— I miss my room..

I miss decor of my room.. I got a big couch on the right side of room. Its a huge one, it’s for my friends ( who wants to sleep in my home ) Sometimes i stay there and enjoy or just lay and watch movie from there. My bed is middle of my room. And it’s a single bed ( to be honest i slept there with many people so that..even if single it doesnt matter :p ) the wall which is behind my bed, i have really big London table.. And on the left of table there is one poster of Lebron James.. On left side of my bed there is one big wardrobe..Next to it i have a worktable which is big one and full with books.. And opposite to my bed i have 2 big rack.. I have some presents which i took from people or some important things for me. On the racks i have a picture.. I forget to painter but its like : half women and she is saying  ” şştttt ”

I really miss to spent time in my room..

— Breakfast on the balcony

I miss to make  breakfast in our balcony.. I could see big mountains from our balcony its not that much far away from us. We usually do breakfast in  balcony. And our traditional Turkish breakfast is the best for me ! You can find lots of  olive, cheese, eggs with olive oil, toast, fresh domato and cucumber…And how can i forget about fresh tucks.



— Rush Hours !

We have a bus  and this bus is going to center.. But we have this bus in every 30 mins. The thing is that this bus is coming 5 mins late or 5  mins early.. Thats why i should run all the time 🙂 if you catch its ok but if you dont catch you have to wait 30 min more.

— Bars Street..

It’s really hard to find somewhere like Bar’s Street in Braşov cuz at 23.00 life is stopping here.. I really miss to go there with my friends and hang out till the morning with people which you like or be friend with a person which is foreign ( probably they re from irleand – england- belguim guys ) or make love with a foreign girl which you never remember face or some information about her next morning.

— Walk on the beach

I really miss to walk on the beach. Wherever you go nothing great like walk on beach 🙂 Probably whereever i go i usually use beach way.. When i am going to meet with my friends or  if i am going to cafe or if i am going gym or somewhere.. The funniest part all the time some of my friends are sitting in cafe’s and so that if they see me they call me to sit. And if i sit i usually be late to everywhere.


— Beer on the hill

I really miss to top of hill with my friends and watch the all Kuşadası. I usually go there and speak with fellas or drinking beer or just meet without alcohol 😀  or if we drink alcohol, we usually go  one game park under the hill.. And we were doing crazy things in that game park.. I really miss that funny times. We got lots of videos about that but its still our secret 🙂

— I miss to go to Gökay’s home.

My bestfriend Gökay lives in old part of city and there is famous with old greek houses. There is little bit top of city and if you wanna go there in the some point you can be out of breath. But its also so nice to walk in that part cuz you can feel the history. When you get in the home you can feel little bit tired but when you look from window all Kuşadası is under the your feets..


— Journey between cities.

I really miss journey between cities. In my country we have really big autobahns, we have airport in every city, comfortable, relaxed standard autobus companies, cheap airway companies. And even if  ship transport.. The thing is that in Romania connection between cities  not so good. A small examble : Our buses are going to a city in 2 hours but in Romania trains are going the same direction in 6 or 7 hours.. The thing is that our plane ticket and bus ticket almost the same price so that buses they are trying the give you best like : free drinks, we cakes or some snacks, confortable seats..


So i will keep going to write.. This is only first part.

I will be On My Way…

I was on a way last 2 weeks…


Belgrad is moving fast,




Zagreb also moving fast but alone. People who live in Zagreb, They left the Zagreb. Probably they went sea side.


It has been so long time since I have seen stars like that. We are living city and the city lights forgot to us the Stars…

Plitvice Lakes

There is no word to explain there…




Just, take me … 🙁





Black Chocolate and Lemon


Mostar recovered more quickly than I thought,



Small but cool


Touristic city


Montenegro got first silver medal in history.


Novi Sad

Novi Sad as the shadow of  Belgrade, It looks like small city but it’s not

4 Countries, 10 Cities, 2 weeks

Travel is different type of  learning style for me. 😉

I will be On My Way… 😉 (Beatles)




Stapki v pyasaka şi Drumul painii

 Festivalul de paine din Cristian si  Festivalul de Film din Rasnov: a fost total minunat!

