Have you seen “Jumanji”? It’s a story about very old magic board-game. When two teenagers start to play it, they realize a man trapped for decades in it. With each throw of dice their home changes into one of the places from the game. Once it’s an ancient city, other time it could be a jungle with running elephants. All adventures and dangers can only be stopped by finishing the game. Sounds it interesting? So, what could happen if you find... Read More

Singin' in the Rain

Today is the last day of summer. It looks as the weather knows it and has adapted itself to the calendar. All day long has been raining. The sky has been grey. The wind has been blowing. People have hide themselves under the umbrellas, behind high stand-up collar of jacket and raincoats. And maybe only kids jumping through the puddle have been happy that the autumn is coming. With the rain appeared small lakes in the streets, cuz of holes in the asphalt.... Read More

A few subjective visible things that you are more or less on Balkans

1)      Cables  & wires – The first thing witch you probably will notice in Romania as well as in the other countries on Balkans, there are cables, a huge numbers of cables! There are everywhere. Among and across the streets. Tens or loose hanging over your had. Sometimes even it looks as they create a cable roof of invisible big house. Trust me I’m an engineer! In the past they were full of live. They used to connected people by phone... Read More

Kingdom of lost things

Title page of book "Ole Worma Museum Wormianum", Amsterdam 1655   Before your eyes get to see something in twilight, before you could be able to distinguish shapes of things hidden in the darkness, the smells is your guide in this kingdom of lost stuff. At first you smell dust mixed with ground after the raining and old basement, reminding a very old things or books. Then your eyes start to recognize single shapes which appear step... Read More


  — I miss my room.. I miss decor of my room.. I got a big couch on the right side of room. Its a huge one, it’s for my friends ( who wants to sleep in my home ) Sometimes i stay there and enjoy or just lay and watch movie from there. My bed is middle of my room. And it’s a single bed ( to be honest i slept there with many people so that..even if single it doesnt matter :p ) the wall which is behind my bed, i have really big... Read More

Songs I like

  Steve Harley Make Me Smile You’ve done it all, you’ve broken every code And pulled the rebel to the floor You spoilt the game, no matter what you say For only metal – what a bore! Blue eyes, blue eyes, how come you tell so many lies? Come up and see me, make me smile Or do what you want, run on wild There’s nothing left, all gone and run away Maybe you’ll tarry for a while It’s just a test, a game for us... Read More

Buca-rest & Constanta !

Merhabaaaaa !! Naaaber ? I was in Bucarest and Constanta last week. It was great. And I really start to like about hitch hiking. Free car ! I told you in my last article hitch hiking too easy with Estonian girls but its not like that.. It’s easier with Polish girls.. It just took 2 min ! omg ! we met with so cutie couple. And they were going to bucarest visit someone. And funny part my one of polısh friend OLGAAA !  ( I wrote this name big because... Read More

Funny days in Brasov

    Bună dimineaţa!!   Ce faci?                                                                                                                                                                     These weeks have been very quiet. I really am enjoying my life in Brasov, a city I love. My days here are OK, they´re just what I was looking for. I have time to think... Read More

How you think is how you see

If you read Anna’s blog, you already know, that… we did it! 😉 We hitch-hiking from Brasov to Budapest! In the theory it took us only 10 hour, but in reality it was a 6 days of traveling. During this time we visited 4 cities and met a lot of people – not only our drives but also guys from couch surfing who hosted us and… polish couple in Budapest. (They ware singing “Mercedes Benz” Janis Joplin on the empty, dark street, in the... Read More

Cluj- Baia Mare and Hitch Hiking !

Heyy Ce Fac??? I know that ı should have written before but you know sometimes i feel soooooooo lazy and dont wanna do anything… But today i am in goood mood and let’s start !! Adventures of Oggy ! Anyway i got great memories about last weeks.. I dont know where can i start. I spend my 5 days vacation with great people in Cluj and Baia Mare. Adrian, Vaida, Velichka, Sophie, Johana, Emir, Ilze, Mhaira, Ann, Heili and of course Ruben who has... Read More

Anhedonia planet

      If you are a person who only likes the romantic stories or that kind of happy stories that are told after a Christmas dinner, this story´s not for you. You´re free to decide. You  can stop or you can follow reading. It´s your choice. But if finally you decide to read it, don´t say after that I didn´t advice you that it´s not the happiest story in the world.     Dedicated to all that people that believed in me.           1.   ... Read More

Predeal – Brasov

Hey ! Ce faci? it has been a long time since i upload a blog. I had great 2 weeks. First we went to Predeal..it wasnt far away from here. I had really good time with 60 volunteers from 23 Europan countries. It was great.. I met with a lot of people and we made lots of activities in our training. I miss all these people after a week. Because end of this week we were like a big family.. During that week we learnt all about evs, Romania, culture differences..I... Read More

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