Multumesc pentru ajutor!

It always starts on the road. Always is bed weather to do it – it’s too hot or too cold, too sunny or too windy, it’s raining. You starts too early or too late. You choose bad place to start. Everyone is from here. All cars are full. But – don’t give up!

Because…  in the same time it’s always a huge fun and adventures. You use to do things which you haven’t done before. Even more! You haven’t imagined that someday you could do them. During last hitch-hikking Kike learned how to sing old polish song and Furkan how to pray! 😉 After travel to Bucharest I know, that my problems with spelling is not a problem! Moreover, from time to time, it could be useful! Thanks “word’s game” (I mixed Polish with English) our paper with name of destination looked like that:

And we catch a car in 2 minutes!!!!

On the road you start to be a new person. You have only few seconds to get driver interested. You should be fast! You should look friendly. You should remind a person who might be a perfect companion in the journey. So: think positive and smile! Smile! Smile!

You can jump. You can sing. You can dance! (even you think that you can’t). You can draw yourself or dress up:

The most important are the people and interactions. Sometimes you spend together only few minutes which you need to drive 20 km. Sometimes your common travel takes few hours. Always it is only a small part from your life. Awareness of that makes people more open. They use to tell you things that maybe they haven’t told anybody. It’s perfect way to discover country, to know and understand better people who live here. Their dreams, problems, concern, way of thinking. It’s wonderful to observe life from stranger car, from new perspective 😉


You can ask: what if we don’t speak the same language, even more – common language? Your driver speaks fluently Romanian, French, German but not English or Polish? Don’t worry! You can understand each other! During the trip, using single words from different language or just body language, trying speak Romanian – you make your own travel Esperanto 😉

Somebody who takes you to her/his car is (usually) helpful, good, kind, open, curious of you, absorbing. From April when we had started to travel inRomania, we have met a lot of fantastic people! Like in clever polish sentence –  you remember the most first and last love 😉 – I exactly remember Ion, our first driver. We spent with him travel from Brasov to Arad. He not only was our driver but also teacher of  Romanian language. Thanks him now I can say (sometimes!) PAINE (bread) with this strange for me sound, something between “y” and “i”. He picked us up almost to the doorbell. And  I remember Julian – the last driver. He knows Turkish!!!! It was funny because on that time, going back from TIFF in Cluj, I did hitch-hikking with two Turkish guys – Oggy and Sercan. Way back from Sigishoara looked like scenes from movie “ Little Miss Sunshine” . Julian couldn’t drive more than 80 km/h because of the car. And car stopped 10  km before Brasov. Guys has pushed it . Exactly like in this movie!

It is hard to remember all of names, but I remember their faces, smiles, sometimes some small guests, words from conversation, their kindness and good intentions. Maybe it’s a good time and place to say them: Multumesc pentru ajutor!






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