontaneous events, that merely before (when teenager) appeared randomly, start to be more predictable (when you are an adult) and less in number. Thus, wide range of colors disappears and instead of calling the things properly, we put different names to the things we want or feel. For instance, if a boy appears to the right, one just modifies the view to the left and….. voilá! Problem solved! Other example; if you are late at work without any excuse you will have to tell something to your supervisor. In the moment of speaking, pupils constrict subtly and you know that all the issues related to the health care will be the best justification to your boss. On the whole, one gets domain over certain issues almost due to a natural osmosis and several tactics of strategic spatial view. Our instinct acquires magic faculties to preview colors that are behind of certain things or persons and we can modify events almost in an infallible way. Darwin would get surprised if he would know about the high development of certain species, mainly now, with the post-modernism and technologic advances of XXI century.

 It depends on how tears and colors are conjugated into the retina, one attain more or less sharpness, although risk of total vision is something that most of people don’t afford themselves. It is not anything generational, nor genetic. I guess that a disciplined training is necessary in order to deal with certain images that compound so often our reality.

On the other way, we also avoid to look tones which remember us colors which made us cry. I know that this is contradictory, because tears usually clean and helps the retina to see better, but I said that only few people develop total vision. So, there is more than one solution. First, you can assume that it can be there two similar tones, but they are similar, not exactly the same. If you want to check it…the only solution is to go ahead…. take the risk and get advance. And with a bit of good luck one can get a clear vision! Well, maybe it last doesn’t sound very persuasive, but this is so! Second option and the most used: switch on the button Reset. This option automatically erases dark tones that often disturb the vision and permits you living again each color as if it was the first you see it. However, it has an inconvenient. If you can’t memorize you won’t have reflection capacity and memory and you won’t learn particularities of each tone. Consequently, you won’t be able to distinguish between tones in your future, and the same tone will be repeated, causing you the same feeling (good or bad) over and over. Who knows, maybe sometimes is better to push Reset and check if you are prepared to live the challenge of discovering new colors!!!

 Reset: readjust, restore, starts again from zero.

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Spring Tales I: Pause

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I still remember mi first class of Natural Sciences. The professor explained the evolutionary cycle inside natural ecosystems: born, grow, reproduce and death. Ok, it seems easy, but all those new concepts socked my inside. I couldn’t do nothing… I guess that the fact of being born inside a traditional religious family perhaps contrasted with my most scientific instincts. Certainty, I experienced these classes of Natural Science as great revolution. I got upset when I realized about the existence of dinosaurs or Middle Age times, Renaissance, Illustration…and I couldn’t be a witness…..oh God…What were you thinking in? Who are you and why did you deprived to me and my generation of living all these interesting feats?….Buf! it was the beginning of thousand questions without answer. Anyone said that education is important?….yes, It is.


Before the Darwin’s Theory, I used to think that my grandmother’s rosary was the Philosopher’s Stone. However, with Darwin, the evolutionary cycle started do be more and more complex to understand. That is to say: you born and grow, and in some point something falls apart. First, this shouldn’t mean something wrong. The problem emerges when the natural teachers disappears and instead of them come the Biology ones. These last prefer to explain the evolutionary system through Physical and Chemical, showing that inside each ecosystem the matter is subjected into transformation processes and measured through numeric calculations. The solution, despite being a constant, is a set of mathematical operations which not necessary have to follow a rigid process. That is to say, the same solution could be found through different procedures. According with this theory, without a logical explanation, the amount of failures exams increases drastically in class.

You born and grow, and if you don’t understand some basic things of the evolutionary system, you will fail a lot until arriving to the last step. Of course, in the last step, no one fails. Both, the more and the less learned will find the solution, this is true. Some try to trick the process and they simulate have understood the theory. Perhaps they don’t care to do something worthy during the process. But I think that a good Scientific Man knows that the process is not only the most difficult but also the funniest step. And still one can obtain worthy and new discoverings which justifies failures and mistakes, doesn’t it? Who can say something about the lost echelon?


