Semenic – Cheile Carasului – Cheile Nerei – Beusnita ( Resita )

Semenic – Cheile Carasului  – Cheile Nerei – Beusnita


1. Location  ( Semenic Cheile Carasului  ) :

The Semenic-Cheile Caraşului National Park  is a protected area (national park category II IUCN) situated in southwest Romania, in Caraş-Severin County.

The Natural Park is located in Anina Mountains and Semenic (groups mountain included in Banat Mountains), in the southwestern’s part of the country, in the middle of Caraş-Severin county.

2. Location ( Semenic Cheile Nerei Beusnita ) : 


The Semenic-Cheile Nerei Beusnita  National Park  is a protected area (national park category II IUCN) situated in southwest Romania, in Caraş-Severin County.


3. Principle Attractions of Semenic Cheile Carasului and Nerei Beusnita National Parks :

- Hiking on marked trails
- Observation of flora and fauna
- Boating on the river and lake
- Visit the historic sites, cultural
- Climbing on specially designated routes
- Speleology
- Cycling on forest roads
- Rafting on the river Nera, spring and early summer
- Flying fox (spectacular crossing a variable height between two points with a double strings, 
 a system of pulleys and a rope brake)
- Booster (controlled descent on rope secured along a rock wall)
- Canyoning (crossing mountain headwaters of rivers in areas where it has a very rugged slope,
 with portions of keys, narrow, sprinkled with numerous waterfalls)
- Archery
- Paintball
- Riding
The Aninei Mountains within the park have several striking peaks. 
Dealu Simionului 899 m, Custura Cetatii ,Grohanul Mare 1044 m, 
Varful Leordis 1159m ,Varful Plesiva 1143 mVarful Esalnata 915 m , 
Carsia Mare 1097 mand Dealu Cornetu Mare 821m.
 The altitude drops to 150 meters within the Nerei Valley ,
making a difference of roughly 1,000 meters in altitude. 
The region is characterized by high karstmor limestone,
plateaus that give birth to the steepslopes of multiple valleys that 
have cut through stratified layers of carbon rok; 
Cheile Minisului, Cheile Nerei ,Valea Beului, Valea Ciclovei ,Valea Oraviteiand Valea Cremenita.
The high karstic plateaus of Poiana Roschii ,
Poiana Lisovacea and Poiana Odobasnita contain nearly every major endo –and exokarst formation 
some of which come in contact with golumbu sandstone forming springs , 
sinkholes, caves ,karst walls ,canyons and gorges.
You can stay in Beusnita National Park in those places with ease ;
 Cheile Minisului Valea Minisului Camp, capacity5o, 
Cheile Minisului Cerbul cabin, capacity 22, Cheile Nerei Valea Bei Cabin, 
capacity12, and Poiana Roschii Roschii Cabin, capacity 40 .

 Nerei Beusnita National Parks )

The main entrances to the park are the towns Resita labalcea, Carasova, Anina, Prigor, Crivaia, Garana.
Inside the park, access is allowed on the 9 marked tourist trails and roads. 
Tourist route Resita - Danube (under banda marking blue) connects to south Nera National Park - Beusnita.

It has an area of ​​36,214 ha with altitudes between 200 and 1447m (peak Gozna). 
National Park is situated on the mountain units Anina and Honolulu, 
is characteristic of the karst landscape and wooded area.

Caras Gorge and Gorge karst areas Gârlişte have over 600 caves, 
83 protected species of flora, 
95 species of fauna and habitats that remark many forest habitats, bogs, Petrifying springs.

Caras Gorge 200m deep, long about 19 ​​km from visiting. 
10 km, with many limestone walls and specific vegetation.
Gârlişte deep gorge 100 - 200m, visit the entire length of 9 km.
The largest area of ​​forest quasi Europe over 5000 hectares with trees over 350 years.
Glade Pit Pit, the deepest pothole in Banat with a bump - 236m which contains a series of wells in size.
Comarnic cave with a tourist route which can be accessed I750m seen many formations 
galleries and impressive size rooms, an underground river, 
underground landscapes satisfaction by providing excellent "exploration".
Grat medieval fortress from which they were kept walls and ditches.
Buhui mottled and Lake Buhui
mottled Popavat
Events and traditions in villages Carasova and guarantees. 
In Semenic Cheile National Park, we've stayed one night in lacul Trei ape in 
" Camping Area" that is very peaceful place to stay . 
There, you have 2 chances; 
one is you can bring your sleeping- bag and sleep near lake in spite of the fact that the nights are so cold.
Or you can sleep in Cabana houses of Trei Ape that is such confortabkle and keeps you warm there. 
For Trei Ape, you must pay more than 30 RON per person tough depending on which caban you selected. 
But you will spend great night there, guaranteed and experienced. 

