The City and the Light (2)

The skyline becomes an orange tone and is quite visible to the sight. The dew starts to smelts and slowly drips from the edge of the shutters. The action is interrupted by the sunrise. Now, the sun shines the lower part of the same city. The rays rise step by step and finally uncover its shape. The image, exposed to the light of the day, is totally evocative. From the distance, has the same proportion that a Greek sculpture, which rests, lying, over the foothill. Its architectonic figure is based on colors and compliments. Viewers feel attraction for the scene and are attentive. The room is silent.

The three water channels are covered by the nature, cutting the path along the shore. Buildings are big and colorful, and their appearance reminds to the big country houses of the rural Mediterranean landscape. They are settled over the irregular line of the ways. The composition of the windows rotates among wood, aluminum and copper. They are designed with big angles and striking shapes. Volumes don’t keep the adequate proportion between homes and alleys have oblique line tilted and convexed. The sun shines in the sky.

The rhythm of this city is energic. To the awakening, each inhabitant yawns, get dress and take the breakfast in a pirouette of sixty second. Due to the movement, neighbors greet themselves from the distance. There is not social conversation. A middle age man is walking along the street. He has blond hair and is higher than average size. He holds a photo camera Olympus with interchangeable lenses. An old map bulges from his pocket jeans. He seems foreigner. He walks slowly and his glance is looking for the names of the streets. Maybe is lost. Finally, he decides to go into the town-hall square. The central building is big and the painting has a yellow tone that is not the original. The ground is paving. Is dirty and has broken crystal and pigeons without fingerprints. Half a dozen citizens rest on wood sittings. Most of them are old. The foreigner stops in front of the information boards. After a few minutes stands up his arm and scratches his head with the ring finger. They are empty. She goes through one of the main streets and ask to the first people that cross his path. Excuse: Do you know how could I arrive at the museum? Ah! Don’t try anymore, today it’s closed, only opens twice a week, answer the citizen. And, where could I take more information about the scheduled hours? Ask the foreigner. The citizen keeps shout during several seconds, into an ambiguous silent, similar to the discretion and vital vacuum. At the end, he answer; well, now I am in a hurry. And he leaves. The foreigner scratches again his head, but now also participate the core and index fingers. He still doesn’t know that won’t visit the cinema, neither theater, and no spaces for cultural exhibition.


It’s midday and the ray of light falls in vertical over the churches. Hot at this hour hurts the skin. Inhabitants know it and they rest inside their homes till the number of bells come up to six. To this signal, all of them go out and enjoy with the good weather and enjoy the social life. Streets are complimented with color flags and citizens dress striking tones. Women wear low necks and high-hills. Men keep inside their pockets phones and agendas. All of them want to take opportunity of this occasion. The music sounds loud. Two women stand next to a big speaker, settled over the scenary. Their hands holds glass and they are happy. One of them turns the head to the front and launchs a deep glance to any point. Her face contains an unavoidable beauty, similar to the dignified profiles that appear into the roman coins. Her eyes express a deep intention, almost mysterious. Suddenly, something disturbs her concentration and turns again to her friend. In front of them, three students discuss about the summer plans. One of them wears a crocodile shirt and asks to another: Ey, Iván, Did you prepared the papers for that job that you told me? Still not, says Iván. But the deadline is within two days, says the guy with crocodile shirt. Yes, but things like that must be done in the correct way, you know? I will talk with my uncle Joan, because he is very clever. He always knows what to do, Ivan says. The guy with crocodile shirt says: oh, is true, my father says that he has a lot of friends. Between the conversations, the rhythm of drums makes great the ambient and creates good humor sense.  Now the atmosphere is crowded. The two women that were next to the speakers end their drinking. Their throat movement conveys indulgence. One of them says: why are you in a hurry? No one will buy this skirt now. The girl with deep glance drinks the last portion and says: Yes, but I have seen that the shop will be closed at 8.00pm and tomorrow I have breakfast with Luis at 10.00am. The two women leave the scene and another group of people replace the empty space. The music sounds high. The context is featured by wide gestures and short sentences. There’s happiness and passion.

In the distance, the sun flirts with the skyline and the irreversible onset marks the end of the action. The image of the city gets dark and disappears. Public leave their sits and go out toward the exit. The usher grateful them for the assistance but observes an annoyance sign into their eyes. The room is empty. He goes up on the stage and starts to clean the space. Four signals appears on the top of his forefront. He drops the props, turns his body to the spotlights and says: perhaps is the light.

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