…..but….Divinity is a feature more related with Greek Mythology than with respect to human beings….and in this quotidian world you can find several kind of Scientific Men. For the Scientifics, teachers disappear but class of natural science continues. They pass the High School and discover to others who arrived before, like Adam Smith, Newton and Quantum Physic. First, it could be demoralizing. Also they become aware that Science didn’t create Santiago Apostle, but technologyc advance has immortalized the image of Billy the Kid…¡that’s curious! The scientific man ceases to be student and becomes self-educator, however, sometimes other has to measure his results…other who most probably is the first time that reads a science text. But that’s the life.

Only a few solve the formula and most of people fail whereas tasting several modes based in the Physical theory. The more I like are Chemicals who studied the matter of other objects. If already is difficult to know about oneself composition, could you imagine tackling the fact of researching how are made external matter? The enigma could be stressful. Summing up, the ecosystem cycle or even Evolution Theory could be easy-going. But when Physic and Chemical take participation, things become difficult, and if you don’t have money for extra classes, please…press the button and make a Pause.


Pause: a cessation of activity because of doubt or uncertainty; a momentary hesitation


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Salutare, numele meu este Loredana Aoproae am 23 de ani si sunt din Brasov. Am terminat Facultatea de Sociologie si dupa 1 an de munca m-am decis ca e vremea sa incerc si altceva. Si uite asa am ajuns eu voluntar in Portugalia –  mai exact in Vila Nova de Famalicão – pe 31.12.2011. Despre Portugalia pot sa va spun ca e foarte frumoasa, iar oamenii sunt draguti. Se aseamana din multe puncte de vedere cu romanii, iar la capitolul politica si birocratii suntem cam pe aceeasi lungime de unda (poate de asta ma simt asa de comfortabil, aproape ca acasa hehe). Despre ce fac eu exact: lucrez in 3 proiecte (pe care eu mi le-am ales) si anume:

  1. Proiectul “Memórias de minha terra” este un proiect dedicat atat tinerilor cat si batranilor. Obiectivul general este acela de a implica un numar de 20 de elevi  – dintr-un orasel putin dezvoltat si care nu ofera multe oportunitati copiilor – in activitati de voluntariat. In paralel s-au identificat un numar de batrani care locuiesc singuri. Ideea de baza este ca fiecare elev sa faca vizite regulate (insotit de un adult/responabil al proiectului) la domiciliul unui batran pentru  a inregistra un interviu despre viata acestuia. In paralel elevi vor invata sa utilizeze un aparat de fotografiat, un reportofon si care sunt pasii unui interviu. La finalul proiectului se va tipari un manual si se vor organiza expozitii cu fotografiile si interviurile realizate de acestia.
  2. Proiect pentru biciclete, prin care  se doreste motivarea localnicilor in utilizarea bicicletei. Initial proiectul este destinat tinerilor urmand ca in viitor sa fie dedicat tuturor persoanelor.
  3. Un proiect de plantari (legume) care consta in urmatoarele:

– primaria ofera centrului de voluntariat un teren agrabil care in acest moment nu este utilizat

– acest teren va fi impartit intr-un numar de parcele, o parte fiind oferite localnicilor doritori pentru a isi planta propriile legume, iar o parte a terenului va fi destinat voluntarilor, insa la final recolta va fi destinata unor centre sociale.

In paralel am participat la un curs de Animator Socio-Cultural si diverse workshopuri. Despre limba pot spune ca am marele avantaj ca m-am nascut intr-o tara latina, pentru ca avem foarte multe cuvinte in comun si mi-a fost foarte usor sa o  invat. Am cursuri de limba si la scoala, dar cea mai buna practica e convsersatia de zi cu zi.

Timpul trece repede, dar fiecare zi e una noua si ma bucur enorm de experienta aceasta.

Pentru cei care si-ar dori sa incerce, dar stau mereu pe ganduri pot sa le spun doar: No risc – No fun!

