Warming up here…!

Hi everyone ! I have been almost one month here. I have a little shock first two weeks, it was like a another body in another world… welcome the Matrix 🙂 … I am better now, I hope so. 🙂

I had chance to travel in Romania. Now I am beginning to know Romania and Romanians. It’s feel great…

Sinia Royal Castle, it was cool 😉

Hand craft from Brasov…

Hand craft from Brasov…

We have friends from Sibiu, they were tried to speak Romanian, we try to understand and Olga was good… I have to learn Romanian  :)…

My new image 😉

Cathlolic Curch in Sibiu

First time, I watched baptism. I was excited, I follow up as my baptism ceremony 🙂


I had training in Predeal about 6-7 days. I met a lots of volunteers and we had good time. Predeal has the most popular ski area but it was empty in may and summer time. Our hotel was close a mountain and people who live in there, said that “u can see bear in this term” …. I couldn’t believe

Petty bear

After this photo, I believed  now, Distance was just 15-20 steps I was so excited and stupid… 🙂

I met boy who live in Dracula castle…


Lets go to Cluj… Why I am so serious 🙂

First car for arrive to Cluj. She was horrible 🙂

Cluj trip was kind and city is young and active… After the Cluj, We had chance to visit Sighişoara


Sighişoara... They play very well

Back to home…


Last driver (Julian) knows Turkish. Julian wanted to speak Turkish with us… We talked about our life, Romania, Turkey, business…. 😉 etc. He wants to entertain as a Turkish people 🙂 and he talked about our hospitable…  I proud of my country for a moment. 🙂

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