M-am dus prima oara la Rasnov pentru a viziona filmul  “paşi în nisip”, care este in limba bulgara. Apoi, m-am mutat la Cristian pentru festivalul de Pâine care este renumit.

Desigur, cu autostopul 🙂

M-am întâlnit acolo cu Daniel, mi-a dat pui foarte  gustos   gratis şi apoi   primarul din Cristian a venit şi  tinut un discurs despre Festival, el este un om  frumos 🙂

M-am uitat la  dansuri traditionale romanesti acolo si mi-a plăcut.

Nu am stat atât de mult timp, deoarece  s-a lasat intunericul 🙂

Am numărul lui Daniel, plus mi-a dat pâine cu cartofi, mmmmmm.

El locuieşte în Tractorul la fel ca mine, sper că   ne vom întâlni din nou 🙂

Aştept cu nerăbdare  festivalul următor nu contează  care.

Ştiu că am sa calatoresc atat de mult, dar  de ce? 🙂

Voi păstra  in scris povestirile mele,  ca sa nu uitam  🙂


Stapki v pyasaka / Paşi pe nisip / Footsteps in the Sand

Bulgaria, 2010, 89’

comedie dramatică

Regia şi scenariul: Ivaylo Hristov

Imaginea: Emil Christov

Montajul: Vlado Shishkov

Muzica: Petya Dimanova

Cu: Ivan Barnev, Yana Titova, Assen Blatechki, Deyan Donkov, Karla Rahal, Labina Mitevska, Franklin O. Smith, Vassil Mihailov

Distribuit de: Pro Films



Cel mai bun în ceea ce priveşte



Summer Activities in Colors!!



We are almost in the middle of August and after the break in the hot temperatures, now we have more hot, more summer and more activities! We just received more company, more volunteers from Turkey, our new partners, Ali and Hassan. They came full of new ideas related to the artistic field and new technologies and we are implementing new and full schedule for the next September and the rest of August.

For the moment, the expectation overcomes the reality because in September, Colors team will receive more international volunteers from Germany, France and Spain!! We will be active around Brasov and sourrounding. But for the moment, let’s focus in the present, in the current activities and the more closer future, that is coming full of energy, surprises and a lot of new people.

First, our Saturdays in Tractorul Park, that will continue till Saturday September 1st. For next Saturday August 18th we have prepared a great Olympic!! We have prepared a lot of sportive activities. It will be awards for the winners!!

Second, Saturday August 25th will take place Hippo Picnic! We are working on activities related with a day in picnic: food, fruits, all the things that composes a picnic basket and making with this idea a lot of handcrafts, paintings, colors, games and more things!!!

Third, on Saturday September 1st will make the closure of our summer weekend activities with a great session of Hyppo, the “Multicultural Hippo”, where we are creating a lot of activities related with cultural differences, discovering another cultures and habits, learning from others….we are still working on this workshop but we promise that will prepare something really funny for all children and teenagers.

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The City and the Light (2)

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The skyline becomes an orange tone and is quite visible to the sight. The dew starts to smelts and slowly drips from the edge of the shutters. The action is interrupted by the sunrise. Now, the sun shines the lower part of the same city. The rays rise step by step and finally uncover its shape. The image, exposed to the light of the day, is totally evocative. From the distance, has the same proportion that a Greek sculpture, which rests, lying, over the foothill. Its architectonic figure is based on colors and compliments. Viewers feel attraction for the scene and are attentive. The room is silent.

The three water channels are covered by the nature, cutting the path along the shore. Buildings are big and colorful, and their appearance reminds to the big country houses of the rural Mediterranean landscape. They are settled over the irregular line of the ways. The composition of the windows rotates among wood, aluminum and copper. They are designed with big angles and striking shapes. Volumes don’t keep the adequate proportion between homes and alleys have oblique line tilted and convexed. The sun shines in the sky.

