Time to say goodbye

I have déjà-vu because the party with our dear seniors last Thursday . We started adventure with Romania on Woman’s Day Party and we’ve finished it with Mask Party. The energy, positive altitude and happiness from dancing “brasoveanca” was the same, or even bigger than year ago. Looking at our guests I wish to be in such a good dance condition as they are. Sometimes I reflect who helped whom during the last year? It’s naive question,... Read More

Flowers in the snow

Sapteleisaseleicucopiiiii… Saaaapteleeei saaaaseeelei cucopi… Sapte lei … It sounds like one word which is said on one breath, in the same time, from different directions. It’s not a whisper, nor a scream, nor a song. And in the same time it’s all of this. This specific mantra is repeated by sellers in the gipsy market.          We are surrounded by men in cowboys hats. Women in long, colourful skirt are looking like exotic... Read More

'' Mom! White things are falling from top!!! ''

She told me that i had said this sentence when i was 3 years old.. It was something that i can not remember. I was speaking with my mom today and i told her do you remember when i ve seen first time snow mom ? And she told me yeah 3 years old when we were vacation in winter. She was cheating me with ” Look eat this white cheese and it will be snow..everywhere white. ” ( i also dont remember it..it’s just dairy of my mom 🙂  ) But... Read More

Everything has its secrets

It seems that all playgrounds in Brasov look the same. Small squares with colorful toys for children in the middle and dark wooden bench around it. But if you look closer (especially at dusk) and more careful you can discover theirs secrets, things which you’ve never supposed to exist. For example this playground close to our flat. Do you know the second bench on the left of entrance? Probably you set on it from time to time. Do you know that it’s... Read More

Lost in Translation

Aitor and Merve were travelling around some point over the mediterrian area cost.  In the day when this story starts it was a sunny day and calm. The sea was calm and the atmospher was totally clear. It was 12 oclock in the morning and Merve was laid on the prow of the boat.  Aitor was checking the sails on the top of the dock. He saw a some strange clouds but they were so far that he didn’t pay special attention. They spent all day long in the... Read More

Când Isadora dansa

Last Thursday we were with Claudia and Juan in theater on the play tilted: “Când Isadora dansa”. It was a guest appearance of the Odeon Theater from Bucharest. The main character, Isadora Duncan, was a famous American dancer from the beginning of XX century. She revolutionized ballet. As a first dancer in the history she took off ballet shoes and stared to dance in white Grecian tunic and bare feet. This more comfortable style correspond with... Read More


I was watching a movie about  Dictatorship….Then i decided to write something about it. Dictatorship.. Dictatorship it means speaker… You dont have to see something that you dont like..Dont forget you are a dictator, nothing can happen if you dont like..   Or we can say someone who can scream like Hitler ? Well what can we say about Hitler’s sentences now ? In the present there is no sentence from him. Come on just tell something from... Read More

Well done! Victory! Brasov is saved now!

             We have good news for you! Since last Saturday Brasov hasn’t been ghost town any more. The fearless vampires killers defeated ghost and company from hell, sending them back to the dark side. On the way to the victory they had to dance with zombie, whisper with ghost, prove that they were stronger then werewolf and more clever then Dracula, even if they hate sudoku! At least, when the all mission were completed.... Read More

Brother from another mother..

Hello,   It has been long time that i coudnt write, i am not lazy i just dont wanna write.. Actually writing a blog is a good idea for examble even if i die this blogs gonna stay all the time in internet 😀 Anyway but i feel sad today cuz i said ‘’ good bye ‘’ to my one of the best person i have ever met in Romania..He is going back to Spain.. He teached me how to be brother from another mom & father..  He was always together with... Read More

Even the Angels need help…!

  Hi…! I am Umpaniel, angels of god… I can remove do evil spirit and devils. I came to Braşov because Purgatory’s door had opened by dracula in Braşov.  I need your help for close the door and remove the freaks. I will tell u what you are going to do, just join the Ghost Town… I said Ghost Town because freaks are here and they will attack Braşov in 27th October… Noroc…!   Don’t trust my face… … neither my voice... Read More

What if… exercise from imagination

Do you know this kind of things which are permanently present in your life, so natural and obvious that you even don’t notice them? Neither think about them. Why should you, if it seems that they are with you, for you, as your background or best old friends, forever? I can ask you, what if this things someday disappear? But probably you wouldn’t be able to answer, cuz it’s so obvious that they never would disappear! They have been with you from... Read More

You can't say that the last Saturday of September…

…was an ordinary day if you consider two things. First – changing the old part of Brasov into huge playground. Second – “magic number”, which was six: 6 teams in 6 different places tried to complete 6 missions related with the city. It wasn’t difficult to find out first localization, even if it had been given as a puzzle. Everyone in Brasov knows two twins tower behind the city’s wall. But distance between the Colors Office and... Read More

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