Pink elephant

Looking inside our fridge you could have problem with answer on question: who did really finish project and leave Brasov?

Our flat used to be full of people, music and conversations. Now, after Anna’s and Carmen’s leaving it’s quiet and empty. I find it a little bit strange.

To don’t feel so sad (also weather outside doesn’t make me better – again grey as a king of colors) I was searching for some activity which could make me happy and fill my time. At first I thought about travel, but still days have been too cold and short for hitch hiking. Then movie and books. But how long could you watch and read before you get bored? I needed something different. Something positive, creative, something what could occupy my mind. And then I found it! You can believe or not but it took me only two steps:

First – music!


Second – amigurumi!

Sounds like abracadabra? 😉

Correctly! Cuz it’s a magic word which changes mood for better and brings back color to your life. It’s Japanese crochet/knitted technique. Amigurumi means small, stuffed, usually animal’s shaped toys from wool. Name of it comes from words AMI – croched/knitted and NUIGURUMI – stuffed dolls. It is typically worked in spiral rounds, using simply braid:

–        chain stitch 

–        single crochet  

–         and magic loop 

Using only this 3 basic steps you can create whatever you want…

In my case: crochet + counting + color = pink elephant 😉


If you want to check yourself with amigurumi, join us on nearest Wednesday, at 15.00 !

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