Mahila Daneshnia

Buna ziua!

My name is Mahila, I come from Germany, to be exact from the most northern town of Germany (Flensburg) which means it takes only 5 minutes for me to go to the Danish border.

I’m 19 years old and just finished school in June this year and because I didn’t and still don’t have a real idea of what to study, I decided to take one year abroad for voluntary work!

Another reason why I went to AS Colors in Romania is also the fact that I love different cultures and languages a lot and so I would love to get to know the Romanian culture as soon as possible. Apart from that, I love travelling, reading and I also play guitar in my free time.

You may say that I don’t have the typical German look and you’d be quite right in this – my father comes from Iran whereas my mother is German. 😉


So all in all, I’m quite curious and excited about my twelve-month stay (which is a pretty long time I’d say!) in Brasov and I hope it will be great!

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