( Semenic Cheile Carasului )



                                                                          Compass Roses ( Windmills )  in Cheile Carasului

                                                                          Flowers that grew in rocks – Cheile Carasului


A perfect  landscape inside of Nerei Beusnita National Park..  Rocks, lake and so green trees.


                                                                          Bushy Forest in Cheile Carasului National Park




Domogled- Valea Cernei National Park ( Baile Herculane )


1. Location : 

The National Park stretches across over Cerna Mountains and Godeanu Mountains on the right side, and over Vâlcan Mountains and Medinţi Mountains on left (in Retezat-Godeanu Mountains group, subgroup of mountains in the Southern Carpathians), in the Cerna River basin.

Domogled-Valea Cernei National Park with an area of 61.211 ha was declared protected area by the Law Number 5 of March 6, 2000 (published in Romanian Official Paper Number 152 of April 12, 2000) and represents a mountainous area (cirques, mountain peaks, sinkholeslimestone pavementscavespit cavesvalleyswaterfalls), what shelters a large variety of flora  and fauna, some of the species very rarely or endemics.

A view of  Cerna River in Domogled .


 2. Principle Attractions :

In the national park there are more than 30 tourist trails. By hiking these trails, one can enjoy diverse experiences, depending on your preferences.  From the lowest to the highest altitudes, you will be able to experience amazing views of the surrounding mountains and the Corcoaia and Tansa gorges,  as well as the park’s other natural beauties.

        The national park can represent an ideal place for all people interested in flora and fauna, due to its richness in rare, endemic and protected species like chamois, lynx, and bears.  Also, for those tourists who are interested in discovering local traditions, the hamlets within the park and its neighboring villages are excellent locations to fulfill curiosities regarding this matter.

The thermal caves within the national park, in Cerna Mountain, are unique and rare in Romania and the rest of the world. The environmental conditions inside the caves are similar to a tropical climate (350-450 air temperature).  Due to this fact the fauna, stalactites and stalagmites have a unique character.  An example of such a cave is Adam’s cave, which could be declareda scientific reserve for the conservation and study of unique tropical oasis conditions in Romania, for warm air spaces, bat colonies and jellied stalactites.

Another interesting thermal cave is the “Steam Grotto” (14 m in length), in which hot, sulphurous steam (520  – 56C)  comes to  surface from below ground, through a break in a rock. The sounds created by the sulphurous emanations pull our imagination into a complex and curious world.

For Accomodation, We’ve stayed in  Caban on Domogled . You must follow the path to Mountain that is connnected  with a long flat highway can make you confused. On 21. km, you will find this Caban. It depends on how many person you’re , cause in Caban, 12 persons can stay as well .

The Price of one room is 70 RON. If you want to park your car ,  you must pay 10 RON.


                                                                          Grasshopper on branch .. in Domogled .

                                                                                               Famous funguses on trees.


                                                                                      Peak view of Domogled National Park.













                                                                                       Strawhouses in Domogled












One of most precious place in Europe : Băile Herculane( Caraş-Severin County)

Băile Herculane (LatinAqua HerculisGermanHerkulesbadHungarianHerkulesfürdőCzechHerkulovy Lázně) is a town inRomanian Banat, in Caraş-Severin County, situated in the valley of the Cerna River, between the Mehedinţi Mountains to the east and the Cerna Mountains to the west, elevation 168 meters. Its current population is approximately 6,000. The town administers one village, Pecinişca (HungarianPecsenyeska; from 1912 to 1918 Csernabesenyő).

                                                                                       Entrance of Baile Herculane .. it was interesting because it is written in 5 different languages..  I like it 🙂

The spa town of Băile Herculane has a long history of human habitation. Numerous archaeological discoveries show that the area has been inhabited since the Paleolithic era. The Peştera Hoţilor (Cave of the Thieves), contains multiple levels, including one from the Mousterian period, one from the Mesolithic period (late Epigravettian), and several from the later Neolithic periods.


Legend has it that the weary Hercules stopped in the valley to bathe and rest. During the 165 years of Roman domination of Dacia, the Herculaneum Spa was known all over the Empire. Unearthed stone carvings show that visiting Roman aristocrats turned the town into a Roman leisure center. Six statues of Hercules from the time have been discovered. A bronze replica of one of them, molded in 1874, stands as a landmark in the town center.


