Buila – Vanturarita National Park (Valcea)

Buila – Vanturarita National Park


1. Location


Buila-Vânturariţa National Park was integrated inside the Romanian National Park network in the year 2005 and it has an area of 4.186 hectares (10.34 acres). It’s situated in Valcea region,  in the central-northern part of Vâlcea County in the Căpăţânii Mountains (group included in Parâng Mountains, a subgroup of mountains in the Southern Carpathians). 


Buila – Vanturarita is next to the other national park of Valcea territory, Cozia, and its geology is based in calcareous rock. Monasteries, nature, wildlife and human activity mixed together to produce a wonderful place in the middle of the mountains. 





2. Principle attractions.

Schitul Patrunsa, Schitul Pahomie ,   Candon Silvic Codric, Cabana Cheia,  Varful Vanturarita,  Muntele Piatra,  Poiana Scarisoara, Monastery Arnota,  Schitul papusa,  Schitul Izvoare.

About where to sleep: there are several cabans in this national park. We decided to stay one night in Cabana Cheia. The price per night is 20 leu (bed) and 10 leu/ tent. The area is sorrounded by white calcareous mountains and the views are great. Varful Vanturarita is one of them (1885 m). 


















































Cozia National Park (Valcea)


1. Location

Cozia National Park was included inside the romanian national parks  network on  6th march 2000,  and its surface is 17.100 Ha (171 km²). This protected natural area contains flora and fauna exclusively from Southern Carpathians range, and it´s located between Lotru mountains and Căpăţânii mountains, in the middle course of Olt river,   in administrative localities Racovita, Perisani and Baile Olanesti (45°22′01″N 24°15′54″E).


From the geological point of view, Cozia mountain range is very interesting, because the formation of them happened during high Jurassic period. Sedimentary and gneis (methamorfic rocks) are composing the landscape in this region. 



                                     General view of Cozia mountain range and Olt river.



2. Principle attractions


 This national park contains a lot of interesting places to visit, biological, geological and historical attractions. Cascada Lotrisor is maybe the most visited of all of them. Mănăstirea Stânişoara, Mănăstirea Cozia,  Turnu and Ostrov  are also important. If the visitors are thinking about to stay more than one day in this natural area, they have possibility to sleep in different mountain refugees and cabans. We slept in Cabana Cozia, which is situated at 1573 meters and it´s a very good option for that kind of mountaneers who wanna visit the most wonderful places in the range, like Cozia peak (1668 m). From this point the views are spectacular. The price for night costs 20 leu if the turist prefers one bed, 9 leu if prefers to carry own tent. 



 Butterfly in the way Calimanesti - Cozia peak.



 Cascada Lotrisor.


 Ostrov Monastery.




































Make a collection of everything :)

My collection ambition and passion has started years ago … When I was a yet child, I was making collection of football card games, small toy cars, chewing gum labels and stuff like this 🙂

My mom was always complaning it ” Why don’t you throw those stuff into bin instead of keeping them in house?”  I still remember her screams out..

But I never gave up.. from my cards.. cars.. I was hiding them somwhre in home where my mom couldn’t find  🙂 and those memories and collection was persisting till I become high school student


You know, every human must have a goal and must walk for it determinedly. I did this… My dream was to make ” Post card” collection, and not only this… paper money, coins, tickets, catalogs, loto, toto,  stamps, telephone cards with credit…

Now I’m 23 years old and I ‘ve done most of it, and I still continoue to making collection and wanna leave something ” valuable” and ” worthy” for my kids in future.

In my time, 10 years ago , to have a collection was  a way of  influencing the girls, I observe now.. I think It doesn’t work so well like it is used to work :-)) Now girls, they looking at guys who have ” real” car collection..  that is sucked.

and .. most important thing, is that you’d rather make collection of good friendship, emotion, respect, brotherness

because they never break down and stays always vigorous.


Some compilations ! 🙂









My postCards 🙂










Badge, Medal and Coins….

Entrance tickets, Train- Bus-Airplane tickets, Museum cards….










10 Serbian Dinar …


Salut <3>



Stapki v pyasaka şi Drumul painii

 Festivalul de paine din Cristian si  Festivalul de Film din Rasnov: a fost total minunat!