The rhythm of this city is energic. To the awakening, each inhabitant yawns, get dress and take the breakfast in a pirouette of sixty second. Due to the movement, neighbors greet themselves from the distance. There is not social conversation. A middle age man is walking along the street. He has blond hair and is higher than average size. He holds a photo camera Olympus with interchangeable lenses. An old map bulges from his pocket jeans. He seems foreigner. He walks slowly and his glance is looking for the names of the streets. Maybe is lost. Finally, he decides to go into the town-hall square. The central building is big and the painting has a yellow tone that is not the original. The ground is paving. Is dirty and has broken crystal and pigeons without fingerprints. Half a dozen citizens rest on wood sittings. Most of them are old. The foreigner stops in front of the information boards. After a few minutes stands up his arm and scratches his head with the ring finger. They are empty. She goes through one of the main streets and ask to the first people that cross his path. Excuse: Do you know how could I arrive at the museum? Ah! Don’t try anymore, today it’s closed, only opens twice a week, answer the citizen. And, where could I take more information about the scheduled hours? Ask the foreigner. The citizen keeps shout during several seconds, into an ambiguous silent, similar to the discretion and vital vacuum. At the end, he answer; well, now I am in a hurry. And he leaves. The foreigner scratches again his head, but now also participate the core and index fingers. He still doesn’t know that won’t visit the cinema, neither theater, and no spaces for cultural exhibition.


It’s midday and the ray of light falls in vertical over the churches. Hot at this hour hurts the skin. Inhabitants know it and they rest inside their homes till the number of bells come up to six. To this signal, all of them go out and enjoy with the good weather and enjoy the social life. Streets are complimented with color flags and citizens dress striking tones. Women wear low necks and high-hills. Men keep inside their pockets phones and agendas. All of them want to take opportunity of this occasion. The music sounds loud. Two women stand next to a big speaker, settled over the scenary. Their hands holds glass and they are happy. One of them turns the head to the front and launchs a deep glance to any point. Her face contains an unavoidable beauty, similar to the dignified profiles that appear into the roman coins. Her eyes express a deep intention, almost mysterious. Suddenly, something disturbs her concentration and turns again to her friend. In front of them, three students discuss about the summer plans. One of them wears a crocodile shirt and asks to another: Ey, Iván, Did you prepared the papers for that job that you told me? Still not, says Iván. But the deadline is within two days, says the guy with crocodile shirt. Yes, but things like that must be done in the correct way, you know? I will talk with my uncle Joan, because he is very clever. He always knows what to do, Ivan says. The guy with crocodile shirt says: oh, is true, my father says that he has a lot of friends. Between the conversations, the rhythm of drums makes great the ambient and creates good humor sense.  Now the atmosphere is crowded. The two women that were next to the speakers end their drinking. Their throat movement conveys indulgence. One of them says: why are you in a hurry? No one will buy this skirt now. The girl with deep glance drinks the last portion and says: Yes, but I have seen that the shop will be closed at 8.00pm and tomorrow I have breakfast with Luis at 10.00am. The two women leave the scene and another group of people replace the empty space. The music sounds high. The context is featured by wide gestures and short sentences. There’s happiness and passion.

In the distance, the sun flirts with the skyline and the irreversible onset marks the end of the action. The image of the city gets dark and disappears. Public leave their sits and go out toward the exit. The usher grateful them for the assistance but observes an annoyance sign into their eyes. The room is empty. He goes up on the stage and starts to clean the space. Four signals appears on the top of his forefront. He drops the props, turns his body to the spotlights and says: perhaps is the light.

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The City and the Light (1)

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Suddenly, an image of a city appears. From the distance, its silhouette isn’t especially visible within the scene. It contains modest proportions and its dimension has an invariable quality. The contour is formed by regular lines and, on the whole, its external appearance doesn’t reflect an easy beauty. Harmony of volumes isn’t obvious and spectators are bored. There’re murmurs around the room.

Three Canals cross the long and wide of this city, forming a set of urban curves that implies a pleasurable transit. Presence of water creates a mild weather. Inhabitants rest inside their homes, built with modern materials, light and well suited to the times. Front of the homes are smooth and made by straight lines. The windows represent the audacity of architects, shaped in a regular size, including ivory tone curtains. Wide of channels and green of nature contrasts with austerity of the buildings.