 Hercules … he is such legend . Hercules is the Roman name for the Greek demigod Heracles, who was the son of Zeus (Roman equivalent Jupiter) and the mortalAlcmene. In classical mythology, Hercules is famous for his strength and for his numerous far-ranging adventures.

The modern spa

In modern times, the spa town has been visited for its natural healing properties: hot springs with sulfur, chlorine, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals, as well as negatively ionized air. Before World War II, when the first modern hotel was built (i.e. H Cerna, 1930) it remained a popular destination with Western Europeans, who lent the town a refined elegance. During theCommunist rule, mass tourism facilities were built, such as the 8-12 levels tall concrete hotels Roman, Hercules A, Hercules B, Afrodita, Minerva, Diana, UGSR, etc. which dominate the skyline. It was visited by all publics, but especially popular with employees and retirees, who would spend their state-allotted vacation vouchers there, hoping to improve their health. Today, they share the town with a younger crowd, attracted by its beautiful mountain setting. An incredible array of new private-owned pensions and hotels appeared after 1989, along the Cerna/Tiena river banks, spread from the beautiful romantic train station to the end of the hydroelectrical dam. Although very beautiful also, some of the Austro-Hungarian era buildings are derelict for the time being, including many of the baths, because of post-communism property related issues.















Three pictures ;

1- baile herculane 7 izvoare

2- A perfect view from the hill

3- Gara de Baile Herculane




The Story of Bottled Water on Top of Tampa Mountain

Want to have a great view over the City of Brasov?
Just choose the narrow path leading you to the top of Tampa Mountain where you will stand next to the huge white letters showing the name of Brasov in Hollywood-style.
It was a really nice hike last sunday. I enjoyed walking under the  beech trees which are slowly becoming part of a autumn forrest.
But suddenly, almost arrived by the vantage point, I was puzzled by a load of emty plastic bottles laying arround besides the path.
Hey, whats going on? Do romanian people not know how to keep their environment clean or at least how to prepare a place of  touristic interest and put up some garbage cans?
Well, home in Germany we have to pay deposit for our plastic bottles and bring them back to the supermarket for recycling. To tell the truth: I do not believe that they will really be recycled, but at least this system keeps rubbish out of the forrests.
You may also like to watch this clip:
Apart from the water bottle incident it was a great afternoon above the city of Brasov.

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First impression

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Bucharest Gara de Nord

One week ago, I landed in Bucarest, again. I lived in Romania when
I was child and 10 years ago, I went to France.
I was so afraid that everything has changed.
In the airport I was so happy to be here, no fears ... just exciting...
when a man who I met in the airplane came to me and said :
"Pay attention here. Don't take the taxi. Recently, a girl disappeared.
Pay attention in the subway, that can be dangerous. Don't trust anybody
in the train station."
Humm, okay, maybe he exaggerates a bit.
Then, in the bus to the train station, a woman came to me and said :
"Take care, the train station is really dangerous, pay attention of you
luggages, and of the people who come talking to you." :-/
And the woman next to me nodded is head like to say : " if you knew..."
Hummm... what's happen, am I really in Bucarest?? I didn't remember
that it was so dangerous to take the train when I was a girl.
If all the people give this kind of advises to the tourists,
they should be really afraid.
Finally, nothing happened and I found the train station that
I knew 10 years ago, with the same ambiance, the same stores, and ...
the same trains.
What? 4.30 hours between Bucarest and Brasov? It's serious?
Yes, it serious, but maybe it's better like that.
In France we don't have the time to see what's happen outside,
but in Romania, the train is so slow that we can admire the lanscape,
 especially between bucarest and brasov,
at the beggining of the mountains, the moment is really magic.

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Much German in Romania

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the german flag
I knew a bit about german culture in Romania before I moved here. There is a german minority and there are german names for cities – of course.
But I didn’t know about german named supermarkets everywhere full of german named produkts inside. Isn’t it strange for romanian people to buy produkts with descriptions on the packaging they cannot understand?  This was a big surprise for me. I also saw a lot of german words in the names of restaurants and for example german slogans on t-shirts.
I discovered that there is a center for german culture in Brasov and maybe I will visit one of their exhibitions or events in the next months.
So I am curious about finding more of my mother tongue in Romania.

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Buila – Vanturarita National Park (Valcea)

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Buila – Vanturarita National Park


1. Location


Buila-Vânturariţa National Park was integrated inside the Romanian National Park network in the year 2005 and it has an area of 4.186 hectares (10.34 acres). It’s situated in Valcea region,  in the central-northern part of Vâlcea County in the Căpăţânii Mountains (group included in Parâng Mountains, a subgroup of mountains in the Southern Carpathians). 


