Multumesc pentru ajutor!

It always starts on the road. Always is bed weather to do it – it’s too hot or too cold, too sunny or too windy, it’s raining. You starts too early or too late. You choose bad place to start. Everyone is from here. All cars are full. But – don’t give up! Because…  in the same time it’s always a huge fun and adventures. You use to do things which you haven’t done before. Even more! You haven’t imagined that someday you... Read More

The Road Runner Show

  Yes we did it, me and Olga traveled by hitch-hiking from Brasov to Budapest, around 850 km only us and the  “highway” 🙂 We started our trip at 2 p.m. on the way to Sibiu, and to be honest, Olga was the faster girl just like the ostrich bird from “The Road Runner Show” She waved tree times and a car stoped with lovely driver inside. When we planned the trip we wanted to stop in Sibiu on the way to Arad, but we changed... Read More