Boa sorte, beijinhos!

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Dialogues along the Danube

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–          Eh! tu …..Ce face?

–          Me?…nothing, I’m not doing nothing special.

–          Ah, no?

–          No.

–          Eh! ….Did you say something?

–          Me?….No, I didn’t say nothing.

–          Are you sure? I thought I heard something.

–          I don’t know. Perhaps the sound of the tides. Today the weather changed suddenly.

–          Eh, you….What are you thinking?

–          Me?….nothing, I don’t  think nothing special.

–          Ah, no? You never think of anything?

–          No….yes…..that is to say….yes. Sometimes I think, but just now I didn’t. That is all.

–          And…how often? I mean, how often do you usually think…

–          Don’t be heavy. I never count how many times do I think, How would I can know it? I am not thinking during 24 hours a day…

–          Then, you usually think, but you can’t remember. Then…¿How do you know about what are you doing? And…do you usually say what are you thinking about?

–          What?

–          Yes, I did say that….I would like to know if you say your opinion about what are you thinking about, because you told me that you don’t say anything.

–          Oh!, you are very strange…but I don’t know, I guess that when I think… Of course, I usually say what I am thinking about, but not always. For instance, if I need to go to the doctor, I ask to my mother for it. When I am hungry, I speak with the covrige flooded salesman. Furthermore, I also think in different issues, like music and who will be when I grow up.

–          Ah! Practical guy….I see that your ideas are very related with the daily needs. But listen, could I ask you the last question?

–          Câ e bine, e bine…. but the last one, ok?

–          Da, da….And, according to your thinking….how many things do you really do?… How many answers do you find without making questions to the others? What things of these that you do were created by yourself?

–          Ey, friend…that is more than one question…

–          Come on, it’s the same, but asked into different shape…

–          Well, I will answer you in another occasion…

–          What? Not now?

–          No, I told you one minute ago that I not always say what I am thinking. I also do what I say.

–          But you did only a bit, my friend.

–          Ok, but I prefer to do step by step and from safety situations because in that way, I won’t have problems. I don’t want to get fame of weakling person?

–          Well….Fame….this is complicated. Simply….you should have enough discovering what you really want, but not taking care about what people are thinking about you….

–          Ah! Well….yes, I guess that one has to be strong behavior and all this…..I guess that I will learn it with the past of the Time and when I get this, I will be someone relevant.

–          Relevant…..For who?

–          Buf! You told me that it would be the last question…but ten minutes ago!!….ok, I want to be important for people. I don’t know, I guess that is a good thing If I get to learn something which contributes to the community.

–          And…where did you learn about this?

–          Through others who had been seen the TV. But I don’t believe in all that I heard. Only that, I think that this is a good idea. And if I get it, I will be a lucky man.

–          Ah! And… What does it mean a lucky man?

–          A good job, lot of friends and a beautiful girlfriend. …and maybe if I could drive a Mustang….

–          And…how do you plan to get it?

–          The Mustang?….ah! excuse me, that of  being important….well….I don’t know. I still have to think about that…

–          But …do you think that this kind of thinking can be reality or it is only a dream?

–          A mixture, but sometimes dreams become reality….

–          Would you like it?

–          Of course, Who not?

–          Well, there are people who don’t like fame. Also there are people who only need a small portion of money for living.

–          Bua! I am sure that most of people don’t have this opinion.

–          And you…that is what you really like?

–          Well…I need time to think about that

–          Ah! I thought that this was what we were doing now…

–          Look, this is too much for me. You are rare and heavy. Listen, If I meet you some day, I will run far away from you. I think that my face looks like a question mark! Listen, the truth is that I don’t care nothing what you said, I don’ mind about the future. I do believe that questions can be learned in the real life, but not through all that reflections. I don’t know no one who needs so many questions for knowing where is going. That is to say, if you want to go to the Delta,  ask about schedule and the river flow, but nothing more. Indeed, at the end nobody knows about the final destiny of their travel.