M-am dus prima oara la Rasnov pentru a viziona filmul  “paşi în nisip”, care este in limba bulgara. Apoi, m-am mutat la Cristian pentru festivalul de Pâine care este renumit.

Desigur, cu autostopul 🙂

M-am întâlnit acolo cu Daniel, mi-a dat pui foarte  gustos   gratis şi apoi   primarul din Cristian a venit şi  tinut un discurs despre Festival, el este un om  frumos 🙂

M-am uitat la  dansuri traditionale romanesti acolo si mi-a plăcut.

Nu am stat atât de mult timp, deoarece  s-a lasat intunericul 🙂

Am numărul lui Daniel, plus mi-a dat pâine cu cartofi, mmmmmm.

El locuieşte în Tractorul la fel ca mine, sper că   ne vom întâlni din nou 🙂

Aştept cu nerăbdare  festivalul următor nu contează  care.

Ştiu că am sa calatoresc atat de mult, dar  de ce? 🙂

Voi păstra  in scris povestirile mele,  ca sa nu uitam  🙂


Stapki v pyasaka / Paşi pe nisip / Footsteps in the Sand

Bulgaria, 2010, 89’

comedie dramatică

Regia şi scenariul: Ivaylo Hristov

Imaginea: Emil Christov

Montajul: Vlado Shishkov

Muzica: Petya Dimanova

Cu: Ivan Barnev, Yana Titova, Assen Blatechki, Deyan Donkov, Karla Rahal, Labina Mitevska, Franklin O. Smith, Vassil Mihailov

Distribuit de: Pro Films



Cel mai bun în ceea ce priveşte



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Cat de departe?

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Cat de departe sa-mi duc inima, ca sa nu se atinga de tine..
Si cat de departe sa-mi duc dragostea, ca sa nu se intoarca la mine..
Cat de departe sa colind pe pamant, fara liniste sau fara bine?
Oricat de departe as fugii tot n-ar fi prea departe..Departe de tine!


Cat de departe? (cat de departe..)



Cat de departe? (cat de departe..)

Oricat de departe sa-mi duc dragostea.Departe de tine…?

Cat de departe(cat de departe..)
Cat de departe(cat de departe..)
Oricat de departe as fugii pe pamant, m’as intoarce la tine…



Piatra Craiului….

Si cat de departe sa-mi duc sufletul, sa nu-mi aminteasca de tine?

Si cat de adanc sa-mi ingrop inima ca sa nu se mai zbata in mine?
Marea intreaga n-ar putea scufunda, toata dragostea asta, stii bine..
Oricat de departe as fugii tot n’ar fi prea departe…departe de tine

Cat de departe? (cat de departe..)
Cat de departe? (cat de departe..)
Cat de departe sa’mi duc dragostea departe de tine..?
Cat de departe? (cat de departe…)
Cat de departe? (cat de departe…)
Oricat de departe as fugii pe pamant….m-as intoarce la tïne!




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Nebun..! Toate Oameni nebun.. Jealous Brandy and Hungarian Timi and " Modern" oven :)

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It must be big chance to find a family.. even from Hungary that we met on pub during conversation … because of Ovidiu 🙂


Me and Kike were in Rakos for Archeological Trip and excursion… to dig and dig as well as we ‘re gonna have fun  🙂

Everything has developed so rapidly… When we  done our activity, we started to thinking about saturday… Big day was so soon and coming.. cuz we were able to stay in ” Timi’s house” 🙂 Timi, 38 years old a woman from Hungary and his ” friend” nicknamed as ” Brandy” by whole village.. we don’t know why 🙂  but we know the best that he is the best fisherman in all racos.. every day he brings a gigantic fish  to his room from lake.. no dixy by him 🙂

His type and his speech reminds to me a ” maco” man who is funny from Turkey whose names ” Recep Ivedik” .. oh goddess.. totally the same 🙂

the biggest speciality of this family, is that so they speak ” hungarian” and very free family.. house is messy..  they really don’t care  🙂

They consume beer as water 🙂 in a place near kitchen always a bottle of beer is ready. cuz Timi is bartender 😉

plus her beauty captivates us .. oh god 🙂  nebun!!! nebun!!

