Romanian’s devil

Don’t get me wrong, it woudn’t be article about Dracula, I am tolking about real devil. When everybady have been at home and celebrate X-mass time an New Year I had Romanian “back to the past” . Some how  I found in home Polish book about Nicolea Causescu, Romanian’s komunist and tyrant witch had under his thumps all country over 25 years. It will be only few lines, becouse this monster doesn’t deserve to pay attention about him.

-Romanian Comunist dyctator,

-he finished only 4 classes of primary school,

-set up Stalinists system,

-people called him Conducător ( leader) and Geniul din Carpaţi (Carpatian’s Genous),

– he didin’t want put to practis any reforms ,

-he destroied almost 20% of historical buildings in  Bucarest insted he builded blocks,

-set up tax for couples without children,

-impresions of him made visit in Republic od China and Mao’s system,

-thanks to Securitate he controlled all community,

-he lended 13 bilons of dolars and to get this many back he took them from Romanian people,

-it was nothing in shops to buy

-his wife Elena was his right hend and also devil,

-for Romanian people was forbiden contact with foreigners that’s mean for us will be impossible to be here.

And many many others….

Finnaly he and Elena they were killed after revolution in Timisoara in 1989, but why so late…..?


Last time one movie made a huge impression  on me. Director is a German guy Werner Herzog and title is “Grizzly man”, which is documentary from 2005. Main character Thimoty spent 13 summers in  Katmai National Park and PreserveAlaska the place full of grizzly bears.  Overtime  he believed that beard trust him and do not heart him. Somehow he believed also that he protect bears from bad people.  Unfortunately final is not so happy like all story. Bears ate him late summer. Timothy was  with his girlfriend and she also was kill by bear.

My conclusion are leave alone wild animals, humans interfered in nature to much so far. Because of Thimoty two bears were kill, the same bears who killed him. To took back rest of his  body forest warden had to kill two bears.  It was not fair play.


Romania has most bears in Europe.  There live around 6000 bears.  Lucky county! Just let them live in their natural environment. Respect their rules. They want live here like we want.


After Evs

In April 2013 I will go to Canada to live with my beloved Fiancee and future Husband in a city called Fort McMurray. This is a city near to the Arctic Circle in the Province of Alberta. It’s a small town surrounded by a stunning boreal forest.

Fort McMurray is also known as an oil town. It has the 2nd largest reserve of oil in the world only behind Venezuela. It’s also the richest city in North America WOW 😉

It’s a very cold place in the winter with a lot of snow and shorter days with sunrise around 9 am and sunset at 3 pm. Summer days are awesome in Fort McMurray, the days are longer with about 18 hours of sunlight. It’s 11 pm and you don’t notice it.

You also can see the amazing Aurora Boreal, one of the most amazing events in Nature.

Canada is a multicultural country with people from all over the world. Canadians are very friendly and polite people and very open to welcome newcomers.

I’m pretty sure that I will love living there.



                                                             AURORA IN FORT MCMURRAY





ticket to home

Today Claudia bought me a ticket to home. That is mean my  back  to Poland is real. How I feel with this? Am I happy? Am I ready? To be honest yes I am happy to come back after 11 months to my country specially to my city Wrocław. I am curious how many changes happend when I have been here  like new places new streets and so on. And what is most important can’t wait to see my friends and familly, becouse last months we didin’t see eachother  even didin’t speak too much. I really miss all of them like crazy 😉 Another thing that I want to see is my favourite swimming pool. Promise myself to go there all month everyday and just enjoy. Also miss so much my school of yoga. If I had a lot of energy I woud go there everyday to lost some kilograms that I got here 😉 and of course for fun. I miss my bicycle but there will be still winter and to early to ride but who nows, never say never, mayby this winnter gonna be soft….hope so. I am ready to come and confrontation my country befor one year and in present.

Did I do everything what I wanted to do? Did my dream about EVS project came true?  Did I meet  friends for the rest of my life? Did I feel in love with Romania? I suppose on  those kinde of questions and so on I will be able answer  after when I come back to home. People have this kinde of  behavior that they appreciate things after that they happend. Last morning I was looking for mountains from my window and what  can I say I will be miss so much this views and Brasov and all good things what happend here and all those good crazy people that I met here 🙂

Mission for now …. still have 77 days and I promise do my best to use this time in 100 %

