Have you seen “Jumanji”? It’s a story about very old magic board-game. When two teenagers start to play it, they realize a man trapped for decades in it. With each throw of dice their home changes into one of the places from the game. Once it’s an ancient city, other time it could be a jungle with running elephants. All adventures and dangers can only be stopped by finishing the game. Sounds it interesting?

So, what could happen if you find this game? Will you join it? Imagine for a moment that Brasov become a huge board and you are a player – it’s easy if you want 😉 Close your eyes and try to visualize that you are traveling cross the time and space, from place to place, from mission to mission – solutions of tasks show you the way. During this travel you have to play different roles, solve some mysteries, prove your smartness and reflex. The city is changing in your eyes, well known tourist points of Brasov uncover their second faces. All the time surprises are waiting on you behind the corner. You discover Brasov again, as a new place, full of adventures… Congratulations! You’ve just participated in the city game!

What is it? It’s a kind of city entertainment – mix of game, RPG (Role-Playing Game), flash mob, performance. The city in the game is treated as a playground, some kind of huge board. And in the same time is also a background for story on which the game is based. Because… each game has its own plot around which players have to solve some task. It can be related with the history of the city, with some books, movies or it can be created especially for the game. There are few kinds of city game. One of them is photo game

which we prepared for you with COLORS.

Yes! Especially for you! 😉

So, if you like photography and adventures, if you are open mind person who isn’t afraid of challenges, if you want to check up your knowledge about Brasov or get more information about it in unconventional way – join the Mission COLORS: OLD TOWN! And let the city  leads you!


The game starts on Saturday, 29th of September, at 15.00.

Meeting point: Association COLORS, Mircea cel Batran Str. Nr 4.

All you need is time, team, camera and good mood!

See you in the game!




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