An Introduction to Nu-Folk

As I loooove music and don’t have the feeling that Nu-Folk is enough appreciated over here in Romania, I would like to present some very nice British Nu-Folk bands. And because I also love concerts, I have seen most of them live and can tell you that they are also really good live bands.

Ok, what’s Nu-Folk? There are different titles for this music type, e.g. Indie Folk, Folk Rock… Basically it’s just a scene growing increasingly in recent years, consisting of young talented musicians who love Folk! (And who make music because they love to and not in order to sell and to be in the charts)


1)      Laura Marling

A little, shy, very cute girl who you would never expect to have such a strong voice


2)      Slow Club

A duo from Sheffield whose voices perfectly fit together


3)      Noah and the Whale

A London based band playing a little dark and sad Folk. For example, one album only exists of heart break songs of the front singer because his girlfriend broke up with him who was – by the way – Laura Marling 😉  Oh, and he has incredibly nice hair I’d say… (I hope this comment doesn’t make my presentation less serious…)


4)      Mumford & Sons

Last, but definitely (!!!) not least. Simply the best band on earth to me. There is something special about them which touches me in every of their songs.

Please note: Listen to the whole song, not only some parts or the beginning because M&S songs usually start quiet and end up in a hymn or sth like that 🙂


So this is only one little part, there are many more (also American) bands who make very good folk music. You have to decide whether you like it or not 🙂


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