It is midnight and dark. Through the thick night, some alarm clocks start to ring in unison. This signal means the beginning of the action. From all the corners of the city one can perceive smell of hot bread, sounds of pipes and metallic noise of the jeans zippers. This is the citizens awakening, that flows as a strategic exercise of reflection. One of the first citizens can be seen walking to the town-hall. This is located in a big square, rounded by iron rails. It has four accesses located according with the four cardinal points. Is a white building of three stages, restored, of medium size. The main entrance is made of crystal and opens its doors automatically. Above the door, there’s a small digital screen with blinking lights that indicates: Participate. Inside of the space there’re several boards with practical information, the government’s organization chart and some emergency phones. Under the board there is located a small text. The stain spreads around all the paper cause of the humidity, but some words still visible: for instance, “expression” or “debate”. The building is sourrounded by trees symmetry settled. Between the trees there’re some light iron brackets that contain newspapers, cultural programs and touristic activity. The floor is granite and very clean. The South access overlooks to one of the main streets, where there’re dozen of citizens.

The street is not too wide, but very well distributed, with big side-walks and cycle and a bike line. It is long and has quite shops. On the right, between a farmacy and a childcare, there’s the local library. There’s queue of people waiting. A middle aged mother stands with a teenager, whose aspect is tenacious. This young guy is nervous because of the waiting and is moving his right foot, drawing concentric circles upon the ground. I don’t know if I should provide to the library the book that uncle Olssson gave me, he says. Of course, yes; you have read this book lot of times, says his mother. But this book is not easy to find, he says. Don’t worry, they will take care of it, she says. The teenager stops his gaze over the front of the book, reads something and says: ok, I only hope that they don’t set the book in the section for younger, because Saki is a classic author! Next to them, a man around thirty holds a journal. He is accompanied by a smart woman, around his same age, dressed with a French style skirt. She wears a black handbag with tone grey letters which indicates: Changing. Her teeth scratch her lower lip and her frown is worried. Do you think that we will arrive on time for the inscription to the workshop? Ask to her partner. I think yes, the selection process was opened only two days ago. But in the former course there weren’t vacant enough. Well, there is another of new technologies, he says. Ok, but I am interested on cinema, she says. I have heard that Culture department are organizing something, they got new aids form the European Found. Maybe they will need volunteering, he says. The woman relaxed her frown and smiles. I will give you the address later, he says.

It is 3.00 am. The stars in the sky indicate that the zenith is closer. The central market has a lot of activity at this hour. This market is an old fabric, restored with clay brick and crystal walls. The frontal façade is covered by a plant. Inside of the market, fruits and vegetables are specially ordered and have a nice bright. Several people are stopped with their shopping cart at sea-food market. It smells to fresh fish. Two men around fifty years old are talking while they wait the turn. Their body gesture reflect that they didn’t meet from long ago. However, they convey a friendly relationship. They speak in low tone and reserve energy enough for listening one to each other. One of them says: “glad to hear that your family is good Gustav, Did you go the last month to the forum? Says. Well, I couldn’t but I have heard that they are preparing interesting things, Gustav says. Yes, the next Friday will have more info through the mass media communication, says the first one.  What is this about? Gustav says. As far as I know, they want to create two new spaces: one for the sport and another for education. Gustav tilts his head ahead in a gesture of reflection and says: yes, that of the education is important….excuse me, I think that is my turn.

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Cat de departe?

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Cat de departe sa-mi duc inima, ca sa nu se atinga de tine..
Si cat de departe sa-mi duc dragostea, ca sa nu se intoarca la mine..
Cat de departe sa colind pe pamant, fara liniste sau fara bine?
Oricat de departe as fugii tot n-ar fi prea departe..Departe de tine!


Cat de departe? (cat de departe..)



Cat de departe? (cat de departe..)

Oricat de departe sa-mi duc dragostea.Departe de tine…?

Cat de departe(cat de departe..)
Cat de departe(cat de departe..)
Oricat de departe as fugii pe pamant, m’as intoarce la tine…



Piatra Craiului….

Si cat de departe sa-mi duc sufletul, sa nu-mi aminteasca de tine?

Si cat de adanc sa-mi ingrop inima ca sa nu se mai zbata in mine?
Marea intreaga n-ar putea scufunda, toata dragostea asta, stii bine..
Oricat de departe as fugii tot n’ar fi prea departe…departe de tine

Cat de departe? (cat de departe..)
Cat de departe? (cat de departe..)
Cat de departe sa’mi duc dragostea departe de tine..?
Cat de departe? (cat de departe…)
Cat de departe? (cat de departe…)
Oricat de departe as fugii pe pamant….m-as intoarce la tïne!




