Enjoyable and creative moments with kids in Directia Social Service


Since   the beginning of January, I started to go to ” Day Care Center for Children” of Directia de Servicii Sociale Brasov.  It was almost one month ago when I met lovely children from there and their teacher Lily.. from my observations, She is nice, caring person of all her kids under her responsibility . First time, I was confused when I hugged all kids put smiles on their face, they’re full of life, energy and they do every thing with wistfulness in that Social service.  We go always  from the behind of school and trying to be on time.

In January, We went there  with other volunteers Oggy, Anna,Carmen and me.   The Idea was to play creative and non-formal games  with children ages ranked as ” 7-8-9-10-11-12……”  We went there in the morning and gathered all children in one big room and basically we started by playing ” Energizers” with them.  Energizers were supposed to be like catching fingers,  throwing balls and introductions and games were supposed to   played  such as Magician-tiger..,  also I made suprise teaching to children  ” Turkish words” They learnt so good, We became fastly friend with them.  Eventually, we hugged them and landed a kiss on their chick. It was lovely day….

After one month,  once again My collegues  Mirelle, Jennifer and Mahilla  , we went to same social center  and made ” Martisoare  ” with kids teaching them methods and how to do about, and then in rest of time We gave them cards with soil and seeds which we made for Photo exhibition of National parks of Romania. One of boys already opened the soil and feeded his plants immediately 🙂    Children had fun so much and I’m pretty sure they learnt something from this workshop on which they will repeat in future by themselves.


Thank you Lily for hosting us and giving us chance to work with you, I hope we will go there again to make children suprise up again.

Have a nice week


Journey on the Romania map!

Salut, ce faci?

Have you ever searched of richness and beauties and interesting cities of Romanian on its map? If you did not try, better start, you will meet a lot suprises on the road! 🙂  Romania is located in the middle Europe and its position important. Here’s only country around Balkans where you can find  and see and observe every natural beauty at the same time and rich culture that changes from region to region.

To mark point you wanna go makes distance shorter and more visible for you.. then let’s mark together I believe it will be useful for you to know what is to travel in this beautiful country:)

The city in which we live right  now probably the best city in all country., Everyone accept it as the fact. However there are places to be seen as well. I make points considering you saw all brasov surroundings 🙂

If you go to Ramicu Valcea, You can visit” Cozia National Park and Buila vanturarita.. such beautiful..Boromir bread and cozonac fabrics in Valcea is very famous, don’t neglect to pass through Coloniel nuci :))  If you wanna see ” Petrol”, facilities, not so many beauties but if you’re interested in ” industry” you must see ” Ploiesti” , could be boring city but you gonna get used to it.  Let’s talk about ” Fagaras” … this place is amazing located between Brasov and Sibiu. It has Transfagarasan, Cetatea Fagarasului and the Balea Lake , worth to go there ( there is also waterfall there )

If you ‘re curious about a great mountain rows, you supposed to go to Rosia Montana that is locaed 77 km from Alba Iuila. You can pass through Sighisoara ( where every year in july summer medieval festivals happening regularly)  and pass by also Medias!! ohhh, stai un pic, Medias is great place .. in spring and summer, it has great green landscapes looks like heaven when we looked over from top point.  You can visit there ” Pestera Medias” ( Medias caves) City Alba I. is also worth to visit … people says it is like dream city.. castles have been settled over clouds.. There are important castles ( castele ) there  and they opened its door for you.


If you go to way for West of Brasov, you can go to” Volcanii” that is part of Buzau. This place is good to see enermous volcana massives and beauty even in winter time can be visited with friend group. Buzau is not special city  but around of it very special. If you got time to go, make a good plan 😉   if you wanna see a lovely national park , you must go to Braila and  Macin that is  located near Galati . That area is incredible… a lot of objective to see..time won’t be enough.. Of course Don’t forget to take a glance to ” Danube delta” you will loose yourself in his deep beauty,,, when storks and ducks and sea animals got to swim on surface of delta… and bushes.. There could be alligator 😉


See ” Sibiu” that was European Capital of culture in Romania in 2007, it is beautiful city and highway and connections ways are so professional. City design is interesting.. Come’n let’s discover down to Romania. we go to Turnu-severin to see ” Baile Herculane” where you find famous hercules baths and termal waters…. all sessions working.. when you drink something , at other hand , enjoy hot water , but don’t hesitate to visit National park ” Domogled- Valea cernei ” 😉

In Resita city, the bridge that pass through city is remarkable, not the best one but city design will make you confused there, also people are so warm-hearted . By the way, Resita is only some Km away from Serbian border. In exit of City, you will see Serbian city names as well, who knows 😉  By the way If you go to Resita and Baile herculane, you must eat watermelon and cheese and salad thats all ( i mean in summer) cuz there’s so hot in general.  Timisoara without questioning one of best city in Romania. It is enough big.. always recomended to go there and stay couple of days and see how trade potentional high and city is old.. great bridges and flowin rivers  its pluses. ..

