Anna Drozdowska

I’m a twenty eight years old female person from Wroclaw, Poland. I have just finished my degree in ecological chemistry, and after all these years of study I’m looking by all means to some experience to help people who are living in other cultures abroad. On the other way, I have always been interested in other cultures, and every time I could, I have traveled as far away as I could. I do really love to travel, and every summer is a must for me to take a few days to travel all alone to meet new people.

Since high school I have been in charge of some ecological projects (take care grizzly bears and birds from Polish Tatra mountains), volunteer work in hospice (for children and oldest people) and it always gives me strong and inner peace. I’m also very interested in sports, specifically in swimming and sailing sport that I have been practicing since my 10 or so, not only as a hobby. I started practice yoga from 7 months it’s my new fascination and day after day I  become better in yoga .

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