Buila – Vanturarita is next to the other national park of Valcea territory, Cozia, and its geology is based in calcareous rock. Monasteries, nature, wildlife and human activity mixed together to produce a wonderful place in the middle of the mountains. 





2. Principle attractions.

Schitul Patrunsa, Schitul Pahomie ,   Candon Silvic Codric, Cabana Cheia,  Varful Vanturarita,  Muntele Piatra,  Poiana Scarisoara, Monastery Arnota,  Schitul papusa,  Schitul Izvoare.

About where to sleep: there are several cabans in this national park. We decided to stay one night in Cabana Cheia. The price per night is 20 leu (bed) and 10 leu/ tent. The area is sorrounded by white calcareous mountains and the views are great. Varful Vanturarita is one of them (1885 m). 


















































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Hello! I am Mireille.

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My name is Mireille, I am an evs volunteer from Germany. I arrived at the beginning of September and I will stay with Colors for one year.
As I am 22 years old now I already made some working- and volunteering-experiences in my live. After 14 years of school where I also learned how to be a Technical Design Assistant I decided to work as a volunteer in a landscape park in my town Erfurt which is quite in the middle of Germany. Next I moved to the North Sea for supporting a nature protection company as an intern. So I lived on a small island for 9 month counting birds and offering guided tours for tourists.
Beside this I filled my freetime with the things I enjoy like swimming (also in 15°C cold North Sea-water), writing letters and storys, reading good books, visiting theatre, meeting friends and discovering new places…
Now I am here in Romania – my first experience in staying in a foreign country for a longer time. I am interested in the activities waiting for me in Brasov…
Greetings. Mireille.

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Cozia National Park (Valcea)

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1. Location

Cozia National Park was included inside the romanian national parks  network on  6th march 2000,  and its surface is 17.100 Ha (171 km²). This protected natural area contains flora and fauna exclusively from Southern Carpathians range, and it´s located between Lotru mountains and Căpăţânii mountains, in the middle course of Olt river,   in administrative localities Racovita, Perisani and Baile Olanesti (45°22′01″N 24°15′54″E).


From the geological point of view, Cozia mountain range is very interesting, because the formation of them happened during high Jurassic period. Sedimentary and gneis (methamorfic rocks) are composing the landscape in this region. 



                                     General view of Cozia mountain range and Olt river.



2. Principle attractions


 This national park contains a lot of interesting places to visit, biological, geological and historical attractions. Cascada Lotrisor is maybe the most visited of all of them. Mănăstirea Stânişoara, Mănăstirea Cozia,  Turnu and Ostrov  are also important. If the visitors are thinking about to stay more than one day in this natural area, they have possibility to sleep in different mountain refugees and cabans. We slept in Cabana Cozia, which is situated at 1573 meters and it´s a very good option for that kind of mountaneers who wanna visit the most wonderful places in the range, like Cozia peak (1668 m). From this point the views are spectacular. The price for night costs 20 leu if the turist prefers one bed, 9 leu if prefers to carry own tent. 



 Butterfly in the way Calimanesti - Cozia peak.



 Cascada Lotrisor.


 Ostrov Monastery.




































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Evening Kitchen

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Sometimes the life is raw and smells rotten, like a spoiled food that has to be eliminated from the rest. In this case, rawness wasn’t in the life itself but the fact of being Sunday turned fatal this moment…Heyheyhey! but our kitchen was sick!….I mobilized my scientific instinct Jekyll style, and with Miss Hyde Olga’s support we could prepare properly the operating table and now………… kitchen contains like a strange identity, between a peace teatry and jasmine chicken stew.

Sometimes, the life is bright and smells pure, like a fresh grapefruit juice mixed with a bit of mint. When I have this exotic drinking into my fridge I feel that my kitchen looks like an extravagant corner somewhere in the Galapagos Islands. The only thing I need if I want to try a new appearance is a lot of ice to wash the old ideas and some grapefruts, that is a formidable disinfectant.

Ou Yeah, kitchen is always the best place from where you can try new forms of Feedbacks…………….do you want to take the dinner?


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Make a collection of everything :)

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My collection ambition and passion has started years ago … When I was a yet child, I was making collection of football card games, small toy cars, chewing gum labels and stuff like this 🙂

My mom was always complaning it ” Why don’t you throw those stuff into bin instead of keeping them in house?”  I still remember her screams out..