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Chișinău or rather a small village Coşniţa is a place where I spent my last week. I was a memper of training cours about how make RECIPE OF SUCCESSFUL SOCIAL ENTERPRISE!!! I spent great week with people from whole Europe and Asia I mean Gorgia, Armenia, Turkey, Ukraine, Bylerous, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Moldova, Spanish, Italy. It was pleasure spent with all of them one very busy week. Coşniţa is small village 30 km from Chișinău. Love this place so much with fresh air and animals around. People were so nice and curious about us, I suppose that in this village they don’t have a lot of time visitors like we vere I mean from  so many different countrys. Every day I woke up very early to didn’t lose any hour form day. I also tred run everyday but without days when day befor was a party JIt happened to  me twice. All day long we have activity and only two breaks but It was only impossible felt it because treiners were so good and all the time made joks and treated us like partners no students. Food wow, from country side so healty and tasty. A lots of those food I eat first time in my life, special food from East part of Europe. People wow wow wow, so friendly, clever, amazing crazy ambitious people mainly presidents of organizations from their countrys. Something magic happened beetven us. Mayby because we were busy all day long, mayby because we wanted work all day long, mayby because of treiners. For sure they will stay in my heart all my life, so good feeling !


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report from Moldova !

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Training Course

“A CreACTive Approach For a Better World”

15-22 October, 2012

Cosnita, Chisinau, Moldova


About   the Training Course

The training course “A CreACTive Approach  for  a Better World” aims were to explore the concept  of social                entrepreneurship as an innovative way to  solve social problems  using entrepreneurial skillsand youth voice. The project was focus on the concept of the social entrepreneurship in general and was bring  a specific scope  on the  entrepreneurship skills, leadership and management, needs problem analysis as  well  as funding and financing – all being explored in the context of  youth  organizations and  volunteering. In this way  the training course was serve as a                platform  for young entrepreneurs learning how to build a  better   world in a healthier environment and diminish poverty in  spite of  using  traditional  and outdated practices, employing creative  youth initiatives and promoting social entrepreneurship.

Project language: English, Russian

Aim: To explore the concept  of social entrepreneurship as an innovative  way to  solve  social problems using     entrepreneurial  skills and youth voice.

Working methods: Daily plenaries,  followed  by Questions  & Answers   sessions; Interactive and creative workshops; Practical simulation games; Open Space Technology; Meeting with  facilitators and managers of social entrepreneurship in Chisinau; Debates; Intercultural&interactivity games and non-formal learning.

Target   group:  Young   people and youth workers  from various social groups  that are active in their organizations and        wish to gain more skills and knowledge  in entrepreneurial thinking and approach.

It  was expected to  target around 30 young people  in  the age of  18-30,

Participants coming from 11 organizations from EU (Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Italy,  Austria) and EECA (Moldova, Georgia,  Belarus, Turkey,  Ukraine, Armenia) region from  rural and urban areas.







What I learned:

-how to prepare a business plan

-how to have a good speech

-what’s mean social entrepreneurship

– what’s mean social problems

-don’t be afraid to make a mistakes

-what motivated us

-recipe of successful social enterprise

-how to dream big

-about social networks

-about countres  from Kavkaz


What can I use in my work/life from training in the future

-how to do good business plan and how hard it is

-how important is use full your time because time is a money

-how to think creative

-how to find motivation to go ahead and where

-how to have good speech and how to preper  the good speech.


Usefull links :


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my first buisness plan, I am so proud of this !

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Executive summary

According to the research conducted, 86% of women clean their houses every spring, throwing away unnecessary objects. While throwing away old things, people keep buying new items, and a problem of excessive consumerismsurprisingly exists along with the financial crisis. Economic depression has led to a large amount of stores closing. But in 2012 more than ever we are consuming products faster than we can make them. A large portion of people think that used items are unwanted junk that no one would want, but as the saying goes “one man’s rubbish, is another man’s treasure” and this is more than true in the used goods markets.This problem is also acute in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine, where often people don’t have an opportunity to buy more things. At the same time we don’t know our neighbors, neither the ones close to us nor the ones further. We will help you find necessary objects with the minimum financial input, while providing you with an opportunity to acquire not just an object, but an on-going history, an opportunity to connect with your neighbors and leave your trace in history. We propose to connect people within the country, build the links locally but also internationally. We want a more sustainable world, consuming less, but provided with more financial opportunities, more knowledge about the region, stronger local and international connections and higher appreciation for singular, rather than mass-produced objects.

