Christina Weigel

Hello! My name is Mireille, I am an evs volunteer from Germany. I arrived at the beginning of September and I will stay with Colors for one year.

As I am 22 years old now I already made some working- and volunteering-experiences in my live. After 14 years of school where I also learned how to be a Technical Design Assistant I decided to work as a volunteer in a landscape park in my town Erfurt which is quite in the middle of Germany. Next I moved to the North Sea for supporting a nature protection company as an intern. So I lived on a small island for 9 month counting birds and offering guided tours for tourists.

Beside this I filled my freetime with the things I enjoy like swimming (also in 15°C cold North Sea-water), writing letters and storys, reading good books, visiting theatre, meeting friends and discovering new places…

Now I am here in Romania – my first experience in staying in a foreign country for a longer time.I am interested in the activities waiting for me in Brasov…

Greetings. Mireille.

Citește poveștile Christinei de aici!

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