Winter: time to snow, time to drink vin fiert, time to eat hot covrige,

winter for the cuban people is time hot,

winter for the bears is to sleep,

winter for the catholic people means presents, Chrismas,

winter for the Groenland people is not light,

winter for Costa Rica people is time to work,

winter for people that sleep in the street is hard,

winter for the autom is goodbye,

winter for dogs is more hair,

winter for december is 21,

winter for the children is happiness,

winter for the tres is not leaves,

winter for Paris is love,

welcome winter!

Dear winter,

I’m Juan, i live in Brasov. It’s a city in the center of Roumania in the region of Transilvania,

I write you to tell you something about you. The weather is very bad, there are -30 degrees, it’s snow, there are ice in the street. People drink vin fiert in the street, eat covrige hot, there are lights in december to celebrate Chrismas days, Papa Noel bring presents, the family is together, people do diferentes sports in the snow, and ice.

Winter i am happy to know you in other place, you are different, you are the same!



I was in the cave of Rasnov and…There was one bear.

I was searching the house of the other volunteers, I had a dinner, there was night, there wasn’t anybody, and I looked to the trash. And… there was a bear!

I was reading the Brasov tourist guide and… One bear.

All these bears are imagination that I had.  I thougt that it was real but not.

The first was a photo in the cave with a bear.

The second was a very brown big dog.

And the third was a photo in the guide.


In my life, sometimes I wish something, I think about it with all my power, I visualize it and after it happens.

I think that we have a power, a secret, or a intuition. I’m not a crazy, I’m not a warlock, but I belive in the power of our mind, the power of our feelings and the power of our thinking.

When I want to park my car in the city and I was positive and I thouht that the place was where I wanted, finally I parked my car there.

When I have one exam, and I haven’t time to prepare very good, I think about differents questions that it would be probably and many times I pass my exams. My friends tell me that I have luck.

These two example of the power when you are positive. During many years I don’t know the explanation, but when I read “The secret” by Ronda Byne, I feel identified about it. It’s a interesting book, that it can to help to be positive.

The bears is an example of that. When I wish to see the bears, this happen, in the photo, in the guide or as a big dog! Probably in the future they will appear, I hope that they aren’t agressive with me!


Why bears?

Actually I live in Brasov, It’s a very important city of the Carpathian mountains. The brown bear is the most important animal that live here, because they are the 60% of the bears in Europe.

And finally I post some photos about the bears and about the first Carpathian mountain that I’ve walked up.

Juangui Clavo