Wroclaw 2016 and Istanbul 2010

Wroclaw 2016 and Istanbul 2010:

two examples of European Capitals of Culture,

one opportunity for  participating within cultural volunteer programs.

A group of international volunteers from Poland and Turkey will be present in Baiulescu House during the next August offering a presentation about their countries as European Centers of Culture, giving information about the managed activities, talking about working as a volunteer within European projects. The event will take place on Thursday, August 2nd  at 2.00 pm in the Baiulescu House. It will be open to all people interested not only in the cultural programs but also in the possibility of working as a volunteer.

Overview of Wroclaw

The European Commission develops year by year an ambitious cultural program based on the enhancement of the most representative European locations around Europe. If Sibiu 2007 was one of the most important epicenters of cultural activity concerned to Romania, Wroclaw will be also a cultural strategical place over Poland, like the city of Istanbul with respect to Turkey in 2010. Both, Poland and Turkey will be represented in this international day by native-born young and active volunteers, who will offer an interesting view about this kind of educational activities, the calendar, organization and its evaluation. The opportunity of taking the information from the real participants directly involved  makes this meeting very interesting because it would be an excellent chance for asking and knowing about the real benefits and advantages for volunteers, now that exchange and participation between  young people and cultural organization become meaningful in the early experience working in teams and in the international environment.


The fact of being “Capital of Culture” makes this kind of activities a powerful bastion for developing creativity, activeness attitude and involvement among young people. Thus, all the hundreds of project that took place and that will be projected in the future have a common nature of  enthusiasm. For instance, Furkan one of the Turkish volunteers will speak about his personal participation in some activities around Istanbul: he was painting within female schools, guiding tours of Picture Exhibition from Prague, Pillow Fights or meetings with famous artists. He remembers that the experience was unique and says that “as the topic say, Istanbul’s soil and stone are golden, it was a great experience and I had fun discovering all the city of Istanbul! ”


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