Conversation with Alexandra

Hello, I am Alexandra, but my friends call me Alexa or Ake. I was born in Brasov in August 24th, 1991. Nowadays I am studying chemical engineering with specialization in environmental protection.

….She is shy and patient, and likes to find her own happiness by helping others. Despite of her modest posture, she is an authentic dreamer. All nights she falls asleep, thinking in her future trip around South Korea, whose architecture, customs and culture fascinates her. She likes to imagine herself with a back-sack, some money and her dog, running around the world and living a great love-story…..Actually, Alexandra is not only optimistic, but also a great romantic! Her favorite book is “Wthering Heights” by Emily Bronte, and Patrick Swayze her favorite actor since she saw for first Dirty Dancing. Perhaps this personal view of love, cinema and travel represents an inflexion of her soft and attentive character. She likes animals and has a parrot called Cipi. One of her favorite activities is to go through the mountains and visiting the sea during the summer.

She is modern and likes advanced techniques …a good prove of it is when she talks about her favorite event in the History of Romania…”When the communism fell in 1989, otherwise, I couldn’t have o many things which are so important for me, like technology tools and freedom”

1.       Describe in a short sentence your impressions about your city. What Does Brasov represent for you?

I love so much Brasov, because I admire its History and it is surrounded by nature, mountains, Being here you have so many places to visit.

2.       What do you like to do in your free time?

Go out with my friends, listening music, reading, shopping, relaxing and so forth.

3.       What did you study and why?

I study Chemical engineering. I like my choice, If I could chose again I would do the same. I study how to save the nature, the planet, the air that we breathe, it’s amazing.

4.       There was someone who influenced this choice?

Anyone influenced me. I accidentally applied to it, I mean, I didn’t know in depth what I would study. At the beginning, I wanted to run away from my mother’s choice. She liked literature. Actually, I like to read but only for my pleasure. Finally, I decided by myself because I didn’t want to destroy this passion.

  1. 5.       What would you like to do with your work in the future, the practical application or job that would you like to be involved in?

I would like to work somewhere, it doesn’t matter where. For me the most important is to be able on  enjoy with my work. If I do what I like it doesn’t matter where, I only want to be involved in my field.

6.       Why did you decided to work as a volunteer?

I  became volunteer in high-school at one hospital called Hospice Casa Sperantei, because my grandpa was sick and I wanted to do something in order  to help him and others like him. There, I used to work within activities in relation with creativity workshops, cleaning. Sometimes I used to read book with children. Merely staying and entertaining them, because those people were very sick (cancer), so this hospital take care of them. On the whole, I helped them to forget a bit about this.

And after 2 or 3 years from this experience, I wanted to do something with my life, I ment, to be involved in activities, to meet new people.

7.       What thing, knowledge or value do you expect to take from this experience? Do you think that this would be useful in your future?

I feel more open mind, learning how to deal with others, listening different points of view, learning some things about others. I practice how to be creative and active, and yes I think this will be very useful in my life: both, in my future job and with my family.

8.       Till now, what was the best moment as a volunteer?

This question is very difficult for me because I had lots of beautiful memories with all the volunteers, kids, seniors. I can’t remark only one.

9.       For you, what are the most difficult challenges as a  volunteer?


Speaking English, using imagination and playing with small children.

10.   Describe in one word how do you feel working as a volunteer.




'' Mom! White things are falling from top!!! ''

She told me that i had said this sentence when i was 3 years old.. It was something that i can not remember. I was speaking with my mom today and i told her do you remember when i ve seen first time snow mom ? And she told me yeah 3 years old when we were vacation in winter. She was cheating me with ” Look eat this white cheese and it will be snow..everywhere white. ” ( i also dont remember’s just dairy of my mom 🙂  )

But when i think about snow…

İts the reason that not leave the window,

The most worthy thing on tree branches after birds..

Romance trigger, atmosphere cleaner.

The most wonderful attraction of nature.

The Snow… In my opinion, the most romantic nature event on earth. Imagine no matter how old are you or who you are.. Snow makes you kid, you just throw snowballs or doing snowmans or try to ski..