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Nebun..! Toate Oameni nebun.. Jealous Brandy and Hungarian Timi and " Modern" oven :)

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It must be big chance to find a family.. even from Hungary that we met on pub during conversation … because of Ovidiu 🙂


Me and Kike were in Rakos for Archeological Trip and excursion… to dig and dig as well as we ‘re gonna have fun  🙂

Everything has developed so rapidly… When we  done our activity, we started to thinking about saturday… Big day was so soon and coming.. cuz we were able to stay in ” Timi’s house” 🙂 Timi, 38 years old a woman from Hungary and his ” friend” nicknamed as ” Brandy” by whole village.. we don’t know why 🙂  but we know the best that he is the best fisherman in all racos.. every day he brings a gigantic fish  to his room from lake.. no dixy by him 🙂

His type and his speech reminds to me a ” maco” man who is funny from Turkey whose names ” Recep Ivedik” .. oh goddess.. totally the same 🙂

the biggest speciality of this family, is that so they speak ” hungarian” and very free family.. house is messy..  they really don’t care  🙂

They consume beer as water 🙂 in a place near kitchen always a bottle of beer is ready. cuz Timi is bartender 😉

plus her beauty captivates us .. oh god 🙂  nebun!!! nebun!!

Jokes and humors have exploded  up during we stayed in this house.. Me and Kike .. made  a lot of jokes.. and we laughed till our belly hurts and throat as well 🙂

It was dinner… and she puts a kind of salad.. and we ‘ve asked about what was it..

and she said ”  it is ..  dill, cucumber, onion, gasoline, sugar etc.”

and I said to Kike ” kikos, don’t set on fire on oven, otherwise  we will blow up !!! 🙂

Most pretty part was the lake fish we ‘ve oh surrealistic.. my first fresh fish in all romania and this is second time of Kikos 🙂

Kikos told ” furkan, we’re in dream.. can you punch me to get me up”? 🙂

There was one oven ..which was fucking old.. and on it, was written ” Modern” . I showed this oven to Kikos.. and said ” Look Kikos, it is modern oven !! 😀 but actually it was as old as medieval times  for us .. Miki who is son of Timi.. corroborated well 🙂

Their hospitality was so high and lovely!!

They made us feel at home all the time.. Brandy shown us his fishing rods … that was so big…

Btw, he has one more special talent,  He can carry 3 people on his shoulder at the same time :-), try ittttt, you ‘ll see 😉

There became our second home…

Köszönöm, te olyan kedves
Mi felkeresi Önt
és mi szeretünk :-)

 Repliques :
 Ovidiu : Skuze.. skuze.. I'm sorry.. I'm sorry.. sarcastic.. :)
 Misi : You will put out fire in camp and You'll see very 
 big bear next to you :-)

Alex : Fu- kan.. can I b-ing.. b-ead fo- you? :)
 Chipru : Salut., furkan :)
 Kikos : Are you normal, Nebun, Prietenul meu , muahhhh, 
Surrealistic, Toate.

Doctor : I found already girl in camp, didnt you find yet ?:-)
Ionut : Vreau manele acum cu telephonul tau :-)



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I was born long long time ago… 🙂 I feel old

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Birthday dinner

Thanks to Clau & Lucy

Birthday gift

I took a wacth (I shouldn’t go to late at office)  and snare drum … : ) And best gift from them was go out and drink something together…  thank to all of them



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Bine aţi venit la oraş medieval : Sighisoara

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Sighisoara  is pearl of all Transilvania and one of oldest city.

The name of city in other languages :


Located in the historic region of Transylvania, Sighişoara has a population of 26,370 according to the 2011 census.

During the 12th century, German craftsmen and merchants known as theTransylvanian Saxons were invited to Transylvania by the King of Hungary to settle and defend the frontier of his realm. The chronicler Krauss lists a Saxon settlement in present-day Sighiṣoara by 1191.

The city played an important strategic and commercial role at the edges of   Central Europe for several centuries. Sighişoara became one of the most important cities of Transylvania, with artisans from throughout the Holy Roman Empire visiting the settlement. The German artisans and craftsmen dominated the urban economy, as well as building the fortifications protecting it.