We propose a solution – pass on your object and write or tell us a story about it, a story that can be continued. We are going to collect objects that are no longer needed in one’s household. These objects will be organized and catalogued in a web-site that willbedeveloped into an internet-shop. Recycling these objects with stories, we are going to create connections between and within Belarus, Poland and Ukraine. These three countries are very strongly historically interconnected, and through an object exchange, we will revive historical and intercultural connections of people across the borders. Besides just reselling unwanted objects, we aim to develop an ethnographic collection of stories. Our customers will be people acquiring not just objects, but singular items with the story behind and a possibility to continue writing the story of an object. Customers will have to contribute to the collection first, later participating in a reward system receiving a possibility for an exchange of objects. Our beneficiaries will be people donating or exchanging their old objects, contributing to a good case and getting rid of unnecessary items, making this world more sustainable and less consumerist.

We will start off with three big launching events in big cities in each of the countries. These will be fundraising events with some food, music and entertainment where in order to enter one has to contribute with an unnecessary object.  From these collected items we will start working on the catalogued collection of items, launching it into a website. Our strategy will be advertise, invite, collect, refresh, photograph, organize, catalogue, write, resell, deliver and exchange.Besides, we also want to focus on books, as sharing of literature also connects people. We also aim to involve local non-governmental organizations, schools, students and children to collect objects and ethnographic stories. We want to promote local journalism and ethnographic craft, involving people into active learning processes. This project will also help people learn more about their local communities and the region at large. Later on we are planning to cooperate with cafes’ and restaurants, where the objects can be put on display.

We can’t keep buying new unnecessary things! But you can acquire a very special object with its own history. You can not only use it, but also learn from it and even leave your trace, continuing its story. Share, exchange and contribute to the sharing of culture. With our project you can be actively engaged into the world history writing and documenting processes!



We believe in a world of sustainable development with no excessive consumerism and more financial opportunities for smarter investments. We also believe in intercultural connections with your neighbors and learning messages that can be sent together with an object.


Promote the reuse of old objects that become socio-cultural artifacts, while fostering active learning processes for all on the local and global levels.


The main product/service

The general strategy

Promote and advertise, invite, collect, refresh, photograph, organize, catalogue, write, resell, deliver and exchange. We will start with three big launching events in every country that would also function as fundraisers. We will use the start-up money for registration processes and for the launch of events, creation of the web-site, cataloguing and arranging the storage spaces. We will collect items with stories, involving journalists, young artists, ethnographers and historians. From the web-site we will re-sell items with the costs covering the transportation and making little profit for further investment. We will cooperate with local NGOs, non-formal organizations and educational institutions. We want to involve students and children, introducing the active learning on local and global level. Through an exchange within the countries promote intercultural understanding and renew the socio-cultural connections within Poland, Belarus and Ukraine.

SWOT analysis




Potential dangers

Beneficiaries and the customers

Our customers will be people acquiring not just objects, but singular items with stories behind and a possibility to continue writing the story of an object. Customers will have to contribute to the collectionfirstduring our events, and then they can access the database of objects. Our beneficiaries will be people donating or exchanging their old objects, contributing to a good case and getting rid of unnecessary items, making this world more sustainable and less consumerist.  The beneficiaries can also be a society at large, as we promote sustainable development and sharing instead of consumerism.


The social impact

We promote re-cycling and re-use of old objects instead of buying new ones and favoring unnecessary production.We want to introduce more sustainable attitude towards the environment, saving people’s money, while creating connections with local and environments, sharing cultural capital and developing understanding within countries. Write a story, collect memories and pass them on.

Overview of marketing

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viva Brasov :)

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We arrived to Istanbul  around 10 am. Driver droped us at very crowded and loud buses station.  But to say crowded and laud about this plays is not enought.  Was so crowded that buses coudn’t normally move like people at the station and was so loud that we coudn’t hear each other. My and Marcos home was in Sile witch is around 1,5 hours from place where we have been. But not. It wasn’t so easy. To be honest was very difficult. The first we took bus to old squer (30 minuts) after this mini bus to take ferry (20 minuts), ferry (15 minutes) and finnaly at harem bus station we took another but to Shile witch is 1 hour 40 minutes from this station. We were in our friend home something aroun 3 pm it’s mean that travel from one part of Istambul to secend one took us 5 housr. And I am tolking only about Istanbul. Everything happend inside this huge city. About city is huge and crowded and laud like people from them. Is diffrent than the rest Europ for me more exotic and arcitecture is diffrent. What is more importan is full of mosque and girls with burqa. Burqa ” is an enveloping outer garment worn by women in some Islamic traditions to cover their bodies when in public.”

I really feel bad  observed women with this costium. I don’t agree with this. I was very angry that women have to wear this kinde cloths even it is 30 or more degrees. Why you shoud hide your body, your face and smile.  Religion was alway something which I dont undertand. Don’t get me wrong but religion is not for me …..