Wine, snowball, snowman, many times fall down ( i done first one today ! ) and hot chocolate series at home.. I feel so happy that i will live this kind of things in this winter.  First time in my life i had chance to watch snow from my window.. Okay i ve seen snow before in my life but .. I never took a walk in streets when it was snowing or i never opened window or go balcony try to catch some snow. I just have been to some snow resorts and get contact with snow and run back to my warm city.

The thing is that snow reminds me a white page in this dirty world. I wish that it could be easy to open a white page for everyone like wake up in the morning and see everywhere white.

But now i have to live in the city which is  full of snows. And i am thinking what can i do for this winter with snow. I am sure people who lives here sick of tired from snow and they are keep going their life as nothing happened with snow.. I am sure they will understand that i am foreign.. Because of my astonishment and abnormal movements.. It’s such a shame thing 🙂

What shall i say.. I hate you Mediterrian climate !

Enjoy your winter Brasov.




 Winter: time to snow, time to drink vin fiert, time to eat hot covrige,

winter for the cuban people is time hot,

winter for the bears is to sleep,

winter for the catholic people means presents, Chrismas,

winter for the Groenland people is not light,

winter for Costa Rica people is time to work,

winter for people that sleep in the street is hard,

winter for the autom is goodbye,

winter for dogs is more hair,

winter for december is 21,

winter for the children is happiness,

winter for the tres is not leaves,

winter for Paris is love,

welcome winter!

Dear winter,

I’m Juan, i live in Brasov. It’s a city in the center of Roumania in the region of Transilvania,

I write you to tell you something about you. The weather is very bad, there are -30 degrees, it’s snow, there are ice in the street. People drink vin fiert in the street, eat covrige hot, there are lights in december to celebrate Chrismas days, Papa Noel bring presents, the family is together, people do diferentes sports in the snow, and ice.

Winter i am happy to know you in other place, you are different, you are the same!

My results from Creative Writing

The Creative Writing last week was a very motivating activity for me. You can find inspiration in different things… in a photo of a cow which is looking through an open window inside a room where a newspaper is laying on a table… or in the pieces of a songtext, creating something new only from this words… here are my results:
Can the animals read our thoughts? That’s what I’m asking myself. Maybe they do, ’cause I can’t imagine them reading our newspapers. And yes, they seem to understand us so well… Maybe they eat our newspapers and in their stomach all the letters become free and go through the blood to the brain. ‘Cause what else is the brain than chemistry and what else than chemistry are the printed words? Anyway, I don’t find a solution. Maybe my cat finds one ’cause everytime I ask her: “Let’s sit down in the arm-chair for reading the paper?” she looks up to me with a face like she already did.

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Lost in translation: Istanbul (chapter II)

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…When Aitor discovered that he was in Turkey, instinctively he thought “it will be a long trip”.

He woke up in the seaside of Kusadasi, in the South-West of the country. He was lost and he couldn’t remember anything: What happened before? However, He should continue his trip…to where? It doesn’t matter, but that place, thought beautiful, wasn’t his place.

First, he sought into his pockets any trace of money or documents. Nothing. Second, he asked to someone”what is the date?” : June 4th 2012. At least, this information gave him some practical ideas. He made hitch-hiking till Istanbul in order to take contact with any Spanish institution. When he arrived there, he visited the embassy of Spain, he got a passport and some money from his peers. Some of the employers from the embassy invited him to their home and he could get a bag with some useful things and food. Furthermore, he could have a warm shower. In the bathroom, Aitor could see his image in the mirror. Suddenly, the picture of a great storm crossed his mind and closed the eyes. He scared but this feeling was short in time and disappeared. When Aitor opened his eyes again, he could realize himself as healthy, in a good shape and still young. He smiled and prepared all in order to continue his trip. He shaked his hands for last time with his hosts and went out.

“Istanbul is great”, he though. He could bring to his mind some information about the city:  G. Flauvert also traveled to here and said that, in the future, Istanbul would be the capital of the world. Aitor felt lucky because he also perceived Istanbul as a rich, beauty and cosmopolitan city. In the way he saw a big bazaar and decided to go inside. In front of him, there were tens of small shops and impulsive sellers, who were offering traditional products: lahmacun, sakuska, patlikan kebab, koban salatasi,  cacik, ezo gelik and lots of national products. He took something to drink and walked around the stands.  He saw a bright and colorful shop and stopped to see the ornaments. Suddenly, a beautiful woman stopped next to him. Then, both of them looked to each other and smiled. The woman bought a traditional scarf. In a while, Aitor kept in the same position, looking to her.