if you go to near Hateg and Hunedoara zone, don’t hesitate to see and visit ” Retezat” National park, I bet is one of most special in the westeast of Romania…. Retezat is neighboorhood national park to Domogled valea cernei, don’t forget 🙂  Nearby Petroseni which is near by Targi Jiu, there is another famous national park called “Defileul Jiului” for sure you must go there, a lot of species.. different animals.. natural protected area…  If you ask me what’s going on on north of Romania, I can tell many objectives… starting from Baia mare.. firiza lake.. and Valea neagra must be visited… amazing lake.. and silent nature . If you want to be closer to Ukraine.. then you go to Sighetul Marmetii… where you find famous museum Victims of Communism.. haaaa , i was about to forget.. There is biggest Minereology  Museum in Baia mare and entrance is very cheap.. alot  of worthy stones there.. and On the tip of border ” Cimitrul vesel” ( happy coffins and graveyeards) will be waiting for  you… funny stories on coffins and grave stones.. teasings and jokes.. 😉

If you go to sighetu.. why don’t u go to Vatra dornei through Borsa? there’s awesome , simply the best.. also famous with termal water facilities and city’s design interesting River flowing all through and trade and commercial is rich. People are more conservative and may be speaking faster than Transilvnia 😉  See Suceava.. may be most attentioned City in Moldovian part of Romania… Cetatea… a lot of Monasterie.. ( it is called ” City of Monasteries” ) such as Voroneti.. dragomirna.. Roman is not special city but you will pass from there when you go Iasi 😉  I though that You have viisted Cluj many times, thats why I did not mention it 😛 it is probably one of best city in Romania as well.  People calls there ” INternational Student and fun city with a lot opportunity” .  As far as I remember, There was ” salt cave” in near Targu Mures.. you can go there and have some bath too if you got health problems .. Piatra neamt is good place to make skii and snowboarding.. and shape of Neamts mountain looks like a bit ” Poiana Brasov” In summer time, City does not pull much tourists.. but in winter very social city . Between Piatra Neamt and Bicaz , you will see ” Ceahlau National park”.. it is gorgeous there, please visit 🙂  and feel the calmness of lake ” Izvorul muntelui” . In the zone of Bistritia Nasaud, find ” Rodnei Mountain” and prepare for a good climb!

I wish you great and long journey, enjoy it….






Suceava Monastery…












Targu Jiu….






Yellow Elephant

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Olgas pink elephant has a brother now…

Thanks to her crochet activity I learned how to create this small animal which brings now some color in my bedroom. =)

The crochet technic itself I knew before otherwise I would have needed more than two hours for my elephant… Crochet is a very nice relaxing activity for unfriendly winter evenings. Sit down on the couch, start listen to an audiobook and watch the gloves or the cap or the elephant growing under your hands =)

Fun bulletin of the week ! ;)

Buna Seara!


I hope you spend a chock-full week with all friends or preferably by yourself . If you want to innovate , develop something that you might never tried nor applied, I have tricks for u. Not only workshop, bijuteri or atelier, but also pretty objectives of Romania to go if you’re thinking to set off journey soon 😉

Where to go ?



Castle of Cantacuzino is located  in ” Busteni” you can take train ( morning cheaper 😛 ) and it takes 1 hour to reach there. Entrance 20 LEI and if you wanna take photo, you ought to pay 10 lei more , worth to go right? 😉


What to do ?


485257_370397466401390_1570640045_n ( 1 )


Cute Little sock cat

What tools you need?

–  Scissor, a pairs of sock, cotton,  Threads, pin, normal pencil or color pencils

The photo I gave you enough to explain what’s process to do it 🙂

So, take all of good luck with it 😉


Source :  http://www.tulaoshi.com/n/20120813/3212.html ( 1 )



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Fight with your tiger

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Longing for amazing movie-pictures, perceptible colors and breathtaking szenes in connection with an adventurous story about an incredible journey of the maincharacter?

What do you think about one story of surviving in a lifeboat on the ocean over weeks and months – together with a tiger, like Pi did in “The Life of Pi”? The danger of the force of nature, the search for food, the relation with the wild animal… Unbelievable? Hm, you can take it as a fantastic fairytale, but you also can understand it as a metaphor to conceal an experience which is much more terrifying…

Watch “The Life of Pi” to discover a beautiful new movie; maybe also a good idea for the movie-evening at Colors:


(photo credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_of_Pi_%28film%29)

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Our love comes when we collide

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Buna dimineata!