We spent in Istanbul 3 days and ate very good food and enjoed in Shile witch is more quiet than the rest of Istanbul. Next and last step we put in Bulgaria- Varna. Come back to Europ was like friesh breath…:) I was so happy saw a lot of beautiful girls on the streets no jelous just happy that everything normal came back….In Varna we spent 4 days just relaxing and walking. We took overnight russian train to Bukarest where we splited. HORRIBLE…moment….but Marcos come back soon 😉 To summary all my travel I did 4500 km and 6 countrys during 24 days. I am proud of myself. But also happy to come back to normal world. VIVA BRASOV !!!!




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Vacation part 2

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Albania I suppose is amazing but we spent there only one night in the park with homless peolpe.  of course at the beginnig we tried to discovery  the city but around 1 am fund a great park with great people ;)At 4 in the morning we had bus to Grees, Athens. The way was amazing All the time close to sea side, views were like from fairy-tail. But generalny way was long and hard, try to imagine 10 hours in the bus. At 7 pm we went to Athens and of course lucky didin’t leave us. While next 5 minutes we fund very cheap hostel  minutes awal from international bus stadion. What I can say about Athens, very laud city with many Police everywhere. Color of buildings are white and of course I cant forger about Acropolis. Yes!!! I did it. I Saw Acropolis and I have been on the top. Views from top are fantastic even you can see Island and sea. We spent 3 days there and took a train to Istambul. Way was horrible again 15 hours in bus.  Finnaly after 15 horrible hours in bus we were in Turkiey. And  from this moment gonna star to be more intresting…


to be continued

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Vacation part 1

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My vacatio was to short definitely. 24 days ha ha  now,  some of you will be jelaous becouse mamby you didin’t have holiday at all, but it dosen’t change the fact that for me is still too short 😉 Pleas Don’t Get me wrong!

First step I put in Varna-Bulgaria where I had a great host from CouchSerfing David. I spent there 2 days and my crazy host decided to takeme to „Sunny Beach”  close to Burgas. I spent there 2 days and decided to go to Montenegro where I had meeting with by buddy. But was one problem. From Bulgaria is 33 hours to Montenegro by train. But I had to be there 25th August. First train I took from Burgas to Sofia after overnight train from Sofia to Belgrade and finalny train to Podgorica witch was late 3 hours. I was totalny exausted and tired but my boy was Whiting for  me and all bed thinks disappear. We found a good apartament and spent in Budwa( close to Podgorica) 3 days. After this we moved  to Tirana hmm It was funny becouse we coudn’t  find bus and train to capital of Albania so we took taxi witch cost us 90 euro from Podgorica to Tirana.


to be continued

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Wroclaw Chosen European Capital of Culture 2016

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I wish share with you informations  abaut my city witch will be Europen Capital of Culture 2016. I know that Sibiu was in 2007 and may be in the future Romanians city can be again this kinde of special place in Europe. Wroclaw was among five Polish candidates (alongside Gdansk, Lublin, Katowice and Warsaw) in the running for the prestigious tourist-friendly title.
Now city will have the chance to host a series of cultural events to boost the local art scene and attract international visitors.
A Spanish city is expected to be named the other culture capital by June 30.
The final decision approving one Polish and one Spanish city as the European Capitals of Culture in 2016 will be taken by the Council of the European Union in the second quarter of 2012, after consultations with the European Parliament and the European Commission.

The selection panel consisted of 13 people, seven appointed by EU institutes and six Polish experts.
The title is not only prestigious but means 1.5 million euros for the winning city.
First title of European City of Culture has been awarded in 1985 and changed its name to European Capital of Culture in 2005.

enjoy in Wrocław-Poland 🙂

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secret place

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You now what ?

Sabes que ?

The time start to run. Day by day  is faster and faster like on the race! And is good to stop from time to time and be quite. Really good place to do this kinde of sesions, to stop is lake witch I discovered with Kike tree weeks ago. It’s my secret place my paradise and why I don’t wont tell  localisation.  I have been there two times, firs was on Monday and we didin’t find nobady there was empty and silent how I like. The secondo time we decided to stay there on night. I took the tent and also Kike had one. We spent there one night. Came on Sunday around 3 p.m. by highchiking (we I mean girls, had lucky becouse our trip from Brasov was like 1.5 hours but for boys  the way took them a lot of time hmmm 😉 We meet a very soft storm there and this same time in Brasov was sunny. Finnaly we spent perfect night there with fire place. Mayby night wasn’t a good becouse too hard grand and dogs witch atactted our place but finalny we are good and relax and we want come back there.

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