-Hello foreigner, are you lost? The woman said.

–  Well, something similar – but suddenly, he changed his speech, considering his real situation such a long and unknown, and he decided to present himself as a traveler.


– I mean, I am lost into this bazaar, that’s amazing. I am Aitor, from Spain. I came here because one of my friends recommended it to me.

-Ah! That’s great. Usually I come here and buy some bargains. I was born in this neighbor. Do you like the city?

– Yes, for sure! It’s great. I still didn’t visit too many places but my feelings here are intense.

– It’s good. Well, I have a bit of time till the lunch, would you like to take a coffee?

-Of course! I do. So, what is your name?

– I’m Merve.

Again, an image of a horrible storm crossed his brain. He couldn’t explain why this weird feelings, why this strange images into his mind. But Merve made him to feel something. Aitor touched his stomach in a gesture of pain. Merve become worried: are you ok Aitor?…are you ok? The image of her started to be dizzy….Aitor fainted.

When opened his eyes, he smetl to jasmine. He was in the Merve’s home. The atmosphere was quite comfortable and the space was designed in  a Turkish modern style.  Merve studied fine arts and her sense of style was pure and sharp.  On the table, a cup of hot Turkish coffee was waiting to him. They’re speaking all day about history, art and music, and Aitor felt attraction to her. They became closer, and closer. And don’t know how, but Aitor found his fingers playing with  Merve’s hair. Aitor though “there’s no stop, I’ll kiss her”. She caught his intention and decided to take part. She sat on the top of him and rounded his waist with her legs. Suddenly, he touched the TV remote by mistake and the image appeared in the screen. It was an international new offered by an English channel: “We already don’t know the causes of this accident. The surveillance services found the boat completely empty one week ago, in the Mediterranean Sea. The rescue services are still seeking the area, but for the moment, no one knows what could happen. However, we guess that a Spanish person was in the boat because of its international reference code”. Aitor couldn’t believe it. He still didn’t have complete memory, but something burned into him…

-I’m sorry Merve, I have to go.

– Are you sure? Is something wrong? You can keep here if you don’t feel good.

-No, thank you very much. Yes, I have to do something important. It was great to meet you. Perhaps in another occasion.

Merve gave him a book as a kind of souvenir for his visit. In the outdoor, Merve hugged him and whispered to his ear: “Beware the bridge. See you soon”. Aitor couldn’t understand the entirely meaning of it, but he didn’t have much time. In the street, he felt strange and run, run, run till the train station.


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There are something that money can't buy

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Today, I was in Free things day in Brasov. As I know , this day just came after  black Friday ( I don’t know why it is called black tough ) A lot of website , worldwide famous brands made promotions and campaigns in prices.  Romania also got benefit of it.  The world is under the rule of capitalist order. And It turnt into  a big monster that eats everything barely. Sharing feeling, helping others are not simple things.

with this belief, a group of people gathered and created website and to make people conscious more about helping other and decreasing consuming and to avoid from throwing second-hand , used items , rather than giving out to people when needed.  They call to this movement in Romanian ” Bazar cu Lucruri Gratis” .

All items they brought today was impressive.. people flocked much as I counted… they liked items.. so did I .  There was clothes, shoes, food,  electronics, suveniers, necklaces, books , man’s  wear, woman’s weat etc.

It is big chance for volunteer people like us to get this in brasov when we needed the most 🙂 I also helped them in the end of  day.. I met nice people for example Vlad who is DJ in radio and with his small boy 🙂

