Carmen Blázquez Perez

My name is Carmen Blázquez and I am working and living in Brasov as EVS volunteer. I arrived to the city in March 2012 and I will be here for a complete year. Usually I develop my daily activity as a collaborator in Asociatia Colors, also with the aid of four volunteers who came from other countries: Poland and Turkish. The responsible of the project help us to orientating and designing the weekly schedule. Our routine is very creative and active: we work with people of several ranged ages, like elderly, teenager and children and we create and propose activities like handcrafts, international traditional games, sport, dancing and so on….

I enjoy working here because this job is related with my studies. Although I was born in Murcia (in the south of Spain),  I studied and lived in Madrid for eight years. I am journalist in the Complutense University of Madrid and specialist in Cultural Management by the Ortega and Gasset Foundation. I was involved within several projects related with creativity and art and its communication. When I discovered Asociatia Colors, I thought that this project could fit well with my abillities and my future prospects: working in advanced creative ideas. I decided to come to Brassov also because its location. I am very sportive and natural and I like to live rounded of green spaces. I hope to enjoy the city, also with my partners and roommates and I will be happy to share impressions and information with the rest of people who are interested on creative and positive attitudes!!

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