All these things that make me laugh…

I am someone who likes to observe a lot. In movies, I always enjoy to spot video editing errors or surreal scenes. But the funniest is that, it’s not only in the movies you can see things a little bit surprising and not always logical.
Here are some of the pictures of what I saw in Brasov!


So, let start with a very strange logo found on the door of a shoping center.

You cannot smoke inside. This, ok I understand. But, don’t go to the shops with you gun !? If someone can explain me…


Yeah, so apparently, you can find fishes bigger than humans in the small lac of the noua parc.


10…11…12…13…14…15…15 again…


At first, nothing special, but if you look a bit more attentively the models, you can see something strange. Or maybe it’s just the new tendance for next year !



And to finish, this sad funeral car with a very happy number plate, “fun”.

You also have to know that in the same street, you can find another funeral shop, and this time, on the car plate is written “hel”.

Notebook workshop

Yesterday, we had the chance to organize a nice notebook workshop! We were 8 participants with a lot of creativity, and we can see it in the results. During two hours we cut, sewn, sticked, … and each participant had the chance to leave with a original and unique notebook. But it’s not finish, next time, we will learn the technique of calligraphie, and everybody will write in it. I let you discover the result with these pictures.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100


You were not in the notebook workshop, but you want to learn the technique?

Don’t worry, I will explain you how to create yours with this tutorial :

For the material, you need :

white papers (around 6 pcs), a cardboard paper for the cover,  120 cm of string and a big needle.

– Cut the papers and the cardboard in two. Then with a pen, draw on one of the papers, 7 holes at 1.5 cm from the edge. The holes should be spaced from 3 cm.

Then create the holes with the needle through all the papers.
VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Insert the string in the needle and start sewing the notebook. Follow the diagram below.


when it’s finished, make a node and cut the rest of the string.
It’s done !

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100


Now you can decorate your notebook as you want.


Create a friendship bracelet

Tomorrow is the 1rst march and for the occasion, I will show you how to make a friendship bracelet, red and white, perfect to give as a present.


– First, cut 8 strings of two different colors (around 1 meter).



– Knot the strings and attach them with a safety pin to something (your jean, a pillow, …).



– Take two strings and wrap around the others. Then take two strings of the other color and do the same.




– When the bracelet is long enough, end it with a knot.




Enjoy your new bracelet…


How to create your own cookie cutters

For every occasions, you want to prepare very nice cookies. The only thing is that they always have the same shape. Don’t worry, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have original cookies, I will explain you how to create your own cutters and impress your friends!

– For the material, you only need one soda can, one pair of scissors and a bit of tape.

– First, cut the can in order to remove the top and bottom and obtain a rectangle.

– Then, cut strips of about 1 cm large.

– Take one metal strip and give it the shape you want. On this picture, a christmas tree.


– When it’s finished, close your shape with the tape.
It’s done ! You can start creating your original cookies !



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Dresscode Rules

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Dresscode Rules

This is the story of Jennifer. She is working as a volunteer in Romania and she got an invitaton for the supervoluntar-gala. Since she could bring only 20 kg of luggage in the plane she was not able to find the perfect Outfit for this evening in her suitcase. That’s why she went to the center of Brasov to search for good clothes in the stores.
In the first shop they had a lot of fancy dresses. Jennifer was attrackted by a purple dress which was very long, made from silk and decorated with few original details of lace. She tried it on and it fit perfectly. In the front of the mirror Jennifer felt so beautiful. But only one moment later she thought: “Oh my gosh!” because she saw the tag on which was written: 2000 Lei.
Disappointed Jennifer left the store. She couldn’t affort such an expensive dress. Maybe the second hand store would be a better opportunity… Wow: Today everything only 4 Lei! Jennifer entered the shop and startet to search. She found a cute blue dress with prints of small reindeers, a blouse of good cut but in leopard-style and a chic black shirt – unfortunatly with a neckline which showed everything… Finally: nothing serious.
Jennifer was very sad and went home. She had to find something in her own stuff because the shopping tour was not successfull. Checking her clothes she found one of her favourite white shirts and discovered that it looked very classic together with her black pants. She decided to wear this outfit for the gala because she felt very comfortable and confident with this clothes.
You see:The most important thing is to come as you are and not to try to be someone else. It is the best way to enjoy the evening. (And for sure you will find something chic in your cupboard!) See you at the gala!

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The road of the dead 3 ? Not really…

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So, as you  know, or maybe not, Mahila and me we don't like so much
walking. But, the last weekend, I really don't know why, we where very
motivated. When Mireille asked us to visit a cave close to Rasnov with
her, we didn't hesitate. So, we checked the way on google maps.
Problem ... it tell us that we have to walk 8 Km to the cave.
After a little time of reflexion, we decided to try the experience.
Then, we started the trek, early in the morning, with a lot of
motivation, and after only 1 km, a miracle happened. A sign announcing
the famous cave at only 500 m. Thanks Google!