Hope next month in december it will repeat again , we wait all Brasov! 😉

Good weekend

To be continued…



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Dresscode Rules

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Dresscode Rules

This is the story of Jennifer. She is working as a volunteer in Romania and she got an invitaton for the supervoluntar-gala. Since she could bring only 20 kg of luggage in the plane she was not able to find the perfect Outfit for this evening in her suitcase. That’s why she went to the center of Brasov to search for good clothes in the stores.
In the first shop they had a lot of fancy dresses. Jennifer was attrackted by a purple dress which was very long, made from silk and decorated with few original details of lace. She tried it on and it fit perfectly. In the front of the mirror Jennifer felt so beautiful. But only one moment later she thought: “Oh my gosh!” because she saw the tag on which was written: 2000 Lei.
Disappointed Jennifer left the store. She couldn’t affort such an expensive dress. Maybe the second hand store would be a better opportunity… Wow: Today everything only 4 Lei! Jennifer entered the shop and startet to search. She found a cute blue dress with prints of small reindeers, a blouse of good cut but in leopard-style and a chic black shirt – unfortunatly with a neckline which showed everything… Finally: nothing serious.
Jennifer was very sad and went home. She had to find something in her own stuff because the shopping tour was not successfull. Checking her clothes she found one of her favourite white shirts and discovered that it looked very classic together with her black pants. She decided to wear this outfit for the gala because she felt very comfortable and confident with this clothes.
You see:The most important thing is to come as you are and not to try to be someone else. It is the best way to enjoy the evening. (And for sure you will find something chic in your cupboard!) See you at the gala!

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Europe and EVS

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How it works European Voluntary Service? Who is a volunteer?

There is some money, lots of projects, lots of countries and lots of volunteers. Local organizations present their projects and European Union adjudicates financial aid. Theory says that the objective is to encourage international exchange and youth in action among European countries. Once local organizations get approval, they select volunteers from different countries through an intermediary agent, the so called sending-organizations. S0 receives volunteers, gives them information about this program and puts in contact the volunteer and the hosting organization. When the volunteer arrives to the European destination, hosting organization provides flat, food, transport and pocket money. I am still writing  about theory.

My second question is: What does it means volunteer? What does an evs volunteer do?

From my point of view, a volunteer would be a person involved in social and educative actions. Philosophy related to this kind of program is based on the development of personal skills. Also means to work without the expectation of getting economic or personal profit. Considering this, I can imply that a volunteer must give in his time and effort as a generous act of voluntary decision. A volunteer should try to help others and offer some value, that is to say, the volunteer gives any useful portion of his/her time and ideals. However, the point where ideal and time emerges, the concept of volunteer starts to be relative.  So, the goal should be to get balance between me and others and to understand meanings between local, national and international.

One of the most interesting points of this program is the idea of voluntary work based on methods of non-formal education. This policy protects the subjective conceptions and freedom of expression for the volunteer since he can establish his/her own method of helping or teaching, which doesn’t have to be attached to regulated programs.  This topic is directly related with the binomial autonomy – cooperation into a team. It means that if I am a volunteer, I shouldn’t have to follow instructions permanently; but it also means that I must know how to organize my own time; it means that I could make proposals and spend my time in tasks where I could help others or develop myself in a constructive way; but also means that I should get results. At least, I must have the possibility to do it. Where possibilities exist, opportunities can be found.

But this is not so easy because: What is the most effective way and how could I measure it? Where are limits between my personal achievements and cooperation into schedules made by others? Do I know myself? Do I assume my limits? How does my personal condition operate within international contexts?

On the other hand; can ideals overcome bureaucracy? If international public institutions regulate and national ones manage the control:  How does this administrative division influence the concrete reality of the volunteer?  Who are responsible and how are established the gravity of conflicts? In this case: What is the real interest and value of diplomacy? If  philosophy of this program is designed by macro policies and and micro-policies of each country execute aspects related to the daily routine; can be possible a real balance between philosophy and pragmatism? How are ethical criteria performed by each project and country?

It makes me think about the idea of Europe. A common idea, a common economic policy established over a great cultural and historical diversity. The same policy embraces and works into different realities. It makes me think about the meaning of Europe, and I decided to look for some information. There’re two interpretations highly analyzed: one, regarding its ethimology: Europa is compsed by eu (thurh) and opsis (eyes). Some researches reject the Greek origin of this word and consider influences from previous languages (Europe as extensive view). Europe was also a mythological figure, daughter of Phoenician king Agenon. Zeus, metamorphosed into a white bull, kidnapped and carried her to the island of Crete. However, there is a third meaning of Europe: Jupiter’s satellite discovered by Galileo. When I think about my condition as European citizen, I don’t know why, but the image of a satellite round my mind…

Some questions are not easy.