Central Sighişoara has preserved in an exemplary way the features of a small medieval fortified city, it has been listed by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Each year, a   Medieval Festival takes place in the old citadel in July.

(Information from wikipedia)


Cetate .. The Gate to Medieval Festival square in Sighisoara











 A view of street in Sighisoara ( seems very old )

                                                         A talented portrait artist in Sighisoara ….


                                                   When I have been trying to cook ” sheep mulligan” ( Yahni ) with  Big spoon and surrended by Medieval knights around me 🙂


                                                                 Real ” paper” art with real synthetic cellulose in barrel ..( Artists : Hungarians)


Medieval City : Sighisoara from the top of Clock Tower .. mama.. miaaa amazing..


                                                                                      A modern knight in Sighisoara in downtown 🙂


                                                                                  Famous Clock Tower in Sighisoara with night view ( Cetate)


                                                    Orthadox Trinity Church in Sighisoara …

                                                                   Back to Brasov  by hitch-hiking with ” Mircea” 


Fericit weekend cu toata lumea



sufletul tău 🙂





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Wroclaw Chosen European Capital of Culture 2016

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I wish share with you informations  abaut my city witch will be Europen Capital of Culture 2016. I know that Sibiu was in 2007 and may be in the future Romanians city can be again this kinde of special place in Europe. Wroclaw was among five Polish candidates (alongside Gdansk, Lublin, Katowice and Warsaw) in the running for the prestigious tourist-friendly title.
Now city will have the chance to host a series of cultural events to boost the local art scene and attract international visitors.
A Spanish city is expected to be named the other culture capital by June 30.
The final decision approving one Polish and one Spanish city as the European Capitals of Culture in 2016 will be taken by the Council of the European Union in the second quarter of 2012, after consultations with the European Parliament and the European Commission.

The selection panel consisted of 13 people, seven appointed by EU institutes and six Polish experts.
The title is not only prestigious but means 1.5 million euros for the winning city.
First title of European City of Culture has been awarded in 1985 and changed its name to European Capital of Culture in 2005.

enjoy in Wrocław-Poland 🙂

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Mirror neurons and empathy

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It happens that I miss a bit science conversation at university with my friends. So I´ve decided to write this article today about science and voluntary service. How is it? Ok, I´m going to write about the Mirror neurons, probably the most important discovery of the XX Century in the Neurology area.

Everything happened in 1996 (as you can see it happened 16 years ago, not too much time ago), when Giacomo Rizzolatti team where in the eating time. One of them started eating a banana in the laboratory and happened that the ligths in the computer which shew the monkey´s brain started shining. A monkey was connected to electrodes in order to study the electrical activity of the different areas, and the computer shew which areas started shining.

Firstly, the team thought it was an error, but they repeated the experiment and could see that the area which is related with the food neccesity and pleasure started shinning. The meaning of this is: the monkey was looking to the human eating a banana and having “pleasure” at the same time. It was able to be in the place of the person, understand he was eating the banana and FEEL the pleasure he was having. It´s the same if the monkey eats the banana itself or look other monkey, person or animal eating banana, the same brain area is gonna shine, because it´s able to be in your place. This is the basic explanation of the empathy, a very recient discovery.









Nowadays we know that the Mirror Neurons (they were called like this because they make you able to understand the feeling of other people, like when you look at yourself in a mirror), are in every person, and when they miss some big problems happen – think about psichopathy-. We also know that the learning process consists in making bigger number of neurotransmisor receptors in the neurons. It means that it generally depends of your own work. Yes, generally (always there are exceptions) the capacity of learning is related with the work you usually spend trying to learn. Of course, if you give up easily, you´ll never learn anything. The same happens about the empathy. Of course in this case you find exceptions, but in normal cases you´re responsible of your empathy level. If you usually don´t understand how people around you are feeling, it´s because you didn´t work too much in this aspect. Bu you can change it!!!


But this blog is about voluntary service, not science. So, in my opinion, if you are volunteer it means that you wanna help someone and you don´t want receive anything for it.

It means that not everybody noticed how important is trying to understand.  What I mean is that it´s time to change. I want to say the people: be volunteer!! Give more and receive less. In this way you´ll see that people are thakful to you and maybe their Mirror Neurons will start to generate more receptors!!








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