Eat, Watch, Miss

We went to picnic in 10 of june


Lucian's toys

These knifes are toys for Lucy for me it’s confusing 🙂 Because, usually i use just one knife. I think, i am better than him 🙂 🙂

Faster, faster...

When he was cutting vegetable, he was really happy… (or i think so 🙂 )

We were getting hungry and we start to take tour around Lucy. Like cats…

Did you feel the smell, something is burning...! 🙂

It is interesting meat for me, it was salty. But it was tasty.

Lucy! Do you have space for tomatoes ? 🙂

I could not control myself . I think, i gained weight about 2-3 kilos but i am happy, because i eat them all… 🙂


Maviler Di Nataleile, İtalia-Spain 1-1 Eroupean Cup 2012

We have projector and sound system in office. They don’t interest football, but they can’t escape me.  I always said ” i want to watch all European Cup in office with projector” . This is my new torture for them, they will be regret to call me… 🙂

Here is really great and my organization is kind. But the picnic, watch match…etc. That remind me, my  family, friends, home…etc.  I miss them, a lot :'( …

A Turkish poet said that…

While you were going there, you were wept for here…  You should know that ; when it’s time to leaving there, you are going to cry for there… 😉

take care…



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