Colors and people

Sometimes, we are capable of describing the essence of any given time or the intensity of an emotion through a color. In this case, I would like to using colors for describing people like María. She represents the Blue. I was very lucky to meet her in Asociatia Colors during  the first week living in Brasov as EVS volunteer. Speaking and standing  with her was a funny and full of spontaneity: her dynamism and energy, also her history of life. Despite of the difficulties, she got to keep her vitality. Her powerful character can be observed looking through her depth eyes, so pervasive than the sea; blue and infinite, as indomitable as the wind that whips its tides; savage like the roaring sound of its waves.

The conversation was great, thanks to the aid of Claudia Popa, the head of the cultural centre, who helped us to break the language walls. We experienced funny minutes on speaking and laughing, using our body and gestures, also as a powerful tool of creative communication and telling one to each other upon our life histories. Undoubtedly, we could understand each other almost totally clear. The more I liked of Maria’s history is her dedication to the other’s education. Thanks to her formation in languages, she worked as a romanian teacher in Normandy (France). She also traveled around other countries like Denmark or Switzerland. In all these places and countries, she developed a precious work, teaching and implementing language programs and trying to convey knowledge for the integration of people. The fact of the material limitations from 40 years ago makes the Maria’s work and history admirable. Time treated her well. You can see the grace of her manner and her elegance only with a glance to her figure. For me, she is Blue, which is fresh and neutral color, free and eclectic like the current times, because she is the image of a modern woman,  who resisting the difficulties, resurfacing and overcoming frustrations, attaining progress  and turning in the life into a positive attitude!!!

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