–          Don’t get upset, my friend. I promise you that I will go just right now.

–          Ey, but…one minute, before you leave….  Could you say me your opinion about this?

–          Ah, of course! I will try to resume because I don’t pretend disturb you.  Sometimes, living doesn’t mean learning.  Thinking sometimes it’s good, if you don’t abuse of it.  But If you don’t want to think, you will decide the life in the last minute, and sincerely, this doesn’t mean to decide something.  And about Destiny…. in some point is true what you said, because  anybody can control all situations . But this is not enough reason for not preparing the itinerary. Fortunately, currently the navigation system is very advanced and you can choose between different  ways. But maybe you don’t like to make plans.  Like these fish who swim into the Danube with its golden scales, who usually say that they are spontaneous and however, they only to go with the flow….like the rest of fishes….

–          …but….that is what we are doing….we are fishes swimming along the Danube, don’t it?

–          Yes, the difference is that I swim against the current. Look, when I saw the light of your scales I thought that maybe you would be different, something produced a powerful reaction, modifying  my path and putting me next to you. But after all, it was only a sparkle. Now, I must continue my way because I think it’s too late and I should arrive to the shoare of Szegen before Easter.

–          Why?

–          I know that in these waters there’s a genuine fish, not due to its golden scales… but I found  secrets on the bright of his eyes.

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The Dog and the snow

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“Carmen won’t stand alive more than two days”(1)….her body showed frostbite signs and damaged muscles due to low temperatures. She almost couldn’t move her legs and the skin, hidden by her coat, was burned because of the harsh climate to the mountains. Her gaze looked hard and fragile at the same time due to the pain, perhaps for the sensibility that normally the high mountain’s dogs have.

Later, I got more information about this dog’s life history. Curiously , Carmen was one of these few dogs who use to go with the professional climbers and mountaineers into the exploration of the high mountain. Carmen stopped for looking a woodpecker and she got lost from the rest of the team in the middle of the savage mountain. When she became aware about the danger of being alone, she opened her attentive eyes and howled so high than she could. This was a self-preservation gesture, trying to find someone and come back to home in company. But no one answered, neither other dogs nor human traces…she was isolated, in the middle of whatever place.

First, the fear let her motionless, as the memorial sculpture upon the I World War which is located in the Predeal square, next to the train station. Later, Carmen though that this behavior wouldn’t be practical and she started to walk toward the forest, with the only map she had: her insight. Time was running…. until the sunset. The night arrived and covered trees and stones to darkness. The temperatures  fell down until -15ºC. These circumstances are very dangerous for an animal that doesn’t have refuge or the habit of living in that awful environment. Carmen had serious problems. However, she kept the calm and tied some plastics  on her legs, helping herself with her teeth, for protecting better from the cold. She was walking all the night without stop. There had moments where her heart sounded slower than her legs, as a sort of prayer for resting, but she didn’t let her consciousness to stop. She put in practice some breathing exercices which she had learned when exploring  Central America’s vulcanos, when traveling through Guatemala and the Egypt oasis and deserts, where climate also is extreme by the hot. But at the end, those methods were useful and Carmen could keep the rhythm without stop. Making a pause in this situation would have meant her death. Her mind also hesitated in some points. She thought that there would not find any hope. But there was something inside Carmen that made her continuing a bit more and more.

Perhaps the last thing she reminds is a feeling between warm and bitter. Bitter, because the pain produced by the wind and cold made wounds over most of her body. Warm, because before falling down, her owner saw a peaceful and relaxation into her eyes, like someone who is at the end of a sort of fight between the Nature and her Wild. Carmen is still alive because she believed in her own insight, because she created her rules despite of the rude climate. She just tried…and she just won!!!

I don’t know if her body will overcome the damage….Probabily, if she gets it, I am sure that Carmen will come back to the mountains of Predeal.

(1) the first sentence of this short story belongs to Jack Londond’s tale Stories from Alaska.


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