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Beautiful dresses

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The Etnovember-Festival in Brasov
Last Sunday was the appearance of Bastionul Ţesătorilor a bit changed. Small colorful flags were swinging over the inner courtyard, the place was decorated with apples, paprika and covrigi and people in medieval costums were walking around… It was Etnovember-Festival in Brasov.
When I entered the place with Mahila and Jennifer we got funny wooden necklaces with the logo of the festival which includes a mouse.
Then we watched some traditional dances. I liked the dresses of the girls so much. You can see them in the picture. The cute pattern of small white flowers on the blue cloth is so nice. I would like to have a dress like this 🙂
What else did we experience last sunday? You will read it in another blog…

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The price of Money

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Hassan always was dreaming with a bike. He sought it for first on the way to the school. From long ago Hassan used to take the bus. His father was driver and had lots of friends into the field. Because of this, he could take the bus all day for free. However, since Hassan had started seventh grade, he wanted to go by walking. This was a personal decision that his parents, at the beginning, couldn’t understand very well. The school was almost 45 minutes far from his home and it meant an extra effort. But Hassan took this decision and nothing could change his brain. For him, this walking to the school was the most peaceful moment of the day. Furthermore, he felt that this activity made his body stronger and healthy.

In the second semester, Hassan decided to change his path. From the first day he used to take the same track and he wanted to try a small change. The streets around his neighbor were ordered and this factor didn’t represent a waste of time or any risk. He was walking around a long street and then, beyond the crystal, he saw the bike of his dreams. It was like a perfect skeleton; a real incarnation of the speed made by light aluminum. It was painted in black and red. The wheels were perfectly adapted to the mountain and pedals were reinforced with an especial protection.

After the school, he came running to home and told to his parents that he wanted to get this bike. At the beginning, Hassan was so emotive that even he didn’t ask them. His speech sounded like an order. He was interrupting constantly to his parents, creating the most creative answers in order to convey the most convincing arguments and benefits that the bike would give to him: “ you don’t think so? This is a great invest!”. No one existed around him, nothing could stop him. He had clear idea about what he wanted.

Suddenly, his father told him: “come with me, I will help you to get your dreams”. In this moment Hassan felt the happiest person around the world. Both of them got in the bus and took the way to the shop. However, the bus changed its path and Hassan asked to his father what was going on. Before his father answered, the doors opened and they got out of the bus, just in front of a bazaar. At the beginning, Hassan didn’t understand nothing. His father had a big bag full of lemons and he gave it to Hassan and said: “go there baby, sell the lemons and when you finish, I will be waiting for you at home. Bye”. Hassan couldn’t believe. Was it real? Why was his father doing this? Why to sell those lemons? What does it mean?…..

Hassan did it. He was working four hours without stop into the bazaar. When he checked the money he got from the transaction, he felt depressed. With this money only could buy a wheel, no more. He tough: “so much effort and time…and I only got this small amount of money. This is not fair. I hate my father”. Hassan was so upset. He ran to home, took the money from his pocket and put it on the table. His parents were sitting in the kitchen. They were taking some snacks and seeing the Hassan’s face. He was between flushed and furious. He hit the table with his right fist and said: here is the money. After, he turned and disappeared. He couldn’t understand why his parents did it, why they wanted to humiliate him in this horrible way.

One week later, Hassan was preparing to go to the school. But that day, he is not going by walk. In front of his house, he found a black mountain bike: it was a perfect skeleton, a real incarnation of the Speed made by light aluminum.

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Lost in Translation

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Aitor and Merve were travelling around some point over the mediterrian area cost.  In the day when this story starts it was a sunny day and calm. The sea was calm and the atmospher was totally clear. It was 12 oclock in the morning and Merve was laid on the prow of the boat.  Aitor was checking the sails on the top of the dock. He saw a some strange clouds but they were so far that he didn’t pay special attention. They spent all day long in the inside of the boat, cooking some fishes that Aitor got from the sea and discussing about the rest of this trip. Suddenly, they heard sound of waves and thunders. Aitor got out to check what was going on. He told to Merve to keep inside but she was so curious and coudn’t obey the advise. The sky was totally dark and a big storm just started to shake the boat.  Aitor tried to pick the sails in a while Merve was looking for her bag. The weather was so closed that they coudnt see eachother . In this moment an impressive electiric ray touched the boat and illuminated their face. Aitor and Merve looked last time one to eachother…