But I never gave up.. from my cards.. cars.. I was hiding them somwhre in home where my mom couldn’t find  🙂 and those memories and collection was persisting till I become high school student


You know, every human must have a goal and must walk for it determinedly. I did this… My dream was to make ” Post card” collection, and not only this… paper money, coins, tickets, catalogs, loto, toto,  stamps, telephone cards with credit…

Now I’m 23 years old and I ‘ve done most of it, and I still continoue to making collection and wanna leave something ” valuable” and ” worthy” for my kids in future.

In my time, 10 years ago , to have a collection was  a way of  influencing the girls, I observe now.. I think It doesn’t work so well like it is used to work :-)) Now girls, they looking at guys who have ” real” car collection..  that is sucked.

and .. most important thing, is that you’d rather make collection of good friendship, emotion, respect, brotherness

because they never break down and stays always vigorous.


Some compilations ! 🙂









My postCards 🙂










Badge, Medal and Coins….

Entrance tickets, Train- Bus-Airplane tickets, Museum cards….










10 Serbian Dinar …


Salut <3>



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The Rasnov's Treasure

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No one told me that Rasnov has a treasure, one of the best richness over Transylvania, located in the peak of a high hill, exposed to the glance of everybody but visible only for a few people. This is not a regular treasure like the pirates used to prosecute over the seas, or like gangsters ambitioned under secret underworlds, even like Indiana Jones dreamed with in the well-known “Temple of Doom”. This treasure sleeps under each stone, and no one can touch its golden essence. However, people who works there knows very well about the uniqueness that Citadel of Rasnov hides, because this smell leaks through the bottom of the well, climbing the widely embedded stones of its walls, charming with its special Memories to all employees and volunteers that work there.

I am a humble journalist and my coordinator, Claudia, sent me to Rasnov citadel for two weeks in order to gathering some information about voluntary service. At the beginning I felt a bit lazy: “Gau, I have to wake up earlier, check the bus schedule constantly and walk from the station till the citadel”. Later, I checked through the Internet and I saw some photos, read some articles and learning a bit more about the History of this place. In this moment I felt better because I considered it as a privilege. I felt good about going there, having free entrance and the opportunity of interviewing both, the staff and volunteers. “It can be curious”- I though.

Ok,  ok, It’ll be curious…..said to myself the night before, while I was finishing my last cup of tea, just before going to bed. I remember that there was light in my room and on my hand a glass of crystal. But suddenly…. my room was dark…. and my hand contained a candle almost finished. The sparkle went out and my view became totally black. And I felt scared, but yet decided don’t be panic and sleep till the next day. I took my pillow as it was my lover, and considering the fact that I had to sleep alone in this so big bed, I didn’t have any piety with the folds of my sheets!……..All seemed to be silent…..but sometimes the appearances are not true. Because I started to heard something through the darkness, a sort of murmurs,….but what the hell is that?….the murmurs were closer and closer to me, and my heart started to run faster and faster. I got it! It was something like shouts in the distance, similar to a battle between Saxons and Turkish trops! like one day took place at Rasnov Citadel. They were fighting in my room, inside my cupboard, behind my bed, among my clothes! Of course, I am very ordered girl, and all this noise, oh good, that’s awful, “tomorrow I have to work in Rasnov and I will have big shiners in my face!”….Consequently, I woke up from my bed and cried to the crowd: Be Quiet! ….I said Silent! Ey, ey my dear invaders and your dear band of horses: but you don’t care if tomorrow I have to work very early? Come on, we are in the XXI century. Now, if you want to overrun any property, you must to create any pretext, like that I have massive destruction bombs or that I will experiment in my bedroom with nuclear power or…simply, you can knock my door soflty! But not like 300 years ago, come on, without any advice, this is old-fashion style. Look, I don’t believe in princess nor blue princes,  but I like knights!

In this moment, I couln’t believe it! They stopped the fight, put muzzles to their horses and apologized to me! It was incredible, I only said them  a few words and look at their reaction. Oh, God, if this people had studied Protocol, they would be really cool, even better than Margaret Thatcher o Wiston Churchill! So, with this good mood, we decided to sign the peace and have a good night, speaking about quotidian and practical things of the present: summer-love histories, how the Euribor works and why Manele is so successful. They were really curious about Modern Times. Perhaps I should have spoken more about other realities: why people forget the History so fast, the German philosophers or the Religion and gender problems in Turkey….but sincerely, I don’t care about it. I took their phone numbers and I am quite sure that, when the appropriate moment arrives, I will speak seriously with them, maybe in a good music concert (they told me about Lady Gaga…ups!).

…you still don’t know what is this treasure of Rasnov?….of course, because I didn’t tell you….yet.



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