Two seasons

We have been in Brasov since March. I remember as it was yesterday – snow was everywhere, cold wind was blowing, trees didn’t have any leaves, ours clothes were warm and heavy. At that time I was thinking that spring never comes. But first sign that I was wrong, that :


was a primrose in our small garden in the front of the office:

Days started to be longer, wormer and … more green. We couldn’t stay no longer in the office. We asked Maria (our Romanian teacher) if we can move classroom to the garden. She said: ” yes!” Only for Oggy it was still too cold


It was very good time, full of activities. We prepared lesson for Altfel Week – some games like “stupid John”, pantomime and workshops – doing Easter Bunny from recycling materials.


The weather was perfect for outdoor activities so we had games with French and Romanian teenagers in the Tractorul Park.


And then when we fought that it will be warm forever – weather started to be crazy. Few beautiful sunny days and suddenly – rain, rain, never ending rain story. And the mood started to depend on the weather. After busys days, lazy days were coming. And colors were changing too. Everything changed its color for gray.

Fortunately Luci has been with us! He invited sercet garden. We cut along old plastic bottles to put inside ground and seeds of sunflower, patrunjez, magheran – When it was ready (gata) we hanged them on the fence.


It was a good idea.  Dogs days were over. We backed to work outside. Believe me or not it’s better to thinking, planning games and workshops among the green and flower, under the sky. So be ready! New photo game is coming! 🙂

Working we didn’t notice when spring has changed into summer!  Step by step roses have replaced primroses and tulips. In the corner, under the fruit tree appeared wild strawberry. When I start to eat them, I can’t stop…

À propos plants and small evaluation witch we had with Lucian last Friday.

My father said me:

– Remember, you can be sure only one thing in your life: changes.

Sometimes he is clever 😉 But what if somebody and something never changes?

Anna's plant


Mine plant - I've never been good at gardening 😉



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