Step by Step

We (me and Oggy) decided to go Lacul Tarlung. We find a car for Scale…

He took us to close to century of Scele, thanks to him. after that we tried to hitchhike again to go Lacul Tarlung. We met a boy who lives there , we asked to Lacul Tarlung’s way…  and he started to talk about the way and Lacul Tarlung. He said about the way “Dangerous and a lots of gypsies will be on the way…..etc.” he is like a hellhound, he didn’t give any good news  about way. Oggy begin to fear about way but I wasn’t J because I am stupid…. 🙂 Actually we had a big question mark about way, therefore we went to 7 scari . 

It was amazing….





We  didn’t climbed top of mountain because we hadn’t enough time we said next time “we will do it”

We come back to place which we can eat something…





Oggy was tired and he slept about 10-15 min.


I think ; Mountains is a different world, it’s like a parallel universe….

Reinhold Messner  “…. After touching the summit, i begin to descand down quickly because, i feel like a newborn and this’s so excited for me…. ”












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