Juan Clavo


I’m Juan, I come from Spain and at moment I live in Brasov,  Romania. I will work in Asociatia Colors for 6 month as a european volunteer (EVS)  in the Project “Move it”. I think that it’s the moment in my life when I wish to have this experience. During these last years I have been working as as a physical education teacher in a secondary school and my life was so busy. In this moment the Spanish situation isn’t good, and many teachers haven’t work, I’m one of that. The spanish government don’t want a public education! And for me I think that it’s an opportunity to have news experiences that I haven’t can to do before.  I’m a positive person, I want to know other cultures, other people, other languages. I’ve many concerns, and always I wish to learn new things.

I’m in Brasov, because I like this project about education and sports, I have the training and I think that I can develope my skills with other people. I like to work with disadvantaged people. I like to promote a  healthy life style, I’m sportsman, I practice different sports in the nature.

I hope that I can learn many things of this experience, and I can have an nonformal training.



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