Summer nights and Cinema in Reduta

Did you hear about the  Noaptea Lunga a Filmelor Scurte? I just knew about it one week ago and I think it will be a great plan for this Friday night. This Short Film Festival is created and directed from Bucharest. This year, thanks to the collaboration with local partners, it’ll take place simultaneously in Brasov, Sibiu, Timisoara and Cluj on Saturday, June 23th. Here, in Brasov, the event will celebrate in Reduta Cultural Center.

The opening will start with a music concert: Toulouse Lautrec Band. Afterwards, projections!! including films awarded in the Oscars, Berlín, BAFTA, Sundance, Clermont-Ferrand, Tribeca o Cannes. Boths, Bucharest and Brasov will include the same program except one, the interactive animation called Kiddo, which will be projected in Brasov. This ambitious program is run by the well-known brand ShortsUP, now in collaboration with local partners. The edition of Brasov has been managed and organized by the cultural company KundStadt.

The public can consult the complete program in the following link and can choose as they consider the more interesting without schedule restrictions. This aspect is very interesting, because demonstrated that culture can be consumed and enjoyed through different patterns, different hours and in a big variety of possibilities. Projections will start at 20:00 pm till 05:00 am in the night, a complete a full night of good cinema! There will be space and time enough for seeing different styles, where everyone can participate, giving their opinion and criticizing the current international cinema productions.

All the practical information and data related with film program  can be followed in this link:

Info related with tickets can be found here:



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