Jokes and humors have exploded  up during we stayed in this house.. Me and Kike .. made  a lot of jokes.. and we laughed till our belly hurts and throat as well 🙂

It was dinner… and she puts a kind of salad.. and we ‘ve asked about what was it..

and she said ”  it is ..  dill, cucumber, onion, gasoline, sugar etc.”

and I said to Kike ” kikos, don’t set on fire on oven, otherwise  we will blow up !!! 🙂

Most pretty part was the lake fish we ‘ve eaten..wow.. oh surrealistic.. my first fresh fish in all romania and this is second time of Kikos 🙂

Kikos told ” furkan, we’re in dream.. can you punch me to get me up”? 🙂

There was one oven ..which was fucking old.. and on it, was written ” Modern” . I showed this oven to Kikos.. and said ” Look Kikos, it is modern oven !! 😀 but actually it was as old as medieval times  for us .. Miki who is son of Timi.. corroborated well 🙂

Their hospitality was so high and lovely!!

They made us feel at home all the time.. Brandy shown us his fishing rods … that was so big…

Btw, he has one more special talent,  He can carry 3 people on his shoulder at the same time :-), try ittttt, you ‘ll see 😉

There became our second home…

Köszönöm, te olyan kedves
Mi felkeresi Önt
és mi szeretünk :-)

 Repliques :
 Ovidiu : Skuze.. skuze.. I'm sorry.. I'm sorry.. sarcastic.. :)
 Misi : You will put out fire in camp and You'll see very 
 big bear next to you :-)

Alex : Fu- kan.. can I b-ing.. b-ead fo- you? :)
 Chipru : Salut., furkan :)
 Kikos : Are you normal, Nebun, Prietenul meu , muahhhh, 
Surrealistic, Toate.

Doctor : I found already girl in camp, didnt you find yet ?:-)
Ionut : Vreau manele acum cu telephonul tau :-)



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Bine aţi venit la oraş medieval : Sighisoara

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Sighisoara  is pearl of all Transilvania and one of oldest city.

The name of city in other languages :


Located in the historic region of Transylvania, Sighişoara has a population of 26,370 according to the 2011 census.

During the 12th century, German craftsmen and merchants known as theTransylvanian Saxons were invited to Transylvania by the King of Hungary to settle and defend the frontier of his realm. The chronicler Krauss lists a Saxon settlement in present-day Sighiṣoara by 1191.

The city played an important strategic and commercial role at the edges of   Central Europe for several centuries. Sighişoara became one of the most important cities of Transylvania, with artisans from throughout the Holy Roman Empire visiting the settlement. The German artisans and craftsmen dominated the urban economy, as well as building the fortifications protecting it.

Central Sighişoara has preserved in an exemplary way the features of a small medieval fortified city, it has been listed by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Each year, a   Medieval Festival takes place in the old citadel in July.

(Information from wikipedia)


Cetate .. The Gate to Medieval Festival square in Sighisoara











 A view of street in Sighisoara ( seems very old )

                                                         A talented portrait artist in Sighisoara ….


                                                   When I have been trying to cook ” sheep mulligan” ( Yahni ) with  Big spoon and surrended by Medieval knights around me 🙂


                                                                 Real ” paper” art with real synthetic cellulose in barrel ..( Artists : Hungarians)


Medieval City : Sighisoara from the top of Clock Tower .. mama.. miaaa amazing..


                                                                                      A modern knight in Sighisoara in downtown 🙂


                                                                                  Famous Clock Tower in Sighisoara with night view ( Cetate)


                                                    Orthadox Trinity Church in Sighisoara …

                                                                   Back to Brasov  by hitch-hiking with ” Mircea” 


Fericit weekend cu toata lumea



sufletul tău 🙂





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Would you know my name if I saw you in Heaven?