It was so dark… I don’t remember what happened.. I wanted to wake up but I couldn’t do it and I heard some voices.. ‘’ por favor, levantese ,este no es lugar para dormır.. por favor.. ‘’ then I opened my eyes. There is a guy in blue uniform he was telling me something in Spanish.. I was still seeing everything blurred and I realize how my skin burn, how my head was paining.. It was seems like I was sleeping 4 days.. And the guy he was still telling me something. I have learned Spanish from Aitor. It was also one of the reason to met with him..

He was telling me rules of beach. Then I said in Spanish ‘’ vale, vale, he entendıdo ‘’ I just sat on the corner, I was in the shock. I was trying to remember what happened ? Where am I ? Who are this people? Where is Aitor ? And who is Aitor ? I checked my body and I saw 3 big lividity on my body. 2 of them on my leg and other one was on my arm..Then I started to walk inside of city. I scared a lot. I tried to understand people.. But I couldn’t do it. I was sure they were speaking Spanish but this accent was so strange.. I found a fountain. I washed my face and I drunk a lot water.. Even people were waiting me in-line. I was still walking and I was in shocked. I couldnt speak with no one. Then I decided to check my pocket. I had a bıt of money and some candies…

Merve wanted to be sure that is she in Spain or somewhere else ? She has never ever been to this kind of city. Even she couldn’t remember what happened to her. She saw a market.. She went to inside. She has checked to newspapers and she saw this names ‘’ El Pais- El Mundo – Marca.. ‘’ She was totally sure that she was in Spain then she checked the local newspapers and she saw the name ‘’ La Verdad Murcia ‘’ She got more exciting… She started to cry…

What did  happen to her ? How did she come here? Who was Aitor that she always remember this name ? How could she back to Turkiye….


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Lost in Translation (chapter I)

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Aitor and Merve were travelling around some point over the Mediterranean coast. This day, when the story started, was sunny. The sea was calm and clear atmosphere. It was 12.00 o’clock in the morning and Merve was lying on the prow of the boat. Aitor was checking the sails on the top of the dock. Then, he saw some strange clouds, but so far from them that he didn’t pay special attention. The couple spent all day long inside of the boat, cooking some fishes that Aitor caugh from the sea, and discussing about the rest of this trip. Suddenly, they heard sounds of waves and thunders. Aitor went out for checking what was going on. He told to Merve to keep inside, but she was very curious and couldn’t obey the advice. The sky was totally dark and a big storm began to shake the boat. Aitor tried to pick up the sails and in the meantime Merve looked for her bag. The fog was so intense that they couldn’t see anything. In this moment, an impressive electric ray touched the boat and illuminated the dark scene. It was the last time that Aitor and Merve saw one to each other….

Nobody knows how long they were lost into the sea, either what happened exactly after that ray….

Aitor woke up somewhere unrecognizable to his eyes. It was a hot day and the sun started to hurt his skin. He stood up slowly and took out of his mouth a rest of sand from the beach. Aitor saw the sea in a strange calm and had a vague feeling of fear. He tried to go back on the track to figure out what was he doing there. It was impossible. He couldn’t remember anything, either why, how or when he ended up in this portion of unknown land.

After a few minutes, he could stand up and check if some part of his body was damaged.  He had only a few bounces on his ribs and some scratches along his legs. He had lost most of his physical power but still had energy to walk till some place, to drink something and discover the name of that city. His first insight was “I think I am somewhere in the South”.

He was walking around the nearest streets and he looked some adverts and inscriptions written in a very strange language. Aitor laughed sarcastically and curled his hands into a closed fists. He couldn’t grasp anything and people around him seemed to speak faster than his ability to understand. Suddenly, a tourist bus crossed very close to him and he could read and memorize something useful: Kusadasi – Davutlar. He remembered this first name from a travel agency located close to his work. In this moment,  he guessed that he was in Turkey.

-“Oh, gosh, it will be a long trip”, said to himself.


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