Interesting natural places in Romania (I)

Servus!! Ce faci?     After 5 days in Predeal knowing new people, walking through some mountain paths and eating potatoes and chicken almost every day, now I´m in Brasov doing my normal life, waking up every day early in order to go to the school, where the volunteers help children and also play games. During all these days I´ve had time for look for some interesting natural places in the country and that I finally I´ve sworn myself I´ll... Read More


  Dear family, Do you miss me? I miss you, a lot. Every day my English is getting better and of course Romania language. I hope you are very good. Pleas tell me everything what’s going on at home. I thought at the beginning , that would be easy for me, but know I know, that family and friend is the most important things for me. Every day, I’m feeling stronger and I’m developing personality and my skills. Here, for me life is funny and... Read More

Middle of Mountains

Well i am in Brasov almost 21 days..Before i came here, i tried to search something about here but all information was the same.. Then i had some doubts about here but i think that i feel like i am in home now 🙂 I really like this city. Brasov has a mysterious beauty. I mean this city is small one but atmosphere is amazing. And it has the same problem with other cities on the planet ” too many car ” ! But to be honest trafic rules &... Read More

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