Surviving on the streets

Before reading this article, you should know that I come from Germany, a country with many, many rules concerning traffic – which are mostly observed by the drivers; otherwise you can lose your license very fast.

So since I had the pleasure to arrive at Cluj-Napoca airport and therefore taking the bus to Brasov, I could see the differences to Romania on my very first day. Yesterday, our group went by minibus (also a quite cute invention) to Sibiu, so my experiences on the Romanian roads could be a bit increased.

Most of the time, I closed my eyes during the trips, on the one hand because I was tired (as usual ;-)) and on the other hand because the driver’s skills made my heart go faster!

First of all, why do they drive with 100 km/h just to stop within 1-2 seconds down to 40 km/h because the car in front is driving too slow or there is an entrance of a village etc? Same thing with curves! In Transylvania, there are many curvy roads due to the mountains, but why does the driver feel the need to take 2 roads for driving with (felt) 300 km/h through a curve, when there is a car coming from the other side in the same time?! In order to entertain the passengers or pointing out that life can soon be over? 😉

But surprisingly, I was the only one in the bus who had the feeling that a trip in a rollercoaster may be more comfortable. The adventurous attempts of our bus driver to overtake some other cars were noticed without any complaints or screams.

Another thing I noticed is the difficulty of entering a traffic circle inside the town. One opportunity is to wait for hours to finally enter the circle, the other one is to think “no risk, no fun” and just driving without seeing the other cars inside the circle. Of course, my Romanian bus drivers chose the second option.

But I don’t know, maybe they all know what they are doing and it just doesn’t look that way? For sure, I have to opportunity to investigate the Romanian traffic in the next time. But I will never drive on my own, way too risky! 😉

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