Dear family, Do you miss me? I miss you, a lot. Every day my English is getting better and of course Romania language. I hope you are very good. Pleas tell me everything what’s going on at home. I thought at the beginning , that would be easy for me, but know I know, that family and friend is the most important things for me. Every day, I’m feeling stronger and I’m developing personality and my skills. Here, for me life is funny and... Read More

We are from Poland, don´t panic!

Claudia asked us to make a short presentation about our countries.  And I was wondering what my colleagues know about Poland. The answers surprised me a bit: –         Artur Boruc, the goalkeeper, but you don´t have a good national team – said Oggy –         You don´t know how to play football – agreed Kike – And you have a very difficult history full of battles and wars – he added –         Henryk... Read More

***One week in paradise ***

    I remember exactly what I thought  when we arrived In Predeal. “ This place is too perfect, something’s wrong with it? “ It was a really heaven for all of us, both the environment and the time we spent there. There were also other volunteers from other projects  and whole of Romania. We learned about non-formal education system and this really works and you have get feedback very quickly. This makes you feel very motivated about... Read More

The Dog and the snow

  “Carmen won’t stand alive more than two days”(1)….her body showed frostbite signs and damaged muscles due to low temperatures. She almost couldn’t move her legs and the skin, hidden by her coat, was burned because of the harsh climate to the mountains. Her gaze looked hard and fragile at the same time due to the pain, perhaps for the sensibility that normally the high mountain’s dogs have. Later, I got more information about this... Read More

Colors and Windows

I arrived in Brasov three weeks ago. I can’t still speak the Romanian language, neither understanding to the people nor knowledge enough about its History. Possibly, I would lost through its narrow streets, as a mere tourist. However, I found some traces around the city which make me feel the city as a familiar space, unforgettable in my memory. One of these traces are the windows and its colors. That’s true!! Brasov’s windows are like the... Read More

One day in Bucharest.

Hello readers! Today I´m writing about my first day in Romania after almost seven years later I visisted the country. I want to focuse specially in one building, Casa Poporului, also called Palatul parlamentului.     I arrived on 09/02/2012 to Bucharest Baneasa Airport. It was 06:30          and my sister, who is living in Câmpina, was waiting for me there. It was      hard for her because she had to get up at 04:30. She also was angry... Read More

Servus from Anna

Serwus ! My name is Anna and I am from Poland.  I came here because I want to change something in my life and run away from routine.  I have never  been to Romania before so I thought  that will be great idea to connect work with children and older people with discovering something like new culture, travel and have fun. I used to work in laboratory of chemistry in Poland like a technologist. My friends and family from Poland are fantastic, the... Read More


Hellooo everyone I am from Turkiye.. My name is Oğulcan. I am coming from Kuşadası.. There’s one of touristic city of Turkiye so yeah i know it’s crazy thing to come here from touristic city where i can see always sun, sand, sea but….. I was selected tby Asocıatıa Colors as a volunteer. So I am glad to be here. I just wanted to discover something like new cultures, new people, I wanted to shared experiences or get experiences. Suddenly... Read More

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