The City and the Light (1)

Suddenly, an image of a city appears. From the distance, its silhouette isn’t especially visible within the scene. It contains modest proportions and its dimension has an invariable quality. The contour is formed by regular lines and, on the whole, its external appearance doesn’t reflect an easy beauty. Harmony of volumes isn’t obvious and spectators are bored. There’re murmurs around the room.

Three Canals cross the long and wide of this city, forming a set of urban curves that implies a pleasurable transit. Presence of water creates a mild weather. Inhabitants rest inside their homes, built with modern materials, light and well suited to the times. Front of the homes are smooth and made by straight lines. The windows represent the audacity of architects, shaped in a regular size, including ivory tone curtains. Wide of channels and green of nature contrasts with austerity of the buildings.

It is midnight and dark. Through the thick night, some alarm clocks start to ring in unison. This signal means the beginning of the action. From all the corners of the city one can perceive smell of hot bread, sounds of pipes and metallic noise of the jeans zippers. This is the citizens awakening, that flows as a strategic exercise of reflection. One of the first citizens can be seen walking to the town-hall. This is located in a big square, rounded by iron rails. It has four accesses located according with the four cardinal points. Is a white building of three stages, restored, of medium size. The main entrance is made of crystal and opens its doors automatically. Above the door, there’s a small digital screen with blinking lights that indicates: Participate. Inside of the space there’re several boards with practical information, the government’s organization chart and some emergency phones. Under the board there is located a small text. The stain spreads around all the paper cause of the humidity, but some words still visible: for instance, “expression” or “debate”. The building is sourrounded by trees symmetry settled. Between the trees there’re some light iron brackets that contain newspapers, cultural programs and touristic activity. The floor is granite and very clean. The South access overlooks to one of the main streets, where there’re dozen of citizens.

The street is not too wide, but very well distributed, with big side-walks and cycle and a bike line. It is long and has quite shops. On the right, between a farmacy and a childcare, there’s the local library. There’s queue of people waiting. A middle aged mother stands with a teenager, whose aspect is tenacious. This young guy is nervous because of the waiting and is moving his right foot, drawing concentric circles upon the ground. I don’t know if I should provide to the library the book that uncle Olssson gave me, he says. Of course, yes; you have read this book lot of times, says his mother. But this book is not easy to find, he says. Don’t worry, they will take care of it, she says. The teenager stops his gaze over the front of the book, reads something and says: ok, I only hope that they don’t set the book in the section for younger, because Saki is a classic author! Next to them, a man around thirty holds a journal. He is accompanied by a smart woman, around his same age, dressed with a French style skirt. She wears a black handbag with tone grey letters which indicates: Changing. Her teeth scratch her lower lip and her frown is worried. Do you think that we will arrive on time for the inscription to the workshop? Ask to her partner. I think yes, the selection process was opened only two days ago. But in the former course there weren’t vacant enough. Well, there is another of new technologies, he says. Ok, but I am interested on cinema, she says. I have heard that Culture department are organizing something, they got new aids form the European Found. Maybe they will need volunteering, he says. The woman relaxed her frown and smiles. I will give you the address later, he says.

It is 3.00 am. The stars in the sky indicate that the zenith is closer. The central market has a lot of activity at this hour. This market is an old fabric, restored with clay brick and crystal walls. The frontal façade is covered by a plant. Inside of the market, fruits and vegetables are specially ordered and have a nice bright. Several people are stopped with their shopping cart at sea-food market. It smells to fresh fish. Two men around fifty years old are talking while they wait the turn. Their body gesture reflect that they didn’t meet from long ago. However, they convey a friendly relationship. They speak in low tone and reserve energy enough for listening one to each other. One of them says: “glad to hear that your family is good Gustav, Did you go the last month to the forum? Says. Well, I couldn’t but I have heard that they are preparing interesting things, Gustav says. Yes, the next Friday will have more info through the mass media communication, says the first one.  What is this about? Gustav says. As far as I know, they want to create two new spaces: one for the sport and another for education. Gustav tilts his head ahead in a gesture of reflection and says: yes, that of the education is important….excuse me, I think that is my turn.

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