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…….Would you know my name if I saw you in Heaven?…. Would you feel the same if I saw you in Heaven?
I must be strong and carry on,
‘Cause I know I don’t belong here in Heaven

Would you hold my hand if I saw you in Heaven?
Would you help me stand if I saw you in Heaven?
I’ll find my way, through night and day,
‘Cause I know I just can’t stay here in Heaven

Time can bring you down, time can bend your knees
Time can break your heart, have you begging please, begging please

Beyond the door, there’s peace I’m sure
And I know there’ll be no more tears in Heaven

Would you know my name if I saw you in Heaven?
Would you feel the same if I saw you in Heaven?
I must be strong and carry on,
‘Cause I know I don’t belong here in Heaven

LYrics : Declan

Place : Padureni Lake


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I'm crazy and I know it :)

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                                    We ‘ve arranged Turkish coffee day with other turkish collegues and this photo was taken during  interview  with Romanian Tv 🙂

( Interviu cu român de televiziune )


Great lake in Poina Brasov and There were small fishes in it  I loved it 🙂

( lac minunat, în Poiana Braşov )


                                     In Poina brasov, I Hopped on  some kind of swing  it was huge active one 🙂

( leagăn )

(teatru foarte bun si  actori talentaţi  )

In the 24 of june, I went to Theatre that called ” My husband’s fantasies almost like I was crazy ”

The actors and Actresss were excellent , I will go to theatre once again 😉

If you want to watch a good theatre, the best place is Sică Alexandrescu Drama Theatre

LOcation : Piaţa Teatrului 1 Town Centre


Have  a nice weekend !
Un weekend plăcut!











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What A Day When the birds are singing too, Singing for you In Brasov..

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Last week was so full and had a lot of activity  which made me smile, sorry today my brain is full and can hardly write blog 🙂

15 of the June, before one day, I prepared my own games for activity in Bailescu house

I was excited cuz this was my first solo- move in brasov so far. I put all games into my mind but still wrote down   to not forget 🙂


     Anyways ,  our associatia colors team has played games together on leadership of me

But people smiled and laughed a lot sometimes it felt like small kids  who is naughty, lol.

Next day, I went to tracatarul parc to make activities with  kids and teenagers. It was so fun.

We played football badminton, painting, jumping, juggling some games like pulling string and  balooon voleyball  this is learning process 😉


I think it was last saturday when I played basketball with romanian people on the school’s field, we were turkish guys and made several tournaments we afforded a lot under sun degreed like 37 may be  and needed to have a lot of apa 😉

My favourit activity was with kids from the Sacele !



I saw the darkest boys ever in Romania but all of them had a piece of smile on their face  although they have hard life conditions.

Me and Anna went to Sacele  by bus and met with Ruxandra in school. School was seemed too old but its ok, first  We played a  lot of games may be 10 or 11 and Of course I brought my computer to play musics for kids  !!

Chair game was great and then we played  Romanian musics but all sort!!!

then I sung manele for kids, they supriseddddddd..

you know my favourit.. De ce ma paraesesti Iubrea mea, Cine … lol  Te rog sa… :)))

And kids like to listen “ Vara nu dorm “ and “ Alex Velea” as well  and we had big fun :))


Next day went to Museum spent time   all day there   do you know to know what I did?

ok I tell you “ I scanned” more and more lol.

See you next week!

La revedereeeeee

Aaa i forgot to say

I created new sort of language

Buh vi that Imi placi seni  :-)))


Have sunny days

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Tasty Picnic in Brasov and open-door activities in Tractarul

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This week I wil not keep it long like I used to do last week in blog

Cuz some weeks that pass by nothing … or some weeks we dont travel at all 🙂

In the 9 june,  We were in  Tractarul park and used to play sports game ( most of them was like this )

We played stone games, badminton.. and  Juggling with Carmen 😉

There was other ” tineri” volunteers who played with us.  Weather was so hot, omg, it was 33 may be?

