The most handsome guy in Brasov…

Hey people!
I want to introduce a very handsome guy I met in Brasov two weeks ago. He is tall, has got long curly blond hair and a pretty face. He is a party-boy and unfortunatly kind of vain and narcissistic.
Well, I didn’t meet him in a Pub or Coffee-Bar, not at the swimmingpool or the dancelesson, not at work. I met him in the Library,  just by chance. He is not romanian, in fact he is english. To be honest: I met him before in Germany (seems like he loves travelling so much) and he is… a character in a novel. His name is Dorian Gray.
Yea…One of my favourite novels is “The picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde. The german translation I read several times because I like the dialogues which are funny because of ironic and paradox ideas. And it is a varied story: You find love and murder, some kind of unrealistic happening and everything… It is about a guy who loves his own beautiful appearance to much and when his friend, a painter, finished his portrait, Dorian expresses his wish to stay forever young and beautiful and the painting should alter instead. Somehow his wish becomes reality…
In the english library I found the book and decided to read it now in original language. Since it is a very short novel of only 250 pages and since I knew the plot very well,  I thought  it would be  a good idea to start with “Dorian Gray” reading english books what I never tried before. And it was. Even if I couldn’t understand every word and I also missed the meaning of some expressions or phrases I could follow the story very well. It was a pleasure to have this contact with English in a novel … and to have this contact with a handsome guy =P


Onto complexity of world languages and Turkish

Languages … have been created thousand years ago… first human being were writing and typing of their desires, wishes, purposes on the stone walls..and they discovered ” the voice” . Then they screamed out as strong as they can do…. and noticed that someone understands and responding them in same way.

Conquests of continents gave us possibility to ply a trade with others as well as we recognized their languages, gestures, moves, motions etc. Culture was not so concentrated and stiff  years ago. Right now, so called ” every nation” has its own specific language named  as mother tongue. Nevertheless, could we tell that no language was influenced by each other?  I don’t think so.  Even countries which are geographically too far from one another, could have similar words and expressions.  In Turkish , we say ” Bir dil, bir insandir ” ( One language is one human being&  O limbă este un om)  that ‘s definitely   true.  I was not thinking that  Romanian language have some slavic based words in their language, but yes it is .

Or another example is ok.. I knew that Romanian language includes Turkish words, but I couldn’t imagine this much.  Yet we know that we have french language influence on us too .  Do you wanna be suprised right now? then be ready  🙂

Torba is a turkish origined word.. means ” bag , pocket” and in Polish torba means” pocket ” too ? oh yes it does. 🙂 Do you know what is ” tavan”?  tavan is a turkish word that means ceiling or roof and Romanian people says tavan too. The word ” bilete” it is considered to be ” russian or slavic” what I believe. Bilet means ticket. but for example Czech people says  ” vystupenka”  as polish and Russian people says ” bilet” 🙂 In turkish, we also say bilet. I think this word is one of most rare word that we obtained from russian language 🙂

Recently, in Turkish what we do is , we take a latin word and changing end of word and putting more likely ” us, as , es” and making  it like turkish . All scientific terms are like this.  Do you wanna know how we call segmentation? look : segmentasyon 🙂  and how we call ” international” ?  = enternasyonel .. in a nutshell , we call all words that ends with -ation, we change it a bit and it is being our word,  congratulations ! 🙂


If you’re curious, let me tell the similar or same words between Romanian and Turkish language.

Autobus :  Otobüs  , Taxi : taksi , Cüzdan ( wallet ) , çizme(boots) , papuç ( shoes) , şapka ( hat= also hungarian people says sapka) , Kravat ( tie * it is a slavic word I guess) , Çarşaf ( sheet), gazeta ( romanian people says ziar too but in latin countries this word is very popular)  , Cam (glass or window, but romanians write like geam),  Garnitur( garnish, garniture) , sarmale ( we say  sarma or dolma),  Pıras or Pırasa ( leek), Blüz ( blouse) , …

According to one linguistic research that made about origin of Turkish language gives us some statistics,  see :


Strongest affection in Turkish language by order as top 7  is  as follow ;

Arabic : 6454 words

French : 5180

Persian :  1361

Italian : 610

English :  451

Greek : 422 and Latin :  77

Let’s keep on a bit more word’s similarities 🙂   Ceai ( cay ),  cablu ( kablo), furtuna (   firtina) , bacsis ( bahsis), babalac ( babalik), beizadea ( beyzade), arnaud ( arnavut ),  bardac ( bardak), baltag ( balta),  bigi-bigi ( cici bici), becher( bekar), Bostan( Bostan), Briceag ( Bicak)  etc..

