THE SECRET: BEARS AND NATURE I was in the cave of Rasnov and…There was one bear. I was searching the house of the other volunteers, I had a dinner, there was night, there wasn’t anybody, and I looked to the trash. And… there was a bear! I was reading the Brasov tourist guide and… One bear. All these bears are imagination that I had.  I thougt that it was real but not. The first was a photo in the cave with a bear. The second... Read More

The Rasnov's Treasure

No one told me that Rasnov has a treasure, one of the best richness over Transylvania, located in the peak of a high hill, exposed to the glance of everybody but visible only for a few people. This is not a regular treasure like the pirates used to prosecute over the seas, or like gangsters ambitioned under secret underworlds, even like Indiana Jones dreamed with in the well-known “Temple of Doom”. This treasure sleeps under each stone, and no... Read More