Euro-Cup 2010: Interview with Enrique Garrandés

Considering the amazing victory of Spain in the Euro-cup 2012, I thought it could be a great idea  an interview about sport, fútbol and Spanish issues with Enrique Garrandés, an EVS volunteer, specially engaged with Spanish football. He becomes a freak when “football” is the background. He practiced football with his father since he was a child. That’s curious because at first, he didn’t like football. It was almost the only one among all guys in school who didn’t play during breaks. Time after was integrating inside the football background and he believes that this practice is fruitful for socializing and competing with friends. When he was 8 years started playing seriously.

Do you remember something specially when you started playing football?

I remember that I could have a computer since my first experience with football because my father is computer engineer. He bought me FIFA computer game with only 9 years and I became so obsessed that he had to create a secret code in the computer in order to stop my feber!!! I also remember my first football match: February 23th 2007 Real Madrid- Oviedo 6-1.

Since Enrique had conscious he started to buy MARCA guide and check even international teams. His friends called him the “little Maldini”, in memory of a well-known Spanish football-speaker who is a great expert in football. He can remember all kinds of details from matches played even 20 years ago! But after this long background above Enrique’s relation with football, let’s speak a bit about Spanish selection in the Euro-cup 2012.

Enrique, what is your whole opinion about the team selected by del Bosque?

For me del Bosque has been very clever, anyone expected this amazing results and even this composition and strategy. As far as I know, the selection for this year changed its traditional composition, considering that most of the best players were injured. However, the trainee knew smell the potential of his team, to be confident and keep the calm. The results are evident and even some defenses got to mark a gol!!! Indeed we are champions not only in the absolute team, but also in Sub19 and Sub21…Spain has a good future in the football league.

The best moments you remember, what is your favourite session?

I prefer the final, because shows a strong selection, and without front! But in the whole, the play was very regular. At the beginning with  this neutral  1-1 with Italy. In the semifinal with Portugal Spain only revealed some of its potential in the last minutes, but in general Spanish team lost quite ball possession.


Maybe the play is no so fluent because other teams tend to study our strategy, and more considering that Spain has a very good path. This irregurality can be explained because players changed, consequently also the strategy changed.

What is your favourite player?

Undoubtedly, Iniesta. I think that only he can represents the difference. He has a lot of technique and he developed a lot his potential within FC Barcelona.

How was for you living the Euro-cup 2012 in Rumania?

I really felt very well. I have seen most of the matches in a Bar close to my home and I didn’t have any problem. Romanian people even my colleagues from my work supported me a lot. Sometimes I missed my friends and Colón, in Madrid, where the town-hall manage a great depict for that days. Here I also felt  very welll!!

Do you want to tell something special about how you lived Euro-cup 2012?

It was curious for me, but I saw a match from Albania, other in Macedonia. I also saw the match Spain-Croatia with one of my best friends here, Ana, a polish woman. She was very supportive and I felt hot and good feelings, very similar to the experience of being with my Spanish friends! I have a special jock….when I kiss my t-shirt usually this team wins….Now, and considering that the location for this Euro-cup was Poland and my friends here also are from Poland, I like to say that next time Poland will be winner!!

….(although, if Spain is alive…will be difficult. However, as our  clever Polish colleague Olga says: “never say never”).

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