I recommend you  when you hear a word as you’re outside, or see some words you think it is similar to your mother tongue, don’t waste time, run for dictionary and find meaning, may be this word you learned will save your life:)

For those who are interested in words and meanings, this website is useful :


Iyi haftasonlari ! Have a great weekend!  Bon weekend!  Ein schönes Wochenende!  tener un buen fin de semana ! Miłego weekendu 🙂






ticket to home

Today Claudia bought me a ticket to home. That is mean my  back  to Poland is real. How I feel with this? Am I happy? Am I ready? To be honest yes I am happy to come back after 11 months to my country specially to my city Wrocław. I am curious how many changes happend when I have been here  like new places new streets and so on. And what is most important can’t wait to see my friends and familly, becouse last months we didin’t see eachother  even didin’t speak too much. I really miss all of them like crazy 😉 Another thing that I want to see is my favourite swimming pool. Promise myself to go there all month everyday and just enjoy. Also miss so much my school of yoga. If I had a lot of energy I woud go there everyday to lost some kilograms that I got here 😉 and of course for fun. I miss my bicycle but there will be still winter and to early to ride but who nows, never say never, mayby this winnter gonna be soft….hope so. I am ready to come and confrontation my country befor one year and in present.

Did I do everything what I wanted to do? Did my dream about EVS project came true?  Did I meet  friends for the rest of my life? Did I feel in love with Romania? I suppose on  those kinde of questions and so on I will be able answer  after when I come back to home. People have this kinde of  behavior that they appreciate things after that they happend. Last morning I was looking for mountains from my window and what  can I say I will be miss so much this views and Brasov and all good things what happend here and all those good crazy people that I met here 🙂

Mission for now …. still have 77 days and I promise do my best to use this time in 100 %

Favourite movies

I also like cinema though I must recognize my knowledge about this topic is not very big. I wanna share some movies I´ve watched in my life that I really recommed. The winter time is comiing soon and the best plan is stay at home.



1. The thirteenth floor







– Director and year:  Josef Rusnak, 1999 (USA & Germany).

– Gender and duration: Fiction, 100 minutes .

– Little explanation:

A group of scientist makes a great discovery which is gonna change definitively the      percepcion of human about itself and the world around it.





2. Lucky Number Slevin


– Director and year: Paul McGuigan,  2006 (USA).

– Gender and duration: Thriller/action. 109 minutes.

– Little explanation:

Slevin Kelebra and Mr. Goodkat are working together in a special case and they´ll try to be                succesfull, even when it´s too difficult. They must prepare a revenge during years. A really                      interesting movie which is gonna make you interested every time, for sure.





3. Apocalypse Now








– Director and year: Francis Ford Coppola, 1979 (USA).

– Gender and duration: War, 153 minutes.

– Little explanation:

Considered the greatest war movie in history. FF. Coppola decided to make it in the     Phillipines islands, when te country had its own war. The movie is about Vietnam War   (1963 – 1975) and tells the story of Coronel Kurtz and Captain Willard, they both will     find each other in the most difficult conditions, when war is lost for americans





4. Little Miss Sunshine







– Director and year:  Jonathan Dayton, 2006 (USA).

– Gender and duration: Comedy, 101 minutes.

– Little explanation:

Olive is a small girl living in USA and her dream is become the new Miss Sunshine, the beauty  competition winner. Her family crosses all the United States in a big car in order to participate in       it. The best comedy I´ve ever watched.




5. Into the Wild








– Director and year: Sean Penn, 2007 (USA).

– Gender and duration: Based in real story, 147 minutes (USA)..

– Little explanation:

Everybody knows it´s one of my favourite movies. Based in real story, Christopher      Johnson McCandless is totally sad and needs a big change in his life, very far away  from the false society we live. A movie everybody must watch, from my point of   view. The final part is hard but the movie is great.




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Why don´t you understand? (Part II)

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Come on, try to understand!

I wrote some months ago an article titled  <<Why don´t you understand?>> and I supose that only the people who wanted to understand they really tried to.

It sometimes happens some people they don´t understand, but the biggest problem is that they don´t want to understand. So when you find that kind of people, let´s do nothing, just don´t pay attention to them because you can spend your energies for nothing.


People who are trying be right all time, who never thought about feeling of the others, who are living more in the lives of other people than their own lives, who want to use you all the time (maybe because they were used by others time ago). That kind of people I call <<Great Dictators>>. Maybe all of us we have a Little Dictator inside us, but not all of us become a Great Dictator. It´s so important the communication among persons, so important the sociability… from time to time, because one reason or other, the devil is winning to the angel of their soul.




