The New York Trilogy

As I recently started to read a new book of one of my favourite authors, Paul Auster, I reminded his most famous and probably best novel “The New York Trilogy” published in the 80s.

The name says it itself, the book consists of three different stories “City of Glass”, “Ghosts” and “The Locked Room”. All of the them start as “common” crime stories which is actually not one of the genres I prefer. So when I started reading the first story, the first thought coming to my head was something like “Not again!”.

But I continued reading which was indeed the best decision. In a very unique way, Auster fools the reader in his novel, playing with typical expectations and clichés of detective stories. While reading, the reader constantly confuses and even if he thinks he understood everything at one point, he may be puzzled within the next sentence. Who is the victim, who is the committer – or is there even a victim or committer after all?

Eventually, all stories deal with the existential human problems and the question about human identity itself.

Highly recommended book if you like, for instance, Kafka’s style or if you just like to read an unusual detective story!


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  1. Lena says:

    Iiiiiiiiiih, Kafka, puke!

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