The German way of hitchhiking

In recent weeks, I took the opportunity to increase my hitchhiking experiences in Romania. And surprisingly, I really started to like it and was wondering why I never tried this out before. But the reason for this came quite fast to my head: Nobody never ever does this back home in Germany (And in case you see hitchhikers on the street (which is like 1% chance), they are most likely not to get a car in the next 10-20 hours 😉 )

However, after thinking a while, I found out that we have a similar way of “hitchhiking” which I’d like to present because it’s so typically German:

We have a site on the Internet called where people post their travels by car an would like to take some other passengers with them. For money, of course. So for instance, if I want to travel from Hamburg to Berlin the 3nd of November at 10:30 am, I check the site and may find some people who offer a ride. The ride would cost about 10 € (which is, in contrast to train/bus/plane/driving yourself pretty cheap.) I tried this out pretty often for several routes and met some cool people.

But anyway, this is how Germans plan in general: No risk, as less spontaneity as possible, everything planned instead and in the meantime, the cheapest as possible 😉

So in case you ever want to “hitchhike” in Germany (and have success), try out!

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