My city's ornaments

Is summertime and it’s too hot. However, I need to go out now more than ever because is the best time to enjoying within the nature. The fact of living in Brasov makes it easier, because its green and thick forests are really wonderful. I like to wake up at 6.00 am and running around the city. One of my favourite route is going up through the Tâmpa. This route could be perfect, unless some points are full of rubbish….how can it be possible?

I am doing this route from two months ago and the rubbish doesn’t disappear, neither decreases its amount, nor changes its state. It means a lot of things. It means that no one is in charge of the cleaning, it means that no one takes care about what others do, it means that people who usually go there don’t complain nowhere, for instance, to the town-hall. Since the rubbish doesn’t melt into the sand we can say that it isn’t organic materials. Chemical products don’t fit well into the nature. All is full of empty plastics. The worst is that in many cases are citizen themselves, that is to say, Romanian people throwing the rubbish into the forest. They are less consciousness that foreigners who come to visit the city, that is crazy!! But when I see this view, a lot of questions appear in my brain: Who should take care of that issue? ¿The citizens,  Governments, foreigners? If citizens don’t feel this space as something part of them, worthy and finite, who will feel it? No one! If citizens don’t believe in what they have, in the incredible potential of this wonderful background that Brasov have, no one will take care of it, no one will enjoy with it. This is very sad. There are many things which must not be done by Governments. The personal attitude and  consciousness are the best tools in order to produce a real change in the society for a long therm.  Trying to be better makes you the best.

I am Carmen Blázquez, a humboldt volunteer working in a small association here in Brasov. However, my curiosity has made possible travelling a lot around Europe and out of it.  I am not Willy Fog, that famous cartoon, a lion who made the travel around the world in 80 days. However, I have been in some countries whose cities are not comparable in beauty with respect to Brasov. Its middle-age heritage, its location and the strange mixture of historic events and nature make really special this city. I believe it….and you? Do you want to start believing something and stop of throwing rubbish on your own roof?

This is not concerned with the education, it depends on what lifestyle you prefer, how do you want to live, and what you are will be projected to and seen by the others.

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