viva Brasov :)

We arrived to Istanbul  around 10 am. Driver droped us at very crowded and loud buses station.  But to say crowded and laud about this plays is not enought.  Was so crowded that buses coudn’t normally move like people at the station and was so loud that we coudn’t hear each other. My and Marcos home was in Sile witch is around 1,5 hours from place where we have been. But not. It wasn’t so easy. To be honest was very difficult. The first we took bus to old squer (30 minuts) after this mini bus to take ferry (20 minuts), ferry (15 minutes) and finnaly at harem bus station we took another but to Shile witch is 1 hour 40 minutes from this station. We were in our friend home something aroun 3 pm it’s mean that travel from one part of Istambul to secend one took us 5 housr. And I am tolking only about Istanbul. Everything happend inside this huge city. About city is huge and crowded and laud like people from them. Is diffrent than the rest Europ for me more exotic and arcitecture is diffrent. What is more importan is full of mosque and girls with burqa. Burqa ” is an enveloping outer garment worn by women in some Islamic traditions to cover their bodies when in public.”

I really feel bad  observed women with this costium. I don’t agree with this. I was very angry that women have to wear this kinde cloths even it is 30 or more degrees. Why you shoud hide your body, your face and smile.  Religion was alway something which I dont undertand. Don’t get me wrong but religion is not for me …..

We spent in Istanbul 3 days and ate very good food and enjoed in Shile witch is more quiet than the rest of Istanbul. Next and last step we put in Bulgaria- Varna. Come back to Europ was like friesh breath…:) I was so happy saw a lot of beautiful girls on the streets no jelous just happy that everything normal came back….In Varna we spent 4 days just relaxing and walking. We took overnight russian train to Bukarest where we splited. HORRIBLE…moment….but Marcos come back soon 😉 To summary all my travel I did 4500 km and 6 countrys during 24 days. I am proud of myself. But also happy to come back to normal world. VIVA BRASOV !!!!




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