Ok i know im coming from Turkey but still it is strange 🙂

We played fotball with Sercan, Oggy Raul skate ( nam-i deger Skate ) 😀

After one day at 10 of june  that sunday we went to Picnic  in Lempeş which is nearby to Brasov

Luci showed us his knife set  and shit of shape knifes he had  in case 🙂

We basically cooked mic- Beef, Chicken , 

eggplant zucchini and so on

Then , they played special card game which I dont know so i just watched :))

Sercan thaugt me how to play  ” Batak”  ( Boggy )

Then,… Wednesday  went to Casa de mureselinor and scanned and scanned.. ohh god lol 🙂

I decided to work as scanner in Museum in ROMANIA calmest job ever :))

After museum, i was in city and met  with Florin who is working in Serbian restaurant and he was nice guy and he knows how to say bad words in turkish 🙂

Then  we walked toward the Tampa with Anna, but She was tired and cant walk anymore 🙂

And Teleferik was not working cuz it was 5 O’clock  🙂


Thats all  for this week


asta e tot pentru acum 🙂


See you


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Cluj Napoca , Voluntariat pentru muzeum, workshops, Promotion and Bike tour that was full week :)

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Hi  lovely Romanian people , Hi brasov and Hi dear Volunteers,

I spent a full week with a lot of activities in Brasov  and travelled to north   of Romania first time in my life 🙂

and First time in Romania, I made hitch-hiking with my volunteer team , it was great . let me tell about it lit bit :)P

When we go on highway of brasov, we were two teams, first team is Anna, Kike, me and second team was olga, sercan and Oggy

We stoped the car and went away like 20 kilometers it was a hungarian guy then continoued to trip, I WILL  not talk about all level of autostop but i just let u know that it was great experience to stop the car and beg them to take us   into  car 🙂

We made a  lot of practise in rumunesti 🙂  So, basically  we saw  Sighisoara, Targu Mures, Cluj napoca and Turda .

I passed through Turda , did not really see at all 🙂 I loved sighishoara…

When it comes to Cluj napoca, We ‘ve arrived to Cluj and we have been brought by a romanian guy who was nice and warm-hearted and was speaking perfect english. There was a lot of volunteers fro other cities, I saw familiar faces like Sonia, Mari, David, Alba, but also someone that  never seen in my life like Ruben , Adrian so on, they were nice guys.

I have stayed in Hungarian kindergarden and its language was awful for me 🙂   Cluj is nice , hot student city and very big.

I took a lot of pictures and videos… The  second day I went to Concert with Sonia, Ruben , Sercan , OGGy and Anna  which seemed to be latin music 🙂 Then, Last evening , I went to watch the movie in Florin Piersic cinema in centre of Cluj Napoca Btw, Florin Piersic is a famous Romanian Comedian that  is 76 years old now .  You can find him on youtube 🙂

I turned back to Brasov.. I was tired .. eu sunt obosit foarte 🙂  Si apoi.. rested  long did not do anything..Wednesday I went to museum de Casa Muresenilor din Brasov to scan documents here from 9.00 till 15.00 o’clock.

I met here Marinela  that is nice woman  and I always make her smile  lol.

Also I met to Rodica who was very  funny woman, I found her so warm , I know we speak different languages but we used to speak language of emotion which made possible the conversation 🙂


She has two kids one is 21 years old girl and another is 16 years old boy.


She said to me ” How come that you can travel north of romania as I never seen those parts in my life”, and

I said ” Simply, We’re volunter / Suntem Voluntari 🙂

Another story is that, I went to Casa Baiulescu with Sercan and made workshops with seniors  ( atelier de lucru cu seniori)

They made   great skilled roses from some kind of materials in such short time, wow I was amazed 🙂

And last few things 🙂

In same day, I went to Piata Stafului and took a yellow bike and made big city tour and took pictures 🙂

Ah..  one more thing  Ana-Maria who is volunter in Brasov saw me on street and stopped me saying if I can promote museum of Muresenilor on square with funny old dresss,

and I said Yes I can do 🙂

So we wore dress and went to square and handed out small card of museum where adress is written and I spoke like this

poftits, vrai sa vizita la Muzeul Casa Muresenilor 🙂

Wow, it was great….

Let’s write some new romanian words :

– Suntem,

– Munte

– Districtie placuta

– Dumneavoastra

–  As vrea

– Atelier

–  Drum lung

– Drum scurt

– Drum bun

– Piept de pui 🙂


See you soon with new articles of mine,

La revedere,

Am suflet de voluntariat 🙂



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