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I was watching a movie about  Dictatorship….Then i decided to write something about it.


Dictatorship it means speaker…

You dont have to see something that you dont like..Dont forget you are a dictator, nothing can happen if you dont like..


Or we can say someone who can scream like Hitler ?

Well what can we say about Hitler’s sentences now ? In the present there is no sentence from him.

Come on just tell something from Musollini ?  What do you remember anything about his sentences ?

Josef Stalin, Saddam Husein, Francısco Franco and many of them..

What do you remember ? All of them has gone to same way and their destiny was the same.

Hitler coudnt stay more..Musollini..Franco..Saddam.. Noone can stay till the end.

Nobody wants to remember  them..Nobody wants to remember those days… Everybody remembers them with bad memories..

Dictatorship is not only in country.. It’s in family..It’s in the workplace.. it’s in public institutions..

Do you wanna be one of them ?

If a person wants to build a dictatorship..A recommend from me, it’s better if they try to take people’s heart.. With their respect..With their love with their behaviors..

Maybe dictatorship is screaming empty walls ?

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Adi's World

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Adi always comes from the school running as a horse. But today it isn’t the same because Adi has a strange face. His thinking draws a question mark and crosses his forefront from the left to the right. Today he is silent, calm and breathes as the princess Rapunzel, waiting into her tower to her blue prince.

Now, Adi is in the kitchen. His head is looking to the floor. He seems to be in a different world, however, he is very tied to the reality.

–          Mummy, what is a Dictatorship? – Asked Adi.

–          What? –  answered his mum.

–          Well, today in class of history we were studying over our past and I didn’t understand very well.

–          What did you misunderstand?

–          I still don’t understand why one man could have such a big power. I don’t understand why only one people can be so blind, without seeing how other suffer.

–          Baby, that’s true. Dictatorships are bad. This kind of system forbides all kind of individual thinking which is against of the official regime. I remember that in this period, communication was difficult.

–          Why?, Adi said.

–          Because a Dictatorship is made by a Government that doesn’t care about opinions from the majority. They use the policy considering that their point of view is the only one correct.

–          But a Government should listen to the people, doesn’t it?  This is the real meaning of a Government.

–          Yes, but Dictatorships executed the power without taking in consideration some aspects of the law. I mean, Dictatorships concentrate all decisions in one hand.

–          Mum but, why Dictatorships existed?

–          Because we are human.

–          And…it means that human are bad?

–          No, baby, don’t let me wrong. Sometimes, when people get the power, don’t know very well how to use it.

–          Ah!…but …if a dictator has the favor of the people, it could be better, doesn’t it?

–          Yes, of course. But in this case is not so easy, because most of the dictators used the force in order to get their objectives.

–          That’s wrong. I feel sad.

–          Adi, could you bring me a bit of salt, please baby?

–          Yes mum – said Adi. And his face expressed a sad gesture.

–          Come on, don’t be sad. I only asked you for a bit of salt…I am not a dictator…

–          Mum, I think that, from now, I am a bit scared about humans.

–          Jajajaja, well, that’s good. You must know that not all people are good, but also not all people are bad. Today, you learnt what it is a Dictatorship. Maybe you feel sad, but wiser. If you ever get any power, you already know that most of the dictators were defeated by their own population.  So, you shouldn’t be a dictator.

–          Are you crazy mum? I will have a lot of friends…. and two girlfriends.

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The Sound of Jazz Music

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The Backyard Jazz Orchestra consists of a multi cultural team of musicians from Germany, Romania, Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Austria and Bulgaria. Last weekend they presented their talents in the Opera of  Brasov.
I went there with Mahila and Sercan to enjoy the sound of this lively, strong and happy music. The Opera was pretty crowded. We bought almost the last available tickets and sat down in the comfy red armchairs, leaned back and dived into the tones of a saxophone and two guitars which opened this long evening ( The concert started at 7 pm, consisted of 3 different parts and one 20 min break and finished around 10:45 pm). The music was wonderful, the musicans were happy and motivated. We listened enthusiastically. Finally we also had different opinions about the seconed part: A woman was singing, accompanied by piano and double bass. I liked it very much but it was boring for Mahila. But during the last part, when the whole orchestra began to play we concured that it was great!
Check the orchestra out here:
I used a picture from this website:


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Romana pentru toți ( Dansul Romana)

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In the life, sometimes there is no enough suprise and sometimes we humans waiting and expecting enormous  things as we can’t find. The life is settled up to be confused and to live the moment.  Visualization is most important. People want to see, feel , want to  experience.  As you see, Romana pentru tot, dansul romana was one of the such great activity that occured on saturday.  I was volunteer in Casa muresenilor and last three days I was with them and they let me know each step of this activity. This activity has been prepared since 2 months with extraordinary efforts.  Foremost,  with contributions of ” Administratia fondului  cultural national” that is supported and funded this activty and provided it is realized. we’re thankful to them. ( AFCN )

Secondly, in fact most important part that organized and efforted by crew of ” Casa MURESENILOR” foremost,  Dear, Dr. Valer Rus( Manager), Ovidiu, Cristina Seitz, Marinela Barna, Rodica, Viorica, Tanya and Lorena supported and helped so much and worked hard this activity to realize.

