Vacation part 2

Albania I suppose is amazing but we spent there only one night in the park with homless peolpe.  of course at the beginnig we tried to discovery  the city but around 1 am fund a great park with great people ;)At 4 in the morning we had bus to Grees, Athens. The way was amazing All the time close to sea side, views were like from fairy-tail. But generalny way was long and hard, try to imagine 10 hours in the bus. At 7 pm we went to Athens and of course lucky didin’t leave us. While next 5 minutes we fund very cheap hostel  minutes awal from international bus stadion. What I can say about Athens, very laud city with many Police everywhere. Color of buildings are white and of course I cant forger about Acropolis. Yes!!! I did it. I Saw Acropolis and I have been on the top. Views from top are fantastic even you can see Island and sea. We spent 3 days there and took a train to Istambul. Way was horrible again 15 hours in bus.  Finnaly after 15 horrible hours in bus we were in Turkiey. And  from this moment gonna star to be more intresting…


to be continued

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