How are you? Do you need some happiness in bright colors? Right now? Try out this videoclip, the strong music “Collide” by The Ruse, one of my favourite songs ever 🙂 I love this beautiful dancing-scenes in the clip…

Vollbildaufzeichnung 06.02.2013 104927.bmp

and here are the lyrics for this song:

You know I won’t start taking pictures until the trip is done /
You know I won’t stop blowing kisses at everyone /
It’s not where we are it’s where we’re going that gets me inside /
Right where the heart and the headache where they collide /
Straight to the heart of the problem but the damage is done /
I pick up the phone call the medics but they never come /
Swept under the rug where no one can see /
I’ve already lost a small part of me /
Take what you want /
No please just take what you need /
Love pull me / Love heal me /
Oh how she comes when we collide /
Not now you’ll say this is the game we play /
And our love comes when we collide /
It drives us apart, this attraction /
It wont be our fault /
Stand with your feet on the stairway but you never walk /
When will you move / Leave here for good /
Can’t break the strings that you never could /
It’s all that you want /
Its all that you need /
Love pull me / Love heal me /
Our love comes when we collide /
Not now you say /
This is the game we play /
Our love comes when we collide /
Can you feel it / Can you heal it / No? /
Love pull me and love it heals me /
Our love comes when we collide /
Not now you say /
This is how the game is played /
Our love comes when we collide
the picture is a screenshot from the videoclip)

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There is no time to get bored! :)

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I’m here in Romania as you all know and I have spent crazy times full of laughter and smiling people who helped me.. to be honest , I liked all of what I did here , holding from trips till ateliers and workshops and activities I involved. It is not only belongs to someone else, also belong to you cuz simply If you want to learn something, you just learn without any question.!

You must avoid all prejudgments and smile to people and give your happiness make them feel you like them or you’re with them always does not matter If some day you will leave them and keep apart… so with this thought, I have done something that I did not do so far in most of time. I started to learn and draw attention to ” Bijuteries, necklaces, bracelets, colorful papers, beads, glasses, homemade candles and most important that I considered is ” Origami” art… it is like endless  journey to the bottom of world… you folder and folder.. forever…you do same motions however things get different forms 🙂













In addition to this, I started to make  ” charcoal pencil” illustrations as well with my own decision therefore , I made ” Bran castle” with pleasure! :p who knows what next will be 😉

I hanged up my origami on my ceiling 🙂 they look greatttt and adorable.. i feel like they will come to life and speak with me some day or may be angels will give ” soul” to my origami butterfly and she will fly away with her wings freely 😉

Don’t wait to make handmade things till your hairs got grey , do that right now before it is too late… it is worth to do it.  As Kelly Clarkson says some people waits for a lifetime for a moment like this 😉


I recommend you to go ” Galeria Creativ” in Brasov to buy for this kind of ” Bijuteri and creative items and materials” you can create awesome things , I was there and I’m pleased to be there definetely 😉

I give you contact adress so that you can discover too! 🙂


Galeria Creativ
Brasov, Str. Al.Ioan Cuza nr.24
tel: 0740 838085 (Pentru comenzi online)
Program magazin virtual Luni-Vineri 09:00 – 17:30

Also you can see their website like this,


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TAVLA..! (Backgammon)

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Think, Determined, Play and have Fun

Think, Determined, Play and have Fun

I played TAVLA  today.

As far as i know, Shah of persia vizier Büzur Mehir invented this game about ten days in 1.400 years ago.
(More informanitons :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backgammon#Persia_.28Iran.29)
Usually, i played with my mom, brother and uncle. I played here with a cheerful women… 🙂


Of course i won... :)

Of course i won… 🙂

I am here if you are challenge to me… 😉



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România Verde – ?

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România Verde – ?

When I was in Bucuresti this December I decided to take a walk in the Botanical Garden. Of course this kind of parks are more beautiful in summertime but they usually offer nice perspectives in snowlandscapes as well.
When you walk towards the Grădina Botanică ”Dimitrie Brândză” you notice that something else then trees is growing there…

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

This kind of ironic contrast – is it typical for Romania?!
You come closer and you notice a sign which gives information about a project called “România Verde”. Green Romania? And in the background industrial chimneys are growing to the sky. The only green thing here is maybe the toxic smoke, isn’t it?!

 VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Okay, what exactly is “România Verde”? I visited the website


and I learned that there is a non-profit-organisation named “Asociația Centrul Ecologic Green Area”.
The common opinion of the members is: In our time of rush and noise in restless cities there is one important place we need – a place where we can calm down, a quite place to relax and to listen to silence again.
Botanical Gardens are places like this. The aim of the project “România Verde” is, to make well-kept parks out of Botanical Gardens which are a bit ignored and not very well known. So it is also important to advertise them and on the website you can find presentations of nine Botanical Gardens in Romania. The “Asociația Centrul Ecologic Green Area” takes care of them.

