Evening Kitchen

Sometimes the life is raw and smells rotten, like a spoiled food that has to be eliminated from the rest. In this case, rawness wasn’t in the life itself but the fact of being Sunday turned fatal this moment…Heyheyhey! but our kitchen was sick!….I mobilized my scientific instinct Jekyll style, and with Miss Hyde Olga’s support we could prepare properly the operating table and now…………..my kitchen contains like a strange identity, between a peace teatry and jasmine chicken stew.

Sometimes, the life is bright and smells pure, like a fresh grapefruit juice mixed with a bit of mint. When I have this exotic drinking into my fridge I feel that my kitchen looks like an extravagant corner somewhere in the Galapagos Islands. The only thing I need if I want to try a new appearance is a lot of ice to wash the old ideas and some grapefruts, that is a formidable disinfectant.

Ou Yeah, kitchen is always the best place from where you can try new forms of Feedbacks…………….do you want to take the dinner?


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