Thirdly, special thanks to Prof. ARIANA BUCUR that is inspector scolar general.  She brought lovely students and youngsters so that danced in square and was one of organizator as well. Thank you to Codlea Municipality and Judetului Brasov. 

Fourthly, Thank you to my organization ” As. Colors” that gave me chance and opportunity to be a part of this remarkable dancing activity. I didn’t dance but I made people dance among them 🙂

how lucky we’re that weather were great around 20 degrees and people had fun..  we set sound systems and put rolls up on wall of history museum. Cristina grapped camera and went further to see all people.  At exactly 2 pm, most of  over 100 persons in pairs  in Piata Sfatului started to dancing by Romanian rhtym. All dancer were dancing in harmony. and smiles on faces…. Costumes were so colorful.. some female costumes sounded to me like ” bride costumes” .  Bow tie of Raul was never -to – be forgetten 🙂 he knows this .  By the way, he stucked his mind on my  ” voluntary card” that attached on my chest 🙂  he grapped it and said” it is so nice furkan, in the end, he tried to give my card to me back and I said” it can stay with u , but make people believe he is you :))

Each volunteers as far as I met and I knew were there .  To encourage people who came for dancing, Casa Muresenilor prepared ” DIPLOMA” for participants . and in the end of dance, people got diploma. Now they’re just certified ” Romanian dancers” :-))

This activity was not only fun, but also merged and integrated people who lives in Brasov city. In terms of this,  it was big deal and success.   Thank you for all !  See you next time,



have a nice weekend! 

Va doresc un week-end minunat pentru tine

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Mission completed

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Have you ever seen ghost in Braşov ? ….
Nope ?
Because  someone kick their a.. 😉

I had a chance to listen their story…

Everyone has different story which written by history. People says these stories “Experience”.
Experience teaches slowly, and at the cost of mistakes. (Froude)



First time, I joined a Helloween. Interesting experience 😉



We played some rhytym in school,
they enjoyed,
and they will keep on boring music lessons… 😉




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Halloween 2012 has been different for all the volunteers who work as EVS in Brasov. We  prepared a lot of games and a contest in order to choose the scariest pumpkin and, despite of the horrible weather that made us almost frozen, we had a really good mood. Yeah, the winter is arriving and Halloween was one prove of it!

The atmosphere seemed like if in a real scary move, because some of the volunteers put some music really cool and dark! at 17.30 pm started to be darkness. We played some games: slalom, bowls….children started to arrive, step by step. Even some of them came with an authentic dress of Halloween. For instance, some girls from high-school came and they worn clothes like witches and many kids as a zombies and ghosts. Most of them felt very engaged with this tradition and they came with very original creations of pumpkins. At the end, almost two hundred pumpkins adorned with its light the sport track of Scoala Generala nr 13, in Tractorul neighborhood. Although this is an American tradition, it was a good opportunity for implementing activity, creativity with children, teenagers, parents and teachers.

At the end of the afternoon, the jury chose the scariest pumpkins, the smallest one, ….. lot of prizes were distributed among the winners. In some point I felt the tentation of cooking some stew with all this pumpkins….if I would have to use all of them, I think that I could feed almost all population living in Brasov! Finally, I didn’t cook nothing, but I took one of the pumpkins designed by the volunteers and decorated my home. I think that my washer is the scariest one over the city!

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The yellow Light of Sighisoara

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Last week there was the perfect autumn weather: In the morning it was enormously foggy, when Mahila, Jennifer, Kike and me started our trip to Sighisoara, a small beautiful medieval town between the hills of Transilvania. During the journey the sun broke through the mist, which slowly faded away. We saw a small fortress hovering above a stripe of fog in a village – the perfect transilvanian fantasy.
Then we arrived Sighisoara and there was a blue sky without any clouds and the view was beautiful. We discovered the meandering streets, made of plump smoothy stones, and the colorful houses: light blue, pink, peach… All-over there was the smell of yellow colored leafs which created a very special light at this afternoon.

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