A dreamer

When I came to a new city I love this kind of shiver, when you are uncertain future – what gonna happens with me there? Because… everything could happen. So, I’m of course exciting and can’t wait to force with “new” and make it “mine”. I like be lost in the city, searching for places – small pubs, cinemas, parks – when I will feel good, meeting with new friends, playing new games, reading books, writing letters or simply thinking about all and nothing.

Only two weeks has gone since I’ve arrived to Brasov, but I feel that I’ve found few places which could be “mine”. Secret garden in one of gates in old city, small shop with vegetables (I like it because of the window full of oranges, full of colors – promise of spring) and mine own, but  public, “open theater”. The square near the swimming pool with view on old city’s roofs. Roofs with fish-eyes windows are telling me stories about life and dreams people, who lives there. Every day I can choose different roofs and hear different stories. Sometimes it will be a comedy, sometimes it will be a drama but never boring. Cinema under the sky.

I’m a dreamer 😉  you know.

In  Poland we say that dreamer is steel walking with head in the clouds… Walking in the clouds… Just walking in the clouds… Like a name of shop with boots on the main street in Brasov… STOP! It’s not a shop with shoes! It’s the studio of foods massage. I checked it! 😉 “Good massage isn’t bad” – I fought. But if I really need it? I have activities with Colors. They are amazing. Imagine (like in Lennon’s song) all that people … in the age of my grandma, dancing “Macarena”! And tall, slim man with white hair and dark eye-brows, wearing suit and sneakers – a dancing king. Really! A lot of young people could learn from him how to dance! Not only traditional dances and waltz but also disco!

In moments like that, I feel like a …Dracula. I take energy, happiness and good mood from other people. Happiness is easy. It lives in Brasov! Come and try 😉