Home Sweet Home (Yeah I know, standard title)

„At least you have to be home for Christmas!!” was one of the first things I heard from my parents when they heard about my decision to go abroad for one year. And I thought: “yes of course I have to, I mean, it’s Christmas!” meaning this is family time you have to spend with… yeah… your family.

So I travelled back on Sunday, 23rd of December, constantly accompanied by the fear of a cancelled or delayed flight because of the (f§$#%ing!!!) snow. But finally, everything went well and I was pretty “proud” of taking all the means of transportation possible (train, bus, plane, taxi…Ok, ship and submarine were missing but if I had the opportunity, I would probably have taken it as well!)

So after this odyssey and one night to sleep, it was already Christmas! In our family this means, inviting relatives, decorating the Christmas tree, getting presents and – of course – eating, eating, eating!

There is a saying in Germany that you get more weight in the time from Christmas to New Year’s Eve than in the time of of New Year’s Eve to Christmas. And I guess it’s true. In this one week I spent more time eating than the whole 4 months I’ve been living in Brasov! So I pretty much felt like a king at a fully laid table.

But anyway, I didn’t really get appropriate presents for a king! My parents still seemed to worry that I don’t survive without suitable equipment in Romania and that’s why I received blankets, socks, chocolate and stuff for the kitchen. And the strange thing about that – I was happy about the presents! If I got the same things last year, I would probably have given a fake “thank you” smile (Except about the chocolate of course.) These practical things can be really useful if you need them!

So that was my Christmas. Pretty much the same like every year and it was not strange for me at all to suddenly sit under the Christmas tree although I’ve been living somewhere else for already 4 months. And this means that you are home 🙂weihnachtsmarkt-flensburg

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