Colors and Windows

I arrived in Brasov three weeks ago. I can’t still speak the Romanian language, neither understanding to the people nor knowledge enough about its History. Possibly, I would lost through its narrow streets, as a mere tourist. However, I found some traces around the city which make me feel the city as a familiar space, unforgettable in my memory. One of these traces are the windows and its colors. That’s true!! Brasov’s windows are like the eyes of the city. On the day, the light and the city itself enter through the crystal and reveal the thick dust and the colorless objects, imperfects, which in most of the cases decorate the shelves made of marble and plaster. Over the city at all, one can find windows in a lot of shapes, colors and sizes, combining bizarre figures with curtains made of freaky prints and old fashioned textures. Geranium, jasmine and cactus are combined in several positions and, in whole, they conform funny compositions, interesting to see, without doubt.

….and when the sun downwards…..colors of the windows suddenly turning in protagonists because they penetrate into the night and through the city. Thus, Brasov opens his eyes when sunset arrive, using the light of its lamps. As a powerful multicolor iris, the bright appears beyond the interior walls and wrinkled and rouge courtains. The original layout of the windows is one of the best condiments for dressing the sobriety of the big buildings, typical Romanian architecture that remember the communist edges. The big avenues of Brasov and the dimension of its concrete buildings are one of the most typical views of the city. The chromatic disorder is beauty because of its slight pastel tones, settled randomly throughout the building. Precisely this condition of randomness reflects an interesting subtle and creates feeling between indulgence and purity in its style. This is a uniqueness trace in this country, which I had never seen before in another European country. So, since I arrived to the city, I have been enjoying with this quotidian feature. Now, one of my favorite activities is walking around the city in the evening. I like to humanize the windows, comparing them with human eyes….if the topic says that the eyes are the mirror of the soil, I think this city has a big soil!!!!

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