Valea Cetatii cave

After 30 minutes of walking and a bit disapointed that the way was so
short ( yeah yeah, I wrote "disapointed", maybe because we start to
become profesionnal walkers ;-p ), we arrived to Peștera Valea Cetatii.
This cave was discover in 1949 and open to the public in 2010. Even if
it's pretty small, the 2500 m2 of the principal room allows to discover
a multitude of stalactites and stalagmites of differents size ( which
one who measure more than 2 m ) and be immersed in a special atmosphere.
The 15 minute tour guarantee to have the feeling of being in another

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The stick potato of Bucarest

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My roommates and I decided to spend the weekend in Bucharest.
Already knowing the city, I tried to do my best to show them the
most beautiful places of the city. Yes, but the problem is that
I'm not the best guide, and except the main tourist atractions,
shops and coffee, I don't know so much about the history of Bucharest.
To solve this problem, we decided to take part in a free guided
walking tour.
During two and a half hours we benefited from detailed explanations
of a guide and visited the old city center. We discovered a lot of
Lipscani, The 17th century hostel Hanul lui Manuc, the famous
restaurant Caru cu bere, the beautiful church Stravropoleos, etc...

And why I call my article "The stick potato of Bucarest"?

Because the guided tour ended at Piata Revolutiei, in front of a
statue ... who left us perplex.
It's a memorial for the people killed during the revolution of 1989,
and this in the form of a marble obelisk on which is planted an iron
This work is apparently one of the most controversial of the capital
and the inhabitant of Bucarest call it "the potato on a stick"
This is probably the anecdote that struck us the most with my
roommates. We laughed all the night!

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The road of the dead…..mouhahahahaha

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It’s a fact that Mahila and me don’t like walking that much. We have to walk about 50 minutes to our office every day which is – for us – by far enough. But yesterday, listening to our roommate Mireille we decided to try out the experience of hiking!

It seemed to be a good idea in the beginning but then: not really.

 So we took the bus to Zarnesti; a little town close to one of the biggest national parks in Romania. After travelling 35 minutes with a bus which was at least twice as old as us, we finally arrived at our destination. And this is where the problems began.

Seriously, how can you succeed if none of us can read a map and everyone wants to choose a different direction for the national park?

Finally we found the help of a young man who showed us the right direction. However, it was a long, long road including midday sun but no trees, no cars, no nothing.  Nothing, except a funny black house being a little spooky which then turned out to be the tourist office. In the inside, there was nobody so we didn’t stay too long. We slowly started wondering…

After 40 min walking we arrived at the border of our national park, Piatra Craiului.

And this time, it was not only a long road waiting for us, but a long road including mountain area and thousands of stones. After one hour walking, Mahila and I were wondering what the hell we did here, at 12 am in the midday sun. Our bottles of water were empty and we basically had to take a break every 100 metres. Seeing nobody else in the horizon, we concluded by joking: “Aaaah, we are really very young and without experience.”

 Mireille started to get impatient so we finally got some motivation (or rather force) to continue walking and so we ended up in front of a beautiful door of a monastery hidden in the mountain area.

Next, after a long break in this mysterious corner, we decided to hike back to Zarnesti. But this time we found another way which was way more attractive. The landscapes were beautiful, the sun more pleasant so that we finally chose this day to be a very nice experience!

We finished our hike in the middle of a herd of sheep and this moment was just magic.

Fore sure, we will return in order to explore more parts of the national park Piatra Craiului.

Jennifer & Mahila

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A free guided tour of Brasov

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My roommates and I are always in search of free activities. This time we tested the free guided tour of Brasov. For a little more than 2.30 hours, we visited the main places

of interest of the city.

Of the black church, which owes its name to a great fire that made

its walls black, to the defensive fortifications, we learnt a lot

about the history of Brasov and life in the Middle Ages. The guide

also told us a lot of anecdotes

The story that I prefer? This one of a very unusual statue on the black church roof. It represent a child and the legend says that during the

construction of the church, one of the builders was terribly

jealous of a very talented apprentices. So he pushed him of the

roof of the church. The builders carved the statue in memory of

the child.

Finally, The tour finished at the top of the white tower with

the amazing view of the city. I highly recommend this tour who allows to discover new places

in brasov, and remember, if you go next to the black church,

try to find the statue !

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First impression

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Bucharest Gara de Nord

One week ago, I landed in Bucarest, again. I lived in Romania when
I was child and 10 years ago, I went to France.
I was so afraid that everything has changed.
In the airport I was so happy to be here, no fears ... just exciting...
when a man who I met in the airplane came to me and said :
"Pay attention here. Don't take the taxi. Recently, a girl disappeared.
Pay attention in the subway, that can be dangerous. Don't trust anybody
in the train station."
Humm, okay, maybe he exaggerates a bit.
Then, in the bus to the train station, a woman came to me and said :
"Take care, the train station is really dangerous, pay attention of you
luggages, and of the people who come talking to you." :-/
And the woman next to me nodded is head like to say : " if you knew..."
Hummm... what's happen, am I really in Bucarest?? I didn't remember
that it was so dangerous to take the train when I was a girl.
If all the people give this kind of advises to the tourists,
they should be really afraid.
Finally, nothing happened and I found the train station that
I knew 10 years ago, with the same ambiance, the same stores, and ...
the same trains.
What? 4.30 hours between Bucarest and Brasov? It's serious?
Yes, it serious, but maybe it's better like that.
In France we don't have the time to see what's happen outside,
but in Romania, the train is so slow that we can admire the lanscape,
 especially between bucarest and brasov,
at the beggining of the mountains, the moment is really magic.

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