Conversations with Furkan (II)

Furkan is one of the volunteers who came to Romania as a volunteer with EVS programme. He came here  for seeking and expanding his knowledge of life. Since he arrived he has done all he likes: Football, singing, dancing, learning languages, discovering the city, travelling, make hitch-hiking….Summarizing, he likes to say that he is “learning the learning itself”. He studied Sociology in Istanbul and thanks to this he could travel as Erasmus... Read More

Conversations with Furkan

Furkan has his own style. His face expresses a high variety of gestures and his unique talent: sensitiveness and a great diplomacy. A conversation with him can be full of adjectives, but never boring because he has lots of interests.  Even though he would like to be musician (actually, he records himself singing his favorite songs) or painter, finally he studied Sociology. This experience gave him lots of knowledge that he will tell us about in the... Read More

Arrival to Brasov and chilling out …… ( Sinaia Castle )

Merhaba ! 🙂 Arrived to Bucharest around afternoon and  then took train to Brasov so our mentor Luci and Claudia has welcomed us warmly.  We went to office and to make some documents , you know.. signing  up and rest of things…   We have been taught how to get home and etc. I learned that I will stay with 3 guys in home ( Hopefully not forever 🙂 ) I unpacked my stuff but just a little bit.  And, all I remember that I was tired... Read More