Otherwise the factory next to the Grădina Botanică ”Dimitrie Brândză” in Bucuresti may would have swallowed this park already…

And this would be a pity, because even if the park is not very green at the moment it contains beautiful corners:

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

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Under a wooden roof

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I like wood.

It is such a warm material. It is living and it moves. It is talking with the sun which is drying and bleaching it.

In the village museam in Valcea one can feel the sensation to live surrounded almost only by this material. The old small farmhouses offer an idea of life how it was for the past generations – simple, full of work and pleasant – under their wooden roofs.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

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Imagine with Dixit and win, welcome to Dixit world!

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Did you hear about Dixit game?  if not, I let you know now. Dixit is a imagination and challenging brillian game that allows for everyone work’s their own way to guess what photo gives inspirations on them . The Game has very simple rules where children even over 8 years old could play somewhat .

Do u wanna learn what’s going on with Dixit ,then read this short explanation  below;

“Every picture tells a story – but what story will your picture tell?

Dixit is the lovingly illustrated game of creative guesswork, where your imagination unlocks the tale. In this award-winning board game, players will use the beautiful imagery on their cards to bluff their opponents and guess which image matches the story. Guessing right is only half the battle – to really succeed, you’ll have to get your friends to decide that your card tells the story!

Every turn, the storyteller will call out a short phrase or word to match the image on his card. Then each player will choose the card that most closely matches that phrase, and then everyone must guess which card the storyteller saw when he invented his brief tale. Correctly guess the storyteller’s card, and you’ll move ahead. Convince everyone else that your card is best, and you’ll do even better.” (1)
Good luck in the game , let the one who is good will win 😉
Sources for game Dixit (1) :    http://www.boardgamemaniac.com/Games/By-Genre/Party-Games/Dixit-l12.html

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Conversations with Furkan (II)

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Furkan is one of the volunteers who came to Romania as a volunteer with EVS programme. He came here  for seeking and expanding his knowledge of life. Since he arrived he has done all he likes: Football, singing, dancing, learning languages, discovering the city, travelling, make hitch-hiking….Summarizing, he likes to say that he is “learning the learning itself”.

He studied Sociology in Istanbul and thanks to this he could travel as Erasmus exchange to Czech Republic, where he could observe a different world….


You were studying for 6 months in Czech   Republic, how was it?

Incredible! Czech Republic formed and occupied important part of my life for a while.  It was not postpone something.  I can’t tell it was focused hundred percent to Sociology and University. Free time and travelling was stronger.  Because all students know that Erasmus courses we’ve taken is not that hard. Also lectures are so soft to us.   Nevertheless, I spoke Czech; I studied some of courses in Czech language and some courses in English.  My University was so multi-cultural, if I tell you how many nationality I met in one semester in Masaryk not to mentioning even Erasmus friend of mine. I talk about permanent students. So look, Germany, Norway, Kamerun, Ghana, Poland, Turkey, Sweden, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Russia. . This is so far   what I remembered. It was great university.

What were aspects of sociology that most interested to you here?

Inter-cultural exchanging .  A Society in the eyes of foreign student and researcher was  the most interesting.  Why? simply. Imagine that you’re in a society whose you don’t know its values at all and its background and how people acts out in community. That is so interesting.  As I was just observing in Turkey about closed Institutions, In Czech Republic, all society from Bus to Trains, Hospitals, bus-stops, shops were fields where I could have observed something .

Did you see lots of differences between the Turkish and Czech  university plans?


Yes I did.  Website of Masaryk University was so different.  The number of students who study in Class is smaller.  As I was Erasmus student, I was not going to University every day as I was going to my Turkish University.  Exams were so different. Also during first 7-10 days I had got countless quiz regarding to entrance of Sociology and this small quiz were also affecting your year-end marks in semester.  Adding to this, I was doing many presentations every week. It was compulsory for me.

As a Turkish citizen, what were the most important social differences that did you find in Brno?

–          Czech People doesn’t scream out to sell their products in open -air bazaar as Turkish people do.

–          Czech People (couples, girls/boys) easily were making love in bus, train, subway etc. , even some point public sex. Because after I learnt that a lot Czech girls do this public sex for money. In Turkey, to make love in public is not general attitude.

–          In terms of Human respect and Human rights Czech people developed more than Turkey obviously.  One thing that made me confused. While subway or train or bus stops and passengers try to ride in, people were making one line and nobody was trying to force someone front of them.  It was so in Harmony.

–          Czech people are drinking beer instead